15 Kerala’s best things to do

Kerala’s far more to sell in hill stations, backwaters, and lush fields than just the normal looks of green trees. In natural beauty, there is a certain form of uniqueness. Here is the full list of the best things to do for any traveler in Kerala who plans to visit Kerala.

  1. Explore Kerala with a local feeling

By staying in Kerala with a local family, you can explore Kerala. This will provide you with the opportunity to witness a growing number of families in Kerala and regional traditions through close encounters. There are colonial bungalows and historic houses, which have been maintained outside but internally have the most luxurious facilities for guests to enjoy.

  1. Hear Music from the temple.

The temple music, even in the prayers and festivities of the native people, sounds like the listener being hypnotized. The orchestra of 5 indigenous instruments including lethal, similar, and kombu, is popular for Panchavadjam.

  1. Visit local markets. 

The waves of crowds, the voices of the vendors and cars, the crowd of people who jostle around to see things, the fragrances of food wafting through the air—there is no doubt that the finest and most genuine tastes of any place originated in its local markets. You may visit them to buy some food or something for regular use such as knives, forks, etc.

  1. Eat bananas. 

The Kerala bananas are very striking and different in scale, form, and color. There are long short, tall bananas and plenty of banana specials and things such as shakes for banana milk, ice cream, etc.

  1. Watch Bullock Race.

You may have observed a number of times car races, but don’t forget to watch the fascinating bullock course that truly entertains the Maramadi, a celebration that does not involve torturing and killing poor animals in a distinct and special manner. In Kerala in August, Maramadi takes place in flooding rice fields, making it infinitely more exciting for the crowds who watch on the side.

  1. Stay at Treehouse. 

Please take a night in a house in the tree to closely observe nature between the greenery and the scents of flowers and blades. The Kerala resort is well known for providing a set of tree housing in Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad, Kerala treehouse stay, and packaging.

  1. Visit the middle of Lullu

Enjoy modern Kerala shade while visiting the Kochi Lulu Mall. The largest shopping center in India is a multiplex, ice rink, and bowling alley and is an important tour of the city of Kerala that is among the most countries in India. Kerala also has food, restaurant, and family entertainment zones.

  1. Visit the Kurathi Kuravan statue and see Ramakkalmedu.

The statue of Karavan & Kuruthi at the summit of one of the Ramakkalmakkkalmeduedu hills is not only a must-see but also a must-see for the view of the hills of the Surrounding mounting, which is the place of Idukki Kerala, the folk-story that the lord ‘Sree Rama,’ the Hindu mythological God set its foot on this rock and hence its name Rama-Kal-Medu, which translates into Rama footprints.

  1. Follow the paths of Jesus Christ’s disciple

When Jesus gave his apostles a mandate to go into the world and proclaim the Good News. Thomas walked to India and ended up in Malayattoor, where he established a shrine at the top of the mountain and walked the mountain to listen to the Malayalam mass. Disciples walk up the mountain every day with chants of “Muthappan,” named after St. Thomas the devotees in April and May. on the mountain

  1. Visiting in a car rickshaw.

Car rickshaw is a regular Kerala Mans vehicle. Take the roads and discover the roads in the 3-wheel rickshaw. The black-yellow rickshaw will lead you to every place and will allow you to experience the waving journey in Kerala.

  1. Local ways of art watch.

Like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Yyam, and Thiruvathira there are various art formations. Watch these arts and try to grasp the nuances that really inspire you in those arts.

  1. Ride a cart with a bubble.

Travel the village in a bullock cart over the muddy roads. The clocks attach to the ox necks along with the smooth cart sound produce a beautiful sound.

  1. Get a local train.

To quickly see Kerala, particularly if you come from outside Kerala, you can enjoy Kerala through the eyes of a train traveler, sit on the window and keep your eyes on the magical sights. Get in contact with the other travelers, have gossiped, and discuss the passing places to get additional details.

  1. Hill Stations Romance.

Kerala hills are famous because of the cool, comfortable, calm, and sunny weather and winds. Feel the romance in every air breeze and enjoy in October, November, and December with Kerala Hill Station!

  1. Good luck.

Payasam is a rich delicacy – made of vermicelli, gram, and rice, in pure ghee. Nice and natural flavor, all the packaged tin milk and candy you forget.


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