4 Things to Avoid When Learning Quran Online

learn Quran online

Learning Quran is a noble act that requires time and dedication. It’s something that needs proper planning and a long time commitment. It also needs a high level of attentiveness. A minor mistake alters the meaning so you have to make sure you learn and pronounce every word as you are supposed to. The rules that govern the correct recitation of the Quran are called Tajweed. There are about 15 Tajweed rules each of which is extremely important to master. They are also interconnected so missing or not properly learning a single one may lead to mistakes later.

In order to ensure correct and fast learning of the Quran, it’s imperative to go by it with the Do’s and Dont’s in mind. Often people make mistakes, sometimes major, even after finishing the Quran. It’s because they either have not learned all or some Tajweed rules or have not applied the best practices. We are going to discuss the things that most people do that lead to slow or inaccurate Quran learning. These 4 things should be avoided at all costs to make the most of online Quran learning.

COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented boost in the online Quran learning industry, sticking to the best practices is even more important.

  1. Lack of research before enrolling

If you want to learn Quran online, don’t just blindly go to Google and signup with any academy that comes up. It’s important you do extensive research before embarking on this all-important journey. Analyze at least 5 different institutes. Compare them on every aspect. See the tutor’s qualifications, time in business, prices, methodology, reviews, customer support, etc. This will give you a clear understanding of which academy is the right fit for you. This research is definitely worth your time. It will help you land a good academy that will not only help you learn Quran online fast but also enjoy your time with them.

2. Not practicing what you learn

Practice makes a man perfect and this absolutely holds true for learning Quran online. If you don’t take notes during your online Quran classes and don’t practice what you learn, your learning won’t last long. You are going to forget it sooner or later. Quran requires regular recitation and practice.

Those who rehearse what they study during each class tend to learn Quran online 5 times faster and also with greater accuracy. Those who don’t eventually fail and give up on it. You won’t feel the need to practice thinking you already know but things will pile up in your mind and will erase or mix up with time.

  1. Not participating in class

Don’t just be a silent listener. Communicate and participate actively. Although active listening is the key to learning, participating, and asking questions expedite your learning. It is a common observation that people who are shy, silent, and don’t participate in class activities are low performers.

The key is to remove your hesitation and ask questions. No question is a wrong question and every question gives you food for thought. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It is your mistakes that will make you improve and better only if you learn from them. The more you participate, the more will you learn and gain confidence.

4. Distractions

This is one of the biggest drawbacks you have to deal with when you opt to learn the Quran online. You have to discipline yourself and make a conducive learning environment. No one else will do this for you. Take your online Quran classes at a place where there are no or fewer distractions.

Turn off your cell phone, log off your social media accounts, ask your family members not to disturb you, and leave no stone unturned to make your classes peaceful and distractions free. Learning, listening, and reciting Quran requires pin-drop silence as it is a symbol of reverence we associate with this holy book.


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