Vaastu refers to a heavenly deity known as the God of Vaastu. It is the science of construction that promotes design notions addressing direction-specific research related to the basis of a house/building/plot/or other structures, as defined by its nature. 

The term Vaastu for business refers that A Vaastu-compliant workplace that not only guarantees that your company grows, but also assures that your staff are more productive and creative, as well as injecting a pleasant and lively mood surrounding the workplace and the office setting. 

Vaastu Consultant in Mumbai can provide you with some helpful tips for your business’s success:

1. Go for Shermukhi plots if you’re seeking a piece of land or a plot of land for your office, factory, or other commercial facilities. The plots are wider at the beginning and smaller as they go. In addition, attempt to buy land near well-traveled routes. 

2. The north, north-east, or north-west orientation of an office building gives good luck and pleasant energy. 

3. The office building’s main door or entry should face east or north, according to Vastu Shastra. Place nothing in front of or around the main door that may cause an obstruction. 

4. The east or northeast corner of a commercial establishment’s welcome area should be positioned. 

5. Keep the center area of the office building free of people. 

6. The office owner’s room should face south-west and he or she must sit facing north. Place no temples or idols in front of the owner’s seat. Instead of a glass structure, there must be a solid wall behind the owner’s seat. It’s best if his or her table is rectangular. 

7. Staff should face north or east when working. 

8. Free the company house’s northwest zone from anti-elements and actions to maintain a robust financial support system. Building a toilet in this area will jeopardize funding assistance. White horses can be put in the NW zone since they represent financial assistance.

9. Employees involved in bank and cash transactions should sit in the northeast zone, with the accounts department in the north and east. All financial documents should be housed in the cabinet’s middle north or southwest. 

10. Payments and shipments are handled by businesses. You may make this procedure go more smoothly by using Vastu. No pantry should be built, and the north zone should not be painted red or pink. In the same way, remove the blue color from the southeast zone and replace it with green vegetation. 

11. The orientation of the conference room must be northwest. 

12. In the direction of the north-east, you can put an aquarium containing nine goldfish and a blackish. 

13. Rectangular or square desks or workstations are preferred over L-shaped desks. Any uneven form should be avoided since it causes confusion. 

14. The electrical equipment must be situated in the office building’s southeast corner. 

15. If your company is in the manufacturing industry, you should start in the south and work your way north and west until you reach the east coast. 


Following the proven Vastu for business guidelines by Vastu Consultant in Mumbai above will undoubtedly result in a significant positive shift in your business, and you will experience progress and prosperity in whatever business you are associated with. 


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