21K School Leads The Path To Transparency in the Education System

transparency in the education

Online Schooling Leads to Transparency | India’s First Online School

Transparency is the most important factor that defines the education system. It is even more important in the case of e-learning and online schooling. It basically refers to certain teaching strategies that focus on making education transparent to students in terms of what they are learning and how they are being taught and engaged with the given course in a particular way. The goal of transparency in education is to provide students with more concrete support so that they learn in a better way, especially the ones who come from less privileged academic backgrounds. 

Transparency in e-learning and online schooling encourages teachers and instructors to be more transparent about the courses they are providing along with the ways in which they teach their students. 

A transparent education system essentially addresses the following questions of students:

  • Why am I learning this course — How will it help me achieve my goals, my current and future career? 
  • What specific task I’m assigned? What steps do I need to follow? 
  • How will this course or module help me? 
  • On what criteria, an instructor will evaluate my work and progress? 

How 21K School Maintain Transparency in the Education System? 

21K School is a trusted and well-recognised K-12 school known for offering Indian, British and American courses online to students aged between 3 and 18 years in India as well as abroad. Established in 2020, 21K is now a community of more than 225 well-qualified teachers and 3000 students from a total of 35 countries and 400 cities. 

We are known for offering affordable and high-quality online schooling to students from all kinds of academic backgrounds in a transparent way. 

21K is the first online school to offer a transparent education system to students by using a proprietary e-learning platform that keeps students engaged with a repository of video, audio as well as high-quality animated curriculum content from the best sources in the world. 

Further, 21K School understands that an education system consisting of only reading, writing and arithmetic approaches, is no longer enough. What is actually needed in today’s advanced environment is deeper learning of content by considering its real-world applications and solutions. This is the reason why we incorporated various critical skills like problem-solving, communication, creativity and human values in our curriculum. 

Features of 21K That Brings Transparency in e-Learning 

Following are the ways in which 21K School offer transparency through e-learning:

1. Flexible Options

21K School allows students to learn from the comfort of their homes. Whether they need a more focused and nurturing educational environment, are facing greater academic challenges or are working towards their career choices, they can learn from their own place regardless of circumstances. 21K School promises to bring world-class education right on the doorstep of students.

2. Dedicated Teachers

21K School has more than 400 well-qualified and experienced teachers that go through multi-tier training and professional development to become experts in online schooling. A majority of teachers have advanced degrees, certifications and hours of online teaching experience that make a huge difference in the quality of education we offer. More than anything, our teachers are compassionate and dedicated to helping their students learn in the ways that suit them the best. 

3. Exceptional Curriculum

21K School has a state-of-the-art curriculum that comprises thousands of online lessons based purely on research and cognitive science and powered by innovative technology. This unmatchable combination makes the learning experience super fun, interesting and engaging. For lower grades, the main focus is on a mastery-based approach toward knowledge and skills. Further, for middle and upper grades, a more extensive and traditional approach is used, where students learn through working on real-world projects in groups to promote peer collaboration. 

4. Individualised Learning

Many students need the more flexible and individualised learning they get in offline classrooms. We realised this need and thus, took a personalised approach to teaching such students. This approach combines high-quality, engaging and challenging content that is delivered via exceptional online lessons along with state-of-the-art study material. 

That’s how 21K School maintains a higher degree of transparency in e-learning. Today, transparency has become the most important factor that parents look for while selecting the right school for their children. With the rising safety and quality concerns, parents want schools to maintain transparency in their operations. Schools like 21K understand this concern well and work towards providing the best education to students. 


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