25 Sponsorship Ideas for Virtual Events

25 Sponsorship Ideas for Virtual Events

Providing value to sponsors seems almost impossible as live physical events came to hold with the outbreak of a pandemic. Along with In-person events, the most popular and well-known sponsorship possibilities went on hold. But the event industry was the quickest one to adopt the changing trends and leveraged virtual events.

During the pandemic, virtual events have become extremely popular. It has offered several advantages when compared to in-person events. Today, many event planners are pondering on how to increase revenue from virtual gatherings. However, when compared to in-person events, virtual event sponsorship possibilities may look limited to the sponsor at first.

Planners should think about what a sponsor may bring to the table at an in-person event. And apply it to a virtual event. It will help in delivering optimal results and generating revenues for virtual events. Today, there are plenty of sponsorship packages available with virtual events.

In this blog, we have listed plenty of virtual event sponsorship ideas that deliver value and keep those cash pouring in. Let’s get started!

25 Effective Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas

1. Display Transition Slides During the Waiting Time

While viewers are staring at their computers waiting for the next session to begin, show sponsored slides. Switch these out between sessions to highlight multiple companies. Apart from it, you can even select a few sponsors as a premium option to gain exposure throughout the virtual event.

2. An introductory Video of the Sponsor’s Brand

Make a video presenting your sponsor’s brand and play it during the virtual event. PLay it when people are most likely to be engaged, such as before the most awaited session. Because the sponsor’s purpose is to raise brand recognition, make sure they include their logo and keep it short and crisp. It helps in delivering their brand message more effectively to the potential target audience.

3. Take Advantage of Pre-event Messaging

Long before the event starts, allow your sponsors to start spreading their brand message to attendees. You may start by prominently displaying their logo or links to their material on the event registration page or in the pre-event email.

4. Sponsor a “commercial” in the Virtual Event and Pop-up CTA

This video could include more specific information from the sponsor as well as a call to action for viewers to learn more. Rather than releasing your whole attendee list, give your sponsor a list of the leads who opted in. This can be done at the end of each day of a 2-3 day-long event.

5. Pop up CTA in the Middle of the Event

There’s no better time than during a session to grab a viewer’s attention. Especially if the CTA is relevant to the session’s content and closely aligns with it. Just make sure the location of the pop-up isn’t too distracting!

6. Brand Every Touchpoint at the Virtual Event

Make sure you do not miss out on any point that offers an opportunity to brand the event. Ensure you brand every touchpoint during the virtual event with the sponsor logos. It will help in boosting sponsor awareness and visibility.

7. Ask a Representative from the Sponsor to Introduce the Speaker

Request a sponsor representative to conduct a session and introduce the speaker. Set the tone for the meeting and make the sponsor feel more approachable. This is a typical strategy for in-person events, and it also works well for virtual events.

8. Ask the Moderator to Appreciate Sponsors Live

If your event has an official host or moderator, ask them to give a statement thanking the sponsor. Additionally, ask them to provide some information about their company to the attendees present during the event. This can happen between sessions or even at the start of a session hosted or presented by the sponsor.

9. Set up the Virtual Background with Sponsor Logos

Many virtual event platforms offer custom solutions and options to customize virtual backgrounds. Using sponsor logos in a virtual background will help in enhancing brand visibility.

10. Display Sponsor Logo or Banners in Every Live Video

This is a fantastic method to highlight a sponsor for the duration of a session. You can opt to do it in multiple sessions. Simply design a banner with the sponsor’s logo and place it beneath or at the bottom of the live video screen in a non-disruptive manner. It will help in enhancing the sponsor’s visibility thus making it reach attendees effortlessly.

11. Special Breakout Sessions

You can opt to organize breakout sessions after the sessions branded with sponsor logos. It will allow attendees to have discussions on specific subjects held during sessions. Set up various breakout rooms using an advanced virtual event platform on which you are hosting your event. It will allow guests to choose from a variety of themes.

12. Organize Workshops that are Interactive

Think of it as a more robust version of special interest groups. You choose a business scenario or problem, divide attendees into small groups, and have them work together to solve it. It’s a terrific approach to get participants to interact and bond authentically with one another if you prepare it well.

13. Organize a Virtual Happy Hour is a Brilliant Idea

In between sessions, use this as a pleasant, familiar method for attendees to know each other and your sponsors. Make sure you conduct this in smaller break-out rooms since the number of attendees can quickly become overpowering.

14. Organize Short Virtual Games or Icebreaker Activities

Icebreaker activities are a great way to get attendees involved. It’s a fun alternative for sponsors to host themselves. Set up a game for attendees to play on their phones or run certain games directly on your virtual event platform. Include games such as spin the wheel, dart game, crossword, and more.

15. Offer Swag Bags to Attendees at Virtual Events

Send swag packages to the home addresses of registered attendees before the event starters. It will give them a taste of the good old days. Swag bags may include gifts from a variety of sponsors or just one or two. To avoid the bags ending up in the trash, make sure they are stocked with interesting, helpful goods.

16. Offer a Happy Hour Kit

This is a good match for a sponsored virtual happy hour or small break. Choose a fun drink for your virtual event. And then send the essential cocktail ingredients to participants on behalf of your sponsor. Additionally, you can even keep things simple by giving wine or a non-alcoholic beverage.

17. Sponsors T-shirts and Badges

Firstly, determine your audience’s likes and dislikes. Identify whether your attendees will find the idea of sponsor t-shirts and badges entertaining or not.

If you believe they’ll find it entertaining and enjoy it, give them a reason to wear the shirt or badge at the event. You can opt to give them points that can be redeemed later in the form of gift cards if they wear them. Additionally, you can offer branded giveaways to attendees who will wear them. Apart from it, make them aware if they wore they will become eligible to win a sponsor-paid prize.

18. Branded virtual AR/VR Photo Booths at Virtual Events

There is no one out there who doesn’t love getting clicked at photo booths. Many attendees just attend the event to have fun and connect with new people for future collaborations. Photo booths attract the attention of attendees instantly be it any format of the event. You can integrate branded AR/VR photo frames with sponsor identities such as name and logo. It will allow attendees to get clicked with branded photo frames and take event memories back home.

19. Try Your Hands-on Gamification

Integrate sponsor games during the event. You can opt to organize games in your virtual events sponsored by sponsors. It will help in boosting excitement and engagement at the event altogether enhancing sponsors’ visibility. You can opt to organize games such as spin the wheel, dart game, shooting game, and more. Additionally, offering winners of the game with branded gifts by sponsors helps in enhancing the user experience.

20. Speed Dating with Suppliers

Allow people who are specifically interested in meeting with suppliers to choose this option. You can even opt to utilize gamification to make it more interactive. Give each member a “passport” and assign points for each meeting — just make sure they don’t last more than five minutes.

21. Send Sponsor Emails to Attendees

Once the event ends you can send sponsored emails to event participants or other groups of your audience. Same as you did pre-event to attract attendees to the event. Feel free to get creative with your email content if the sponsors were a part of any interesting challenges or activities. Just make sure you add a compelling call to action in the emails.

22. Posts on Social Media

Thank your sponsors for their support. You can even opt to include a series of post-event social media postings in your sponsorship package. It is a wonderful method to ensure sponsor exposure without adding to your viewers’ email clutter.

23. Retargeting Using Sponsored Ads

Sponsored advertising follows your event audience across the web once the event gets over. Sponsors can gain much-needed exposure with the help of ad retargeting pre, post, and during the event.

24. Pop-Ups and Sponsored Chats another Sponsorship idea for Virtual events

Take advantage of the increased online traffic that will occur during and after the event to throw the spotlight on sponsors. This has a very high engagement rate. It will be much greater if people are already familiar with the sponsor because of their involvement in the event.

25. Sponsor the Entertainment Sessions

Entertainment sessions and breaks are enjoyed by attendees during the event as they give them time to relax. Sponsor the entertainment sessions or breaks during the event to get the maximum out of the virtual event.

Final Word

We have listed some of the best sponsorship ideas for virtual events in the article mentioned above. Hope it will help you out!


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