14 Best Places in HIMACHAL PRADESH for trips.

kasol kheerganga trek

Himachal Pradesh Trekking is without a doubt one of the most thrilling experiences you can enjoy. The names of many popular sites, including Triund, Kheerganga, Hampta, Indrahar pass, and Malana, are included in Treks in the Himachal Pradesh. All these places guarantee the only simple thing you witnessed originally is the fascinating views of the many Himalayan areas.




  1. Kheerganga trek


Experience this wonderful Kheerganga Tour, which helps you to discover Kheerganga’s scenic beauty. Take the robust mountain terrain through wonderful landscapes. Lose yourself in nature’s beauty. Work your way through the lovely small hamlets and watch the local life of the Kasol people.


  1. Triund trek, Dharamshala.


Watch Dharamshala’s enchanting beauty, its small hamlets, its fascinating charm, and stream through the hike. Give your eyes a gorgeous view from the top. Also, as we begin our journey, witness the unique flora and fauna. Also, get the opportunity to enjoy a little fire under the beautiful night skies with your parents and friends, thousands of stars.


  1. Tosh Valley Trek, Himachal


Enjoy your eyesight on the Tosh Valley Hike, a voyage across the mighty Himalayas. Tosh is a village in Himachal Pradesh’s Parvati Valley.


  1. Bir Billing Winter Trek


This tour takes you to the wonderful beauty of the place and gives you an overwhelming feeling. Explore the lovely nature and spend time with paragliding experience at the same time.


  1. Bir Billing Kasol Trek


Kasol is a paradise of the earth and is renowned for the beauty of luxuriant green hills and valleys. The city draws thousands of visitors from all over the world for many treks, to sample local cuisine, and to engage with people in order to understand their culture. This tour takes you to tough trails through the pine forests. Get ready to have a good meal and see the stars under the sky.


  1. Chandratal Lake with Hampta Pass


The Hampta Pass Chandratal Lake Trek has beauty and thrill like all other Himalayan walks. Chandratal Lake walks will show you the fascinating beauty of the Lahaul and the Spiti Valley’s Himalayan wildlands, cold deserts, flora, and fauna. This trek will certainly fulfill all your peaceful trekking in the Indian Himalayas with simple climbs and a beautiful surrounding.


  1. Indrahar Pass Trek


This short and exciting trip will take you to the scenic beauty of the Himalayan Ranges starting in Mcleodganj. In the Himalayas, the journey takes place over the next 4 days and poses various challenges. Exploring and enjoying the natural beauty of the high Indrahar pass and the amazing charm.


  1. Bhrigu Lake Trek, Manali.


Experience this exciting tour for 4 days, 3 nights, and experience the beauty of this region. In addition, as you launch your trek to Bhrigu Lake, you can visit the popular Gowrishankar, Tripura Sundari Temple, and the Roerich Art Gallery.


  1. Prashar Lake, Himachal


Prashar Lake Trek in Himachal is considered a significant trek. The gigantic Dhauladhar Ranges in the Kullu Valley is surrounding this clear, bleached lake, which is often kept secret for a reason, in the Himachal Pradesh district in Mandi. You can pass through the attractive paths through the forest and many small rivers when you go to Prashar Lake. At the same time, the lake is the local Prashar Rishi temple, which has many essential intelligence sculptures created at the walls of the temple, and it has a major beautiful attraction. The design on the wall remarkably suits the scenery around the lake and is, therefore, a favorite tourist attraction and a renowned spot in the area.


  1. Beas Kund lake and Bhrigu Lake


If you are somewhere looking for an exciting adventure, Beas Kund Trek is the ideal trip with Bhrigu Lake. A common destination for all enthusiastic trekkers is Beas Kund or Beas Peak, which rises in the Himalayas, and becomes part of the Indus River. Here you can embrace the beauty of the splendid peaks, the scenic landscapes, the generous, friendly local people, and the waterfall. Enjoy the beauty of its magnificent peaks, endless fascinating lands, truly hospitable local residents, and waterfall. The hike will lead you to some of the majestic mountain views and you will want to take photos from the top of the spectacular sights.


  1. Malana Village Trek


Malana trek is selected as one of the most beautiful walks and is a must. It is extremely fascinating due to the hypnotic beauty of this area along with the particularity of the villagers. The best moment in the night is when you look at the billions of stars in the night sky. Malana is about 21 km from Kasol, and your walk takes you through some of the region’s majestic scenes. Try your eyes on the mountains of space, and hear the birds sing and chant as you walk. Also, take time on small streams while going on the spectacular trek to Malana Village and experience the beautiful nature.


  1. Bhaba Pass Trek


If you are one finding God’s beauty in your Himachal trekking packets and you are excited to experience it, then Bhaba Pass is the perfect choice to do so. Enormous peaks and breathtaking river valleys seem to be built for adventure. The state also displays the riches of the Himachali and the Buddhist monasteries.


Other delights include walking the splendid nature bridges over rivers, enjoying the breathtaking purple mountains with your eyes.


  1. Chanderkhani Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh


This striking Chanderkhani Pass Trek includes breathtaking sights and the magnificent Himachal Pradesh surroundings at the same time. This tour is ideal for all beginners as this trek belongs to the simple group.


  1. Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek


Take the opportunity to visit several small hamlets and cross the trek. Treat your eyes to the majesty of the entire area from the high mountains, enjoy camping with billions of stars under the night sky and a small fire with friends and fellow trekkers. Make new friends and see this area’s unique flora and fauna as you continue to walk. The sight of the majestic mountains with snow is a treat for your eyes.



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