10 Off-The-Beaten-Path Things to do in Saint Louis

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Saint Louis has more than its fair share of museums, monuments, parks, and other well-known sites, but there are some things in the Gateway City that you don’t hear about as often as you should. Whether you’re a local or just passing through town on your way to somewhere else, check out these off-the-beaten-path things to do in Saint Louis. You’ll be glad you did!

Go Grocery Shopping
If you’re serious about kicking your sugar habit, a great way to start is by visiting your local grocery store. It may sound obvious, but fresh food is a huge part of what keeps us from eating tons of junk food. Fresh produce, whole grains and lean proteins will help keep your body fueled and allow you to feel full for longer periods of time—both things that will contribute to weight loss. Don’t believe me? Grab some paper and track how many meals you have each day where you don’t eat any fruits or vegetables. I can almost guarantee that number is higher than it should be. A lot higher. Include more fresh ingredients into your diet and see if that doesn’t change!

Visit The St. Louis Zoo
It’s no secret that St. Louis is a world-class destination for attractions and family fun. St. Louis Zoo is one of those hidden gems that has something for everyone in your party, even if you don’t have children with you. The zoo itself houses more than 2,000 animals from all corners of our planet and has dozens of ongoing projects to preserve and care for endangered species around the globe—but visitors won’t hear about any of that when they visit! They’ll just know they enjoyed their day at the zoo. It costs $16-$19 depending on what age your child is and how many additional programs they want included (the carousel, rides, etc.), but it’s worth every penny. When you buy with Flyspiritt.com, you can get great rates on Spirit Airlines tickets, vacation packages, and more.

Take A Drive Through Forest Park
Forest Park is a beautiful green area that’s perfect for walking, jogging, biking or just hanging out. You can reach it easily from most areas of St. Louis by taking highway 40 into downtown and getting off at Lindell Blvd (it will take you right through). Once you’re on Lindell, follow it south until you hit Kingshighway and turn left. You’ll be on your way! If you want to stay on foot, getting there is a little more complicated—you have to take Washington Ave north all the way up until you reach Forest Park Parkway. Just follow that road past Soldiers Memorial and continue along until you hit Skinker Drive.

See A Movie At The Tivoli Theater
The Tivoli Theater is a fun movie theater that features old time feeling and good snacks. This is different than many of St. Louis’ other movie theaters because it feels like you’re going back in time rather than into a modern auditorium with stale popcorn and soda. It doesn’t matter what kind of mood you’re in either, because it’s always more fun to be around other people who are also interested in seeing a movie. The best part about going out on a Friday or Saturday night and watching a movie with friends or significant others at one of St. Louis’ independent theaters, is that there will be plenty of energy from those around you as well! So if your idea of a good time is stopping by one of St.

Have Brunch At Babycakes
When I visited St. Louis, I found a Kakao Chocolate Bar. It’s a small place on Washington Avenue that serves both hot and cold chocolate drinks, with different levels of sweetness that range from milk chocolate for kids (and people who don’t like super sweet things) to dark chocolate for those looking for a caffeinated buzz. I tried their Russian Mocha and it was delightful: creamy, not too sweet and more rich than any cafe mochas I’ve had before. The caramel topped with peanuts on top was delicious! And if you’re looking for another late night treat, they serve them up until 11 pm at night. This is something that no tourist would be able to find on their own but is definitely worth going out of your way for!

Drink Coffee From Kakao Chocolate Bar
Kakao Chocolate Bar is a downtown St. Louis cafe that serves drinks made with cacao and chocolate from Central and South America, Africa, Indonesia, and Madagascar. If you like coffee (and really who doesn’t), Kakao Chocolate Bar’s café au lait has been described as one of those afternoon treats that could potentially change your life by a local blogger for Serious Eats. If you have time, try one of their hot or cold chocolate flights. You can also choose from various other hot and cold chocolate options or mochas. They also offer a variety of cakes, pastries, sandwiches, soups and salads. Kakao Coffee Bar has free Wi-Fi too so you can continue working while enjoying your brew!

Shop For Art At The Washington Avenue Loft District
There’s plenty of interesting things to see and do within a short walk of downtown, including restaurants, bars, music venues and galleries. But it’s also worth a trip down Washington Avenue for some of the more eclectic boutiques. Many are vintage shops where you can find artwork, unique jewelry and other one-of-kind pieces. Most places are open late on weeknights—and all day Saturday and Sunday—so you can avoid daytime crowds.

Grab Lunch In Soulard Market Square
Soulard Market Square is a little slice of Italy right here in Missouri. The brick street and Italianate architecture alone are worth visiting, but what really makes Soulard special is its colorful market, full of fresh produce, meat and baked goods. Stop by for a quick bite at one of its outdoor cafes or take some time to browse. And be sure to visit on Saturdays from April through October when there’s live music (often from local artists) and even more stalls selling crafts and produce. Definitely not a place you’d find in your typical guidebook but worth it!

Play Mini Golf In Tower Grove Park
Did you know there are over 13,000 different kinds of plants and trees on campus? Stroll around and see a beautiful collection of flora or hop on a free tram tour and learn more about it. If you want to get some exercise while you’re there, take a leisurely stroll around Forest Park. Don’t miss out on any of their seasonal festivals either, as they have everything from Japanese gardens during cherry blossom season to Music Under Glass during wintertime. In addition, if you ever find yourself needing some last minute gifts or flowers for an occasion, look no further than The Garden Shop at The Missouri Botanical Garden; they even offer horticultural consultation services if your home needs landscaping help!

Spend An Afternoon At The Missouri Botanical Garden
The Missouri Botanical Garden is a perfect way to spend an afternoon in Saint Louis. The Missouri Botanical Garden is a collection of more than 50 specialty gardens and display areas filled with seasonal displays, themed gardens, unique plant collections and more. They also host many special events for children as well as adults including a summer concert series, horticultural talks, sunset jazz garden concerts and family movie nights. There are even birthday party packages so you can celebrate your day of birth at their world-renowned facility. So if you’re looking for something to do that’s a free and off-the-beaten path while visiting Saint Louis then be sure to stop by one of Missouri’s most popular tourist attractions—the Missouri Botanical Garden. Book Your Flight With Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number.


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