2 + 3 important page types for eCommerce Website

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Would you make your eCommerce website development Dubai a success? The structure of the eCommerce web design Dubai , the user-friendly appearance of each sub-page, and its easy operation play an extremely important role in ensuring that users are honored with their trust.

important page types for eCommerce Website

Of course, there are more important and less important sub-pages, we also show those that deserve special attention during the web development Dubai !

Home… your online storefront!

The home page is actually not just the most important page for any eCommerce website Dubai, but for any other type of website design Dubai. If you like, this is a showcase for your online business that is usually the first thing you usually design and build for your site. It is a fact that many users will come directly to the product pages or other sub-pages during their visit, but the home page is still often the first impression of a brand towards customers.

That’s why it’s so important that the layout and overall look of your home page make a positive impression. A good home page is clean, transparent, easy to navigate, and of course flashy. According to Dubai Chamber of Commerce statistics, 4 out of 10 visitors return from a site if they don’t find it beautiful enough.

types for eCommerce Website

So what’s on the home page? What should be included here in addition to making sure you have a clean, transparent design, a good structure?

clear reference to your product range : This aspect is not as clear – at least not to everyone – as you might think. A good eCommerce website development Dubai will let you know right from the homepage what problems your products offer. If this is not on the home page, many users will not see the point in staying.

Easy navigation : It is important for all websites to be easy and logical to navigate, and this should be visible to users on the home page. At the same time, it is important that the information that suggests reliability to them is clearly visible: delivery and payment information, the possibility of withdrawal, and the opinions of other users all help to build trust.

Contacts : Make it easy for visitors to contact your company’s customer service, preferably through as many channels as possible. Place your contact information (email, phone, etc.) on the home page of your website design Dubai (and preferably on any other page).

High-quality images : Today, when almost anyone has the opportunity to take high-quality photos, it is inconceivable that an online store should not receive customers with more beautiful product photos. Not only do these images help visitors communicate exactly what your web store has to offer, they can also encourage them to continue browsing.

Invitation : When a visitor arrives at the home page of your eCommerce website Dubai, they will ideally see a call in front of them first. The essence of the call is to encourage the user to take a desired action – e.g. “Buy now!”

Landing pages – where your campaigns come from

Landing pages are essential components of eCommerce web design Dubai that are designed to convert interested visitors into paying customers. The question rightly asks, then, how do landing pages differ from the home page?

Landing pages for a specific product / promotion / promotion, etc. they are highlighted and nothing else is mentioned on them. Each of their items is designed to motivate the user to a particular action (in an eCommerce website Dubai, of course, this is usually a purchase). Many companies send users directly here when they click on an ad or link in a newsletter, for example.

So the purpose of a landing page in an online store is to promote a product or service… and what do you need to place on the site?

online store is to promote a product or service

One pointing button …: You need something that is different enough from the rest of the page for the user to immediately see where to click to make a purchase.

Customer testimonials …: Nowadays, people trust the recommendations of strangers more than what a brand claims about its own products. So you might want to place the opinions of your former customers next to the products to convince those unsure of them.

Inventory and time-limited promotions …: When those interested see that a product is low, or that a discount promotion is about to expire, they are more likely to buy it because they don’t want to miss it.

Product pages: where the purchase takes place!

Product pages are one of the most important pages in eCommerce development Dubai. And it will largely depend on whether or not you are able to sell your offerings in your online business. If a potential buyer gets this far, there is no guarantee that they will buy. It is up to the product pages to ensure this.

it is up to the product pages to ensure this.

Product name : Absolutely clear, but when it comes to essential items. We can’t leave the product name out of our list.

High quality images : Luxurious quality product photos are the most important visual elements of eCommerce website Dubai.

Product Description: Product descriptions do not have to be boring, typed text. These descriptions offer an additional opportunity to really sell your products.

Reviews : As mentioned, the opinions of previous customers can help a lot in sales.

The category pages are your own online magazine!

Category pages are an essential part of smaller and larger eCommerce website development Dubai. As they help you streamline your offerings and provide a positive customer experience for your customers.

Category pages can contain all the products of the same type in an online store. (eg all electric drills) or a specific clothing collection (eg in the case of fashion stores). The goal is for users to easily find what they are looking for.

If you manage to weave your own products into these posts somehow (naturally). Each share will function as a free ad.


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