4 Unique Roof Design Ideas to Beautify Your Home’s Exterior

Though the front door might be the first thing a person notices as they pass your home, your roof also adds much to your home’s curb appeal. What’s the point of a sensational front door when the roof above it has missing or rotting shingles, a leaning chimney or even noticeable holes where the rain comes in? But even a roof that’s perfectly sound can be a bit uninspiring. Here are four different roof design ideas that can make your house stand out.

Dutch Gable Roof Design

This roof design stands out because it uses the elements of both a hipped and gable roof. The lower part of the roof is “hipped.” A traditional hipped roof has slopes of equal length that form a ridge at the top, which makes the roof look like it has hips. In this design, the top part of the roof is gabled, which means it makes a triangle. This roof is not only a bit unusual while being aesthetically pleasing, but the gable top gives you more attic space.

Hip and Valley Roof Design

These roofs have elements in the shapes of pyramids with valleys between them. They are pleasing to look at, but their primary purpose isn’t aesthetic. These roofs are especially popular in places that get a lot of snow and where the winds are strong. The pyramid shapes resist wind and allow snow and other precipitation to simply slide off them and down the valleys.

Flat Roof Design

First, flat roofs are never flat. They need to have a slight slope so that precipitation can drain away. These roofs are seen often in contemporary-style houses that are all straight angles, from the doors to the windows, to any pillars to the front steps. Some companies like Commercial Solutions, Inc., know that flat roofs can be very impressive. A flat roof is even more impressive to behold if it has several levels that break up the monotony of the roofline. Some homeowners even use their flat roof as a type of deck for entertaining.

Jerkinhead Roof Design

The jerkinhead is basically a hipped roof that’s only partially hipped. What’s left is a gable that’s no longer a triangle but an isosceles trapezoid, or a gable with a bit of a cowl on its head. The edges of the trapezoid are sometimes embellished with bargeboard, giving it a Victorian look. Jerkinhead roofs, like hip and valley roofs, have good wind resistance and are more stable than gabled roofs.

Do not neglect your roof when you’re in the position to consider a serious home renovation. A fire engine red front door is going to stand out, but the roof can also enhance or detract from curb appeal, even subconsciously. The roof is your house’s ultimate protection, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be attractive as well.


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