4 Tips of Wear Wholesale Childrens Clothing in spring

The dry weather in spring is a season when children are prone to allergies and respiratory diseases. If you wear fewer clothes, your kid will catch a cold. If you wear too much, your baby will get sick again because of sweating and catching a cold. So how do you dress your baby? Based on our many years of experience in wholesale childrens clothing, let’s talk about how children should wear wholesale childrens clothing in spring. In order to avoid wearing too much, the child is uncomfortable, wearing too little can easily catch a cold.

As soon as winter is over, spring begins to fall quietly. The spring flowers are in full bloom, the temperature continues to rise, the temperature is low in the morning and evening, the sun is shining at noon, the temperature is high, and the temperature changes greatly throughout the day. And the weather is still changing. It is about 20 degrees today, and the temperature will drop to more than 10 degrees the next day. For children, they are still young and don’t know how to express themselves, so it’s really not that easy to wear clothes. So let us tell you how to choose wholesale childrens clothing in the spring.

  1. Wear cotton underwear

    First of all, you must wear close-fitting clothes for your child. This type of clothing must be made of cotton. Soft cotton underwear can not only absorb sweat, but also keep the air around the skin, thus blocking the loss of body heat and preventing the baby from catching a cold and getting sick. In this way, the baby will not catch a cold due to sweating during activities.

  2. The thickness and quantity of clothes should be moderate

    In spring, the number of layers of children’s clothes can be appropriately increased, but the thickness of the clothes should be reduced, and the thickness of the clothes should be reduced layer by layer to avoid sudden hot and cold phenomena. Such care can make the baby more adaptable to the changes in temperature in spring. Pay attention to the warmth of the head, neck, abdomen and back.

    “I would rather let the child wear more than less wear” This method is very bad. I have seen many elderly people worry that their children will catch cold in the cold. They have turtleneck sweaters inside and thick down jackets outside. Because the elderly themselves are afraid of colds and do not do many activities, they also wear a lot of clothes for the children. As we all know, once a child becomes active, it becomes hotter and more likely to catch colds and get sick.

    Therefore, an appropriate amount of clothes should be worn to keep the baby warm. Baby’s warmth standard: small hands and feet, as long as it is not cold, it means that the body is warm. Parents should pay attention to the usual temperature changes.

  3. It depends on the weather every day

    When you get up in the morning to dress your child, it’s best to check today’s weather conditions, especially the highest temperature. If the temperature is close to 20 degrees at noon, please do not let your children wear cotton jackets, after all, winter has passed. Spring is here and the children are very active. Wearing thick cotton clothes in winter is not only not conducive to children’s sports, but also in this season, such thick clothes are not suitable, and do not wear super short coats.

    Therefore, when parents choose clothes for their children, choose a thin coat, loose warm clothes or sweaters. Taking into account the temperature changes in spring, if the temperature rises at noon, you can temporarily take off your child’s coat and put it on as soon as you enter the room. In addition, you can prepare a vest in your school bag for wearing in cold weather. If your child sweats a lot, wipe it off or change underwear.

    For children in kindergarten, especially in spring, do not wear tights. Although they look good, they are not comfortable to heat up. They are wrapped around their legs. In addition, please do not wear tight-fitting wool dresses, etc. It is very inconvenient to go to the toilet, and it is inconvenient to take it off when it is hot.

  4. The number of clothes can be increased or decreased according to age:

      • Newborn baby:

        One more layer than adults. At the same temperature, baby clothes are thicker than those worn by adults.

      • Babies under 1-year-old:

        the back of the neck is warm, as long as the back of the neck is warm and the hands and feet are cold, it means that the covering is suitable. If your hands and feet are very warm, it means your child is wearing too many clothes.

      • Children from 1 to 3 years:

        less than adults. Children exercise more than adults, and their body metabolism is faster than adults. Therefore, they should add fewer clothes than adults, not more. If children who cannot walk often walk around, they should wear fewer clothes.

      • Children Over 3 years old:

        If the child does not feel cold, there is no need to wear more. Children over 3 years old usually show their own warmth or coldness. If they say it’s not cold, they don’t need to wear more clothes. If you don’t have to worry, you can feel your child’s palms and back. If the weather is warm without sweating, it means that the clothes are more suitable.

      Although the weather gradually warms up after the spring equinox, the temperature difference between day and night is still very large, sometimes there are still cold water flows, the weather changes greatly, there is more rain, and even continuous rain. At this time, please pay attention to increase and decrease the clothes and quilt. Clothes can be thick or thin, and pay attention to keeping the lower limbs and feet warm. Children’s resistance is usually poor and they are susceptible to colds. At this time, you should pay more attention to adding and taking off clothes and quilts in time. Wear an appropriate amount of clothing.

      Indoors, if the temperature is right, it is best not to wear too much, this will make the baby more refreshed. In spring, it is recommended to wear a thin long-sleeved T-shirt and jacket. Our wholesale childrens clothing can provide you with the best quality and price. If you are interested in this, you can visit our website and choose the right product.

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