15 Things to Look for in a WordPress Theme

Things to Look for in a WordPress Theme

To create a new WordPress website for your business the very first step that you will have to do is find the best suitable theme. And this is one of the toughest jobs to do. What is the reason behind this? This is because in the market thousands of themes are available. And another problem is that these all themes seem to keep all their promises and ensure you will not face any problem while creating a website.

When we talk about a theme then it becomes very important to choose a perfect theme as it carries a large set of responsibilities. The theme will not only give a new look to your content but also it will make it easy for customers to navigate throughout your website easily. Plus the theme is responsive to adapt the size and layout of various devices.

In a wide marketplace where more than 50,000 simple free WordPress themes and more than 80,000 premium themes are available, how would you choose the best template for your need? So we have listed some characteristics that you should check out before choosing any theme for your business.

WordPress are often wont to create virtually any quite website, and there are themes which can work well for the sort of site you’ve got .

You want your theme to enrich your site’s content. So, if you run a blog, it’s crucial you employ a topic which helps to enhance readability, and makes your content easy to digest.

Multipurpose themes – There are variety of so-called multipurpose themes, which are meant to be a “one-size-fits-all” solution. They claim to be the right choice for any quite website, but are often the precise opposite – the worst option you’ll choose.

Generally speaking, you would like to avoid multipurpose themes because they’re filled with customization options, most of which you’ll not find yourself using. All this extra junk tends to form them slow and bloated, with unnecessary code which will only hamper your site’s performance.

Many themes which look amazing are poorly-coded and filled with extra garbage which will make your site sluggish and unprofessional. nobody likes an internet site which loads slowly, and it can even cause Google to penalize you in search rankings.

While many multipurpose themes should be avoided, there are some which are fast and coded well.

Do some research – When choosing a topic , do some research and skim reviews about it. Come up with an inventory of 5 themes you wish , then narrow down your choices from there.

Your website theme is that the face of your online business, and it plays a crucial role in how well visitors and search engines perceive it.

Do yourself a favor and choose a clean, professional theme which effectively conveys your business’s message.

Below, you’ll find steps you’ll fancy make sure that you select the simplest theme for your WordPress website.

1. Simpler is best
Select simple WP theme
There are many WordPress themes with a good array of color, layout and customization options, and a few even have animated elements. it’s going to appear to be of these options help enhance your site… but you certainly don’t need them.

Search for a topic with a design that helps your business clearly and effectively convey its message. Ideally, you would like your site to both look amazing and be easy to navigate for your visitors.

Choose a topic which isn’t too complicated. Web design’s main goal is to assist users find information quickly and simply .

In addition to finding an excellent looking theme, you would like one which has Calls-To-Actions (CTAs) designed to assist your site grow. These are often inbuilt to your theme, or added separately with the assistance of a plugin.

2. Your site must be responsive
Responsive WordPress website design
In today’s day and age, your website MUST WORK well on ALL DEVICES.

People use their smartphones and tablets to browse the online , and if your site looks crappy and/or doesn’t function properly when viewed on either of them, you’ve got a drag on your hands. an outsized percentage of website traffic is from mobile devices, up to 50% or more in some cases.

The majority of WordPress themes are fully-responsive, and can look great on all devices, including desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Google penalizes sites which aren’t mobile-friendly, and has boosted its mobile-friendly algorithm a couple of times.

Make sure you give your website the simplest possible chance to point out up in Google search results by making it fully-responsive.

Testing your site for responsiveness

The simplest thanks to test whether a topic is responsive or not is to resize your browser window. As you modify its size, the theme layout should automatically suits fit each screen width.

You can take this a step further by copying the URL of the theme’s demo page, and pasting it in Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool
No matter how mobile-friendly the theme is, this test is probably going to point out a couple of warnings. confirm to get on the lookout for any red flags like text being too small or content being wider than the screen, among others.

Adding AMP to your website

If you’re looking to require your site’s mobile-friendliness to subsequent level, you’ll want to think about adding Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to your site.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source initiative supported by both Google and Twitter. It relies on bare HTML and limited Javascript. All AMP content is hosted on Google’s AMP cache, then served to your visitors instantly once they click on your end in program results.

The goal of the Accelerated Mobile Pages project is to form web page load faster for mobile users. it’s designed to figure properly on every application, browser and web viewer.

3. Compatibility with essential plugins
WordPress.org plugin directory.
One of the most advantages to using WordPress is that the amount of wonderful plugins you’ll use to feature all types of functionality to your website. From SEO to hurry , security and more, there’s a plugin for just about anything you’d need on your site.

There are certain must-have plugins, which you ought to install with any website. These include Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache (or another caching solution), Wordfence Security and BackWPup, among others.

You want to form sure that your theme is compatible with all of the widely-used plugins. In most cases, popular themes should be compatible with all the plugins you’d need, but ask the theme developers if you’re unsure.

4. Checking for browser compatibility
Check your site’s compatibility with Browser Sandbox
Your site visitors will use different browsers, so it’s important that your website looks and functions properly on all of them, including:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
The majority of WordPress theme developers thoroughly test their themes employing a sort of browser compatibility tools. they’re likely to say that their theme is compatible with all browsers within the theme details, but be happy to see for yourself.

5. eCommerce-ready
Individual WooCommerce product page.
Are you looking to sell digital or physical products on your site? If so, you ought to confirm that the theme you select is compatible with WooCommerce, the leading eCommerce plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites.

While most themes should work with WooCommerce, some will inevitably be more fitted to your online shop.

Mainly, you would like to ascertain out some theme demos to see how the shop, product and merchandise category pages look using whichever theme you select .

Alternatively, you’ll do the subsequent to preview your eCommerce site:

install the theme and WooCommerce plugin
create a product
take a glance at the shop, individual product and merchandise category pages to ascertain what they appear like

6. Multilingual/translation-ready
Make WordPress multilingual with Polylang.
If you would like to possess a WordPress site in multiple languages, or just a language aside from English, you would like to form sure you select a topic which is translation-ready.

In addition to picking a topic with multilingual functionality built-in, there are plugins which may assist you translate certain site elements also . Loco Translate allows you to quickly and simply translate variety of strings, also as plugins and far more.

7. SEO-friendly
Yoast SEO WordPress plugin for program Optimization
The WordPress theme you select plays a crucial role in your website’s SEO-friendliness. Your site can look amazing, but be filled with poorly-coded HTML which may have a negative effect on its performance within the search engines.

If you’re a beginner, it’ll be tough to research your theme’s ASCII text file by yourself to work out if it’s well-written. Premium WordPress developers often state that their themes are coded well and optimized for SEO.

You can check your theme’s HTML5 online with the W3C Markup Validation tool. it’ll likely show you some warnings about your site albeit they’re totally irrelevant, but it’s an honest tool for general checks.

8. User-friendly design
User-friendly website theme
It’s imperative that your new theme be nicely designed and straightforward to navigate. Whatever you are doing , confirm that everything on your site is obvious and may be easily found by your visitors.

Take a glance at the theme’s demo, and check out to research its design more closely.

You can ask yourself the subsequent inquiries to help decide if it’s an honest choice:

Is the site easy to navigate?
Is the content readable and straightforward to digest?
Does the planning suit your site or blog type?
Again, simplicity is your friend… so don’t complicate things by making your site fancier than it must be.

9. Is it updated frequently?
Regularly-updated WP theme
WordPress core is updated on a daily basis due to security upgrades, bug fixes and new features. It’s important to settle on a topic which is additionally actively maintained, and updated on a daily basis. If a topic was last modified 2 or more years ago, you’re more happy avoiding it.

10. Capable of turning off or removing unused features

The main goal of any author is to sell their themes to maximum users. This is the reason that they ensure to put all those features which can be required for getting any type of business niche online. Some features like fancy JavaScript effects or scroll animations are something that not every user looks for. Thus it becomes important that the theme you choose must allow you to turn off the features that are not required.

The theme author should ensure that their customers should be able to disable features either by code or via the settings panel.

11. Responsive layout

Any simple free WordPress themes that you are trying to install should work great on every screen size. Not just the theme should get fitted on mobile screen and be responsive but also the theme should be easy to navigate by the users on touch-enabled devices. Most of the time you will see that the menus are not very easy to use if the website is not responsive.

Another important point is that the functions of a site including shopping carts must be hidden on short viewports. These features should be easily accessed by the users without requiring searching for them.

12. Do not need extra plugins

Not every person will be using the theme for similar niches. Therefore it is very important to check whether the theme you choose is working great with or without a plugin. Mostly you will find that not every theme works without the need for plugins. Limited functionality can be added via plugins but it is the wrong to use plugins if you are adding for every small functionality or feature on the website because access use of plugin will make your website slow down.

13. Very seriously take the accessibility

Accessibility is a simple feature. Actually, it is a basic requirement. There are some basic standards that should be fulfilled by the themes when we talk about keyboard navigation, semantic markup usage, and focus styles.

There are some things that are not easy to control by the theme author. The theme which allows the user to use customize the color by their choice will not be actually responsive or not getting more users because of bad contrast ratios.

14. Bug fixes regularly

Because WordPress introduced a new advanced feature i.e. Gutenberg block editor it is becoming quite difficult for beginner users to use it easily. The new feature means more new code which will lead to more security holes, bugs, and other technical problems.

But because WordPress is meant for every kind of business needs it is important to make WordPress plugins, themes and core updated. Always choose a simple free WordPress themes that constant entries in their changelog. Plus make sure to check whether the support team gets back to you instantly.

It is better to take your time for searching for a theme that goes as per your requirements. Study if the theme is properly optimized, updated, and supports third-party plugins. Plus check if the theme looks good on all major devices and browsers.


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