35 Popular Forums for Web Designers and Developers

One of the most common professional jobs is web design and development. These are likewise quickly evolving industries that necessitate keeping up with the latest developments. What better way to stay informed than by participating in discussion forums and professional communities?

This article includes a list of some of the best and most dependable web design and development forums and communities. Professionals from all over the world congregate on these platforms to share ideas, seek answers, and assist in the resolution of issues. Continue reading to learn more about each platform. For every web development company or a web developer working as a freelance web developer Brighton, these forums can be extremely helpful.

Designer Hangout

Designer Hangout is undoubtedly one of the most active UX design forums on the internet. It has over 5000 users and follows a thorough verification process to ensure that only high-quality topics are posted.


#frontendDevelopers is a fantastic area to look for new opportunities. Aside from that, this forum allows you to gain feedback from like-minded developers, learn about the current trends, and discuss ideas.

Digital Point

Digital Point is the world’s largest webmaster community, featuring a massive forum. There are conversations on a variety of themes, including search engines, business and marketing, design, development, and buying, selling, and trading.

Coffee Cup

In 1996, Coffee Cup Software began with a rudimentary HTML Editor in a genuine coffee shop. The goal of the forum is to assist web designers in creating better websites. You can use the search box or the categories to find forum discussions.

Webdeveloper.com Forum

Webdeveloper.com is a website dedicated to web development and programming in general. Client-side development, server-side development, and site management are all components of the site.

This forum is one of the most popular, with over 39,000 posts and 2000 users. You may obtain feedback on your work, get tutorials, and ask questions about web design, SEO, photography, tools, business, freelancing, and a variety of other topics.

Talk Graphics

Talk Graphics is a community for 3D artists and graphic designers. Your date of birth, username, and email address are required during the registration process. They have a lot of Xara product information.

Graphic Design Forum

With over 20k members, GDF is one of the largest and oldest graphic design forums on the internet. The community is active, vast, and diverse, with topics ranging from web design to business to tools and more.

Stack Overflow

It’s one of the most popular questions-and-answers sites for developers. Answering questions and receiving upvotes help you build a reputation. Users with a higher reputation can vote, comment, and even modify other people’s comments.

Graphic Design Forums (UK)

Graphic Design Forums is a welcoming community for all levels and types of designers. The oldest message was posted in 2008 and has over 18,000 users. You can share your thoughts, ask questions, and receive answers here.


Larachat is a Slack channel dedicated to learning the PHP framework Laravel. In this friendly community full of seasoned Laravel specialists ready to help, you can talk to some of the top brains in Laravel.


Bootstrap is a popular UI component and interaction framework written in HTML, CSS, and JS. You can learn the newest Bootstrap techniques and trends by joining their excellent community of over 7,000 members.


With over 55,000 members, Webdesignforums.net is a large community for designers. In the categories of web design, design software, programming and development, web marketing, hosting, and server setup, you can find solutions to your problems.

HTML Forums

HTML Forums is devoted solely to HTML, and according to the logo, there are “electrifying talks” there. You can also find information on the selling of traffic and links, domain names, server maintenance, and much more.

The SitePoint Forums

The SitePoint Forums are a fantastic place to get answers to questions concerning HTML, CSS, Marketing, JavaScript, PHP,.Net, Database, design and UX, hosting, and other topics.


You may obtain feedback on your website, get useful tutorials, and ask questions about marketing and SEO on Webdevforums. To navigate the website, use the categories at the bottom of the page.

Make WordPress

Make WordPress is a Slack channel for discussing everything related to the WordPress open-source project, including plugins, themes, translations, events, and the Core itself. Anyone can join the Slack channel and participate in the conversation.

Laminas PHP

Laminas is a PHP framework and library that facilitates developing PHP applications faster and easier. If you have any problems with these libraries, join the forum to seek support from the friendly community or the expert Laminas developers. You can also get your work incorporated into the framework or give input to help the library improve.


Technically, Dev.to is not a forum, but it has the same feel. It’s a free community blog where people can share their experiences, ask questions, and participate in discussions. It covers nearly every aspect of software development, including the language, industry, career, tutorials, and recommendations, among other topics.

Laracast Discuss

Laracasts is a well-known video tutorial site for learning Laravel. This is a free forum where you may ask any questions about the Laravel framework. The entire community is engaged and supportive.

Ghost Forum

Ghost is a gorgeous, free, and open-source CMS built on Node.js. This is the main forum for Ghost. You can participate in discussions about the development of Ghost, read the latest news, submit an idea or feature request, or purchase and sell Ghost-related items on the forum.

Hacker News

You can share and find the newest tech news and anything connected to entrepreneurship on HackerNews. It’s more akin to a mixed social media forum where users may participate in the conversation and vote up or down on the news that’s been posted. And the users are extremely engaged. Prepare to become viral if you get your site to the top of HackerNews.

Indie Hackers

Developers can share their company and side project strategies, recommendations, and revenue data in this area. If you want to start your own digital business as a developer or seek assistance, this is one of the locations where you can get inspired.

ProductHunt Discussion

Although ProductHunt is not technically a forum, it provides the same sense of community as a regular forum because you can hop in to discuss the newest product discussion with other peers, provide feedback, and upvote or downvote products.

Symfony Devs

This is Symfony’s official Slack channel for communicating with other PHP developers. You can join the community (which has over 600,000 members from over 200 countries) for anything connected to PHP development in general.

Figma Forum

The forum where designers connect to help each other with issues, tips, and tricks to use Figma – the modern application design product – collaboratively.



This is a place where web developers may contribute their knowledge on a variety of issues (front-end to back-end, design, mobile apps, and desktop apps). Overall, it’s a terrific location to meet other devs and enhance your talents.

Vue.js Forum

The official Vue.js forum brings together Vue.js enthusiasts from all over the world. You can ask for help with a Vue.js problem, publish or hunt for a job, or simply discuss your work here. Rooms in Vietnamese, Japanese, and French are also available.

WordPress Support Forums

Envato Web Design Forum 

The Envato forum is a place where artists can share their work and learn from the Envato marketplace network. This forum is one of the best locations to improve your skills as a professional, whether you’re a designer, web developer, or even a photographer.

Photography Talk

This forum, which is possibly one of the longest-running photography forums, is structured nicely into numerous categories with subjects geared toward novices, such as tips and tricks, editing, freelancing, and galleries, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Krita for Web Design

Krita is a photo-editing software alternative. And this forum is where you can join the large community to get artwork inspiration, ask questions, and learn from the pros how to utilize the software.

Graphic Design StackExchange

This forum is part of the StackExchange network, and it is geared at helping designers with anything connected to graphic design, from software-specific questions like Photoshop and Illustrator to technical hints, design topics, and theory in general.

Photoshop Gurus Forum

It is one of the oldest Photoshop forums, and it covers a wide range of topics, from general skills to software-related issues. You can also seek professional assistance, either for a fee or for free.

CodeCademy Discuss

This forum is where people talk about anything and everything connected to software development. You can study, get assistance, or even share your project for comments. In the software industry, you can also find opportunities to further your career.

Blender Artists

This forum is the best area to connect with other Blender users. Consider this the Blender community’s home — a place where people can get inspiration, learn from tutorials and pros, and connect for work and fun. This forum is part of the StackExchange network, and it is geared at helping designers with anything connected to graphic design, from software-specific questions like Photoshop and Illustrator to technical hints, design topics, and theory in general.


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