10 Tools Every UX and UI Designer Should Have in 2022

UX and UI Designer

UI and UX are key design elements (UX). UI focuses on things that look good, like fonts, colors, and menus. UX puts a lot of focus on how the product is used. They are linked and sometimes made at the same time, however, they are not the same.

Whether you’re focusing on UX, UI, or both, you’ll need good tools. This post is about UX/UI design software that can help you make better products, like an easy-to-use website or an invention that is ready to sell. We focus on digital tools for UX and UI. Still, many will also help with physical products, like coming up with packaging that fits the market.

Best Tools Every UX and UI Designer Should Have in 2022

1- Sketch

The sketch is a full set of tools for UX and UI Designer. It talks about how things are made. It works with other software and has more than 700 assistants, plugins, and integrations.

Sketch used to only work on Macs, but now it has a web app with tools that work in your browser. Still no app for Windows.

It has tools to edit vectors for UI Designers. Iterating is easy at any point in the design process. You can design with Canvas, Artboards, and presets that have no limits. You can change the size of your work with simple grids and resizing tools.

Sketch’s support for variable fonts gives you complete control over how your text looks. A sketch can use OpenType alternate characters, ligatures, and more, which is a very good sign for UI designers.

The Mac app lets you work together in real-time, while the browser version lets you give feedback, share files, and switch between platforms which is very helpful for UX designers. You can make libraries of Symbols, Text Styles, Layer Styles, and Color Variables and share them with other people.

2- Photoshop by Adobe

Photoshop and Illustrator from Adobe are the best graphic design programs on the market for UI designers. These top apps from Adobe help UI and UX designer. Photoshop lets you change, combine, and make new images, graphics, and works of art. When it comes to vector art, Adobe Illustrator is great.

UI designers and UX designers can use some of Creative Cloud. With Adobe XD, you can make prototypes for the web, apps, brands, and games. You can sign up for Adobe XD without also signing up for Creative Cloud.

Adobe XD has many tools for prototyping. Vector drawing tools, 3D transformations, reusable components, repeat grids, automatic animation, and layout that takes into account the content. Render animations, put videos in, and make prototypes that move which is the best thing for UX designers.

Voice-enabled features let you give your design sound. Add personality and make things easier to use with sound effects. Interactions can be made with keyboards and gamepads, which are particularly used by UX designers.

3- Balsamiq

Balsamiq lets you draw on a computer as if you were using a notepad or whiteboard. You can use it to plan the structure of your software or website. You’ll need a good structure for your interface before you can finish your visual design or start writing code. Balsamiq forces you to think about the structure and content of your design before the colors and details.

There are a lot of built-in and community-made UI controls and icons. You can make templates, masters, and libraries of components that can be used again and changed. Linking in Balsamiq lets, you make simple prototypes for demos or usability testing.

Balsamiq helps you come up with ideas. It’s made to inspire people to be creative. When you show off your work, you can hide the wireframes. These things are complicated to understand for ordinary people; thus, we have a solution for you. You can take help from the service of logo design UK and get your work done as you want.

4- Freehand in InVision

A whiteboard online Freehand in InVision. It can be used in many ways in a business, but UX designers benefit the most from it. A collaborative hub can link all of the design steps together. You can even involve stakeholders and users in design.

At every stage of a project, Freehand is creative, works well with others, and includes everyone. There are templates for brainstorming, strategy, planning, wireframes, flowcharts, running effective meetings, and doing research and design.

You can add artboards right into Freehand if you use Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch.

5- Axure RP

Axure RP lets UX designers make prototypes that look and work like the real thing and have an unlimited number of event triggers, conditions, and actions. UX and UI designer can make diagrams, customer journeys, wireframes, and other UX documentation along with rich, functional UX prototypes.

Use the mouse, touch, and keyboard to start interactions. Add conditions and variables to your prototypes to make them better.

With Axure RP widgets, you can make forms that work, grids that can be sorted, and dynamic user interfaces. By dragging and dropping, you can make text fields, dropdown lists, and radio buttons. Multi-state dynamic panels can be used to make pop-ups and mobile screens that can be scrolled and swiped.

Axure RP has desktop, tablet, and phone views that all show a single page. Shows the right view by itself.

Publish RP UX prototypes instantly to Axure Cloud to share, inspect, and get feedback from your team on-screen. Notifications can be sent to Slack and Microsoft Teams.

6- Framing

A framer is a powerful tool for making interactive designs on the canvas that look great and are fun to use. With interactive parts that are already made, polished assets, and layout tools, you can make websites and apps that look real in minutes. UI design for iPhones, Androids, MacOS, etc.

With ready-to-use templates, you can save time and get any project, design, or wireframe off to a good start. UI kits include the Landing Page Kit, the Material Design Kit, and the iOS Kit. Framer has templates for project management, website design, app design, and interactive design.

Framer lets you make UI and UX designs for apps and websites that are interactive. You can work on UI and UX designs in real-time with designers, copywriters, and developers. From making wireframes to handing off work, Framer makes it easy to work together. Your team can leave comments on the canvas and reply to them.

Framer lets you make any kind of UI interaction for a website or app, from to-do lists to carousels. UI interactions, transitions, Moreover animations can be changed by adding realistic interactive components. You don’t need to know how to code to design interactions and transitions.

7- Figma

It is a good tool for you if you want a complete solution for brainstorming, designing products, making interactive prototypes, and working with other people.

Figma is a design tool that you can use even if you don’t know a lot about design. The tool has a clean and easy-to-use user interface.

8- Origami Studio

Did you know that Origami comes with Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram? Yes, it’s definitely one of the best tools for designing prototypes.

Origami Studio lets you design with layers, reuse components, build interactions, furthermore preview your prototype on your mobile device.

This tool is great for people who make mobile apps.

9- Marvel

If you’re looking for a free tool for prototyping websites and apps, you’ve found it.

With Marvel, you can handle the whole design process in one place. Moreover, build your products faster.

With an easy-to-use interface, you can go from wireframing to high-fidelity interactive prototyping in a matter of minutes.

10- Invision

Rapid prototyping is best done with Invision. Using the hotspot feature, you can make powerful, interactive, hi-fi prototypes for mobile and the web.

Invision makes it easy to make design layouts with embedded assets that are ready to hand off to developers.

One Last Thing

As we’ve seen, there are a lot of tools out there that make it easier for UX and UI designer to do their jobs. Some are mostly about design, while others are about customer journey maps, wireframes, and other things. A few of them even try to sell themselves as all-in-one toolkits for designers. No matter what part of the design process you care about, you can find a good UX/UI design tool to make your life easier and make it easier for you and your team to work together.


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