3 Types of Lacquer Coconut Bowls Wholesale Made in Vietnam


Let’s explore different types of lacquer coconut bowls wholesale made in Vietnam with Simple Decor in this blog.

Lacquer substance allows craftspeople to make complex designs for innovating the simple coconut bowls into lacquer coconut bowls wholesale. Lacquer is a type of varnish that can be either clear or tinted. Therefore, it dries through solvent evaporation or a curing process, producing a hard, durable surface. Combining lacquer’s own feature and the raw coconut shells, artisans could create a variety of designs, which could be referenced for your business to extend the product line.

Simple Lacquer Coconut Bowls Made in Bulk in Vietnamlacquer coconut bowls wholesale manufacturer in Vietnam

The first one is a simple lacquer coconut bowl. After processing the raw coconut shells, craftspeople apply a simple layer of lacquer to the inner surface or outer surface of the coconut bowls. It will be depend on the customers’ requests. Buying these simple lacquer coconut bowls in bulk may save the manufacturing time due to less complexity. Hence, it might shorten the lead time of a wholesale order for your business.

Simple Patterned Lacquer Coconut Bowls Wholesale from Vietnam

Lacquer could dry quickly and can be put on with a brush or a spray to make a smooth and hard surface. Therefore, it allows craftspeople to make various patterns on the inner surface of the coconut bowls. Buying these patterned lacquer coconut bowls made in bulk in Vietnam, on the one hand, you could request wholesale manufacturers in Vietnam to customize the patterns upon your customers’ preference. On the other hand, offering a diversified product line with differing patterns could bring your customers an ultimate shopping experience.

coconut bowls in bulk made in Vietnam

Complex Patterned Lacquer Coconut Bowls Manufactured Wholesale in Vietnam

Taking advantage of lacquer’s feature, artisans may apply a small image to the inner surface of the coconut bowls. Specifically, these complex patterned lacquer coconut bowls are suitable for retailers seeking for selling coconut bowls as souvenirs to their tourists customers. With skillful competency, craftspeople could draw complicated pictures to make lacquer coconut bowls wholesale. The product could be a differentiated souvenir attracting customers while acquiring great attention to details of artisans. Therefore, these complex lacquer coconut bowls made in Vietnam require a higher manufacturing cost and a longer lead time.

customized lacquer coconut bowls in bulk supplierConclusion

With more than ten years of experience as a coconut bowls wholesale manufacturer, Simple Decor hopes that this blog will assist you in understanding types of these customized lacquered coconut bowls. Explore more about other types of customized coconut bowls made wholesale in Vietnam here.


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