10 Must have kitchen appliances

Must have kitchen appliances
Must have kitchen appliances

Must Have Kitchen appliances

Home appliances are a must to provide convenience, save time and allow us to have more free time to do things that we love. At present, the electrical equipment has been in continuous development. There are many types to choose from. Today we will talk about 10 must have kitchen appliances.

This will make cooking delicious foods easier. But must first say that which brand to choose and which type will depend on the suitability of the readers themselves. With the picture taken to be viewed as an example of this, it is just an illustration. Yes, we are talking about the red copper pan, coffee makers, blenders etc.

1. Coffee machine

Coffee is a drink that is highly popular in modern times. You can notice that in the corners of the city and various alleys, there are fresh coffee shops throughout the city. But often I do not want to leave the house.

If you are going to buy a coffee machine like a regular coffee shop it doesn’t seem worth much. Nowadays, there are small coffee machines suitable for home and office use. They are available in a wide variety of drift coffees, fully automatic coffee machines, espresso machines and the latest capsule coffee machines.

Capsule machines are very convenient; just insert the coffee capsule into the machine. Press the button according to the menu. Prepare a glass and drink immediately. When choosing a coffee maker, you should look at the main requirements. Because each model is unique with different features. What kind of drink do you like? Whichever flavor of coffee you like, a coffee machine is surely one of the must have kitchen appliances.

2. Juice Extractors

Fruit juice is considered a health drink suitable for all ages and genders in general. Fruit and vegetable juice extractor available in two types, spiral and centrifugal with blades. If you are not worried about the budget recommended buying a spiral one. Which will give you more juice; provide higher nutritional value including the color of the juice is also more attractive to have as well.

But with the price, it is more popular for commercial use than personal use. The uniform centrifugal force can be used as well. It will only give you less quality than a spiral extractor.

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3. Blender

Drinking fruit and vegetable juices with fiber will have more nutrients. A blender is a worthwhile answer. And if you want to drink a smoothie, nowadays there is a special smoothie maker. But the price is quite high as well. Blenders are good for home use as they are not much costly. Only you need to be careful while extracting juices. It will not be as good as a smoothie maker, but it is quite impressive. Also, it is enough to quench your thirst.

Apart from extracting juices, a blender can be used for many other purposes.

4. Thermos

A common household item, almost every home must have them. They are very useful for hot water. Some models can control the temperature. It helps get water at the desired temperature. Not too hot, not too cold.

Especially mothers with babies must watch the temperature of milk for their babies. Water temperature is a very important factor when choosing a thermally insulated model to save energy. There is an automatic shut-off function when the water is dry or when the temperature is too high. Help to make it safer.

5. Electric Oven

Having a drink? There should be snacks to eat together. Cake and bread are great snacks to help your stomach. To be able to bake, you need to rely on the oven. There are generally two types of oven, gas and electric. If focusing on business use, opening a pastry shop would need a gas oven. But if used within the household a small electric oven is the most appropriate option.

What should be considered when choosing an electric oven? In addition, an electric oven is not only able to bake snacks. You can also bake a variety of savory dishes as well. But you should be careful about the smell that maybe come along.

6. Baking machine

For certain foods, especially bakery, it is necessary to control the weight of raw materials thoroughly. Good workmanship should be accurate and up to standard. Generally speaking, there are 2 types, needle, and digital.

For a beginner learning to make baking may use a needle first. When is it practiced or confident that you have to do it often, the digital mechanic is the last answer? It gives a higher accuracy including a much more convenient use.

Essential kitchen appliances
Essential kitchen appliances

7. Fryer

Another electric appliance in the kitchen that focuses and designed for health in particular. You can fry food without adding oil. It also helps to remove oil from food as well. Especially chicken, pork, or fried food purchased outside the home. Using a heated fryer will roll out the original oil of the food. It makes food tastier. It feels like it is just been fried. However, the fryer is suitable only for foods that have internal fat, such as meats, rather than those that do not contain any oil.

8. Microwaves

Another popular device for the new generation, microwaves. It makes it easier to reheat food. But not just to reheat the food Microwave also has many cooking features. Generally, microwaves are available in two types, a manual and a digital push button. It depends on what kind you like. Twist type, easy to use, durable, and push-button type with much more functionality.

9. Electric stove

In the past, we have used natural fire for cooking. Then the cooking gas came. The electric stove is now more popular in use. As it allows many conveniences. There are 3 types of electric stoves currently sold, each of which has different working principles.

  • The Hot Plate electric stove is one of the first electric stoves. It works by the heating coil. Not very popular nowadays because it consumes a lot of power. Slow heat adjustment, but has the advantage of being cheap
  • The ceramic hob induction cooker, which follows the principle of operation is similar to that of the Hot Plate stove, but there is a high heat resistant ceramic glass blocking. It looks beautiful and easy to clean. In addition, the glass is highly durable. Good impact resistance, as for other features, it will be close to the Hot Plate stove.
  • An induction furnace is a furnace that uses the principle of coiling to generate a magnetic field. When a magnetic field encounters a metal, it generates heat. This type of stove heats only metal vessels. It is very safe to use as it doesn’t heat up the surface of the induction plate. The thing to be careful of is to buy induction-friendly utensils to use. Nowadays, the manufacturers of the pan, pot, and utensils mark indications on the front of the box whether it is compatible with an induction cooker or not.


10. Rice Cooker

A Rice cooker is a must-have appliance in the kitchen. Two types of rice cookers are popular, the manual and the digital. You will see some multi-cookers support cooking rice. They are truly wonderful to use. You can cook so many food items. Digital rice cookers can control a variety of functions.

You don’t have to be a chef to cook perfect rice. It can make glutinous rice, boiled rice, porridge, steamed rice, and other varieties. In general, each brand of rice cookers is quite good. I recommend buying according to the size of your family. Because the rice cooker the larger the size, the more it consumes power.

Rice cooker size and number of members

  • 1-3 members suitable for 1-liter rice cooker
  • 4-5 members, suitable for a rice cooker of 1.5-1.8 liters
  • 6-8 members suitable for rice cooker size 2-2.22 liters

Conclusion – Must have kitchen appliances

Every kitchen needs modern appliances for comfort and hygiene. I have listed some of the most important appliances that you will need in your day-to-day life. Kitchen appliances should always complement the ambience of your kitchen. Be it the color of the device or the utility.

It looks good if the appliance has matching color with the theme of the walls of the kitchen. Same way if the appliances in question have great usability then that will be very useful. In terms of saving energy and money, we should look into both of them.

Appliances with the auto shut feature are good for saving on electricity. If the kitchen appliances have a cooking timer, keep warm feature like we have in multi-cookers, will be added advantage. You set a timer and relax. The device will start on the set time and cook your food on time.

The keep warm feature is good if you wish to have the food after some time. Generally it has few hours of keep warm options.

While buying kitchen appliances always buy what you need. Do not go for features that you will not be using. That will be wastage of money.


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