2-piece rigid boxes for packaging your premium products

Two Piece Rigid Boxes

Custom 2 Piece Rigid Boxes

Custom 2 Piece Rigid boxes are always stylish. These two-piece fixed installation boxes are known for their durability and attractive appearance. They give your goods a top-notch look. Even in the fixed box category, there are various options to consider. Several types of rigid boxes are available to protect goods. Two-piece rigid packaging boxes are one of many forms. These are two-piece boxes that have a lid and a base. With this basic yet elegant design, you have virtually unlimited possibilities for personalization. It can be made in different sizes, shapes and patterns.

Custom 2 piece hard boxes:

Two-piece rigid boxes are the perfect way to package products. With these attractive boxes, you can achieve the satisfaction of your customers. If you also want to change your packaging strategy, you can opt for these 2-piece rigid boxes. They are the main source of enhancing the highlight of your product. Contact IMH Packaging now! And get one for your brand too.

If you are looking for packaging boxes that can enhance the appeal of your business items, two-piece rigid boxes are an excellent choice. These boxes are designed to enhance product display and protect it from a variety of environmental conditions.

Why choose The Best Custom Boxes?

More freedom for personalization in the design equals more chances for a good finish. However, despite their simplicity, the two-piece hard boxes are robust to handle. As a result, you should only rely on expert service providers for the best custom two-piece fixed boxes.

The possibilities of two-piece hard boxes are endless. They also offer an ideal flat panel for printing. Here, the logo and other relevant content such as client instructions can be creatively printed. Its straightforward form makes this genre ideal for greater customization. That’s why IMH Packaging offers you a number of customizations with which you can surprise your customers at first glance.Custom Two Piece Rigid Boxes With Lids | TBCB

The best quality custom 2 pieces rigid boxes:

You can have your custom two-piece rigid boxes printed by our experienced printers. We guarantee the finest color accuracy and professional writing; with us, your logo reflects the unique personality and style of your company. In your luxury fixed boxes, you get a touch of individuality while maintaining the highest acceptable quality requirements, which is what customization is all about. In addition, our additional printing options provide a luxurious touch to your unique wholesale two-piece rigid boxes. IMH Packaging offers embossing, embossing, spot UV, laser cutting, foiling and other top box finishing services.

These extra elements will give your goods the luxury look you want. These are completed using the most sophisticated, high quality printing equipment and our printing crew is well trained to utilize the technology to its full potential.

Wholesale Small Rigid Boxes:

thebestcustomboxes supply these quality packaging boxes at wholesale prices. Our wholesale prices are actually discount prices, half off the retail price of the box. Brands and packaging companies can benefit from purchasing small rigid boxes at much lower prices. Who offers quality boxes with a beautiful design at a much lower price?
If you want to have two-piece discount boxes developed for your brand, just order online today. We have extensive experience in creating and assembling beautiful custom boxes and ensure 100% client satisfaction with every job we do. As our client, you can also benefit from free design support and free delivery to your door

What is a fixed shoulder box?

Rigid shoulder boxes, also called rigid neck boxes, are sturdier than regular two-piece boxes. Additional strength comes from the arm glued to the base. The arm holds the top lid so that the lid sits completely flush with the base. The addition of the arm is not only a striking design feature, but also doubles the wall thickness, making arm rigid boxes stronger than other rigid boxes.

Let’s say you’re new to the retail market and want to know how to promote your brands cost-effectively. You can achieve this goal by using your own rigid two-piece boxes. These boxes are manufactured keeping in mind all customer product requirements. Customers are presented with many options to get personalized effects in design and image boxes.

Long-lasting packaging boxes:

We check the durability of two-piece rigid boxes and their potential to protect products while maintaining their shape and adding elegance to your product. The highest emphasis is placed on durability. You will receive strong custom two-piece hard boxes that are adequately designed to retain their shape and protection. In addition, you have the option of choosing from different stocks.

For example, you can choose from 12pt to 24pt stocks. Whichever stock you choose, we make sure that the wholesale custom two-piece rigid boxes are strong enough to withstand the brutal handling throughout the entire shipping period.

Ecological packaging boxes:

In modern times, people are educated. They know what’s going on around them. Similarly, they are also aware of persistent problems. Therefore, they also take care of their environment. in short, people look for the green label when buying their products. They want it to be a safe environment. Therefore, it is equally important that you ensure that the packaging you offer for your products has a zero carbon footprint. Otherwise, customers don’t take long to jump to their choices.

To keep your custom packaging boxes safe and secure for the environment, we at the best custom boxes use paperboard and Kraft to manufacture the boxes. These two materials are fully ecological. In addition, cardboard is the best material for the production of packaging boxes. This is because it is robust.

We offer customer care services:

We pride ourselves on having the most efficient customer service staff in the packaging industry. The Best Custom Boxes is always happy to offer advice and support with almost anything. You can get help with ordering, choosing the best design for your boxes, getting a price, tracking your delivery and much more. You can contact our customer care representatives by email, live chat or phone. We guarantee timely answers and expert advice.

Why would you prefer the US:

Since these are rigid two-part boxes, the best material to make these boxes is usually cardboard. This is why cardboard is not only strong enough to store things; it is rigid enough that the upper parts remain upright without sufficient support.
Two-piece rigid boxes are customized for various shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, prints and layouts along with logo printing to enhance your brand relationships. Our professional designers have unique and latest packaging design ideas for your brand.
Since two-piece custom printed boxes are used for exhibition purposes, the design is extremely attractive and the print is done in rich, vibrant colors. In addition, a layer of matte cover will increase their perfection and make them usable for a long time.

Fastest delivery:

Not only do we offer free design and customization help to our loyal customers, but we also pay shipping fees for them. As a result, you will receive your custom items delivered to your home at no extra charge. It offers you a profit margin on your retail prices and puts you in a better position to compete on price. In addition, we have a track record of delivering orders as quickly as possible. We process, ship and deliver orders as quickly as possible. Most of our purchases take less than a week. So you won’t have to wait long to get your fashionable two-piece fixed boxes on the market.


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