In the section below, We’ve put together five crucial guidelines you must be following to help you prepare in preparation for the Arizona-104 Exam. Review these suggestions to get a great score on your Exam: With this azure DevOps training created by Top industry experts, you can explore more practical knowledge about the concepts of source code management, security, compliance, and continuous integration.

  1. Explore the Official AZ-104 Website

You’ve decided to attempt your Microsoft AZ-104 exam. A smart choice! First, look over the page for AZ-104 on the Microsoft site. The page will provide all the necessary information and preparation tips available from Microsoft itself. Therefore, the Exam includes 40-60 questions that can be answered within 120 minutes. The exam cost AZ-104 Exam costs $165. If we talk about tools for preparation, You can choose from accessible learning pathways and instructor-led courses and practice AZ-104 exams.

2. Print this document Microsoft AZ-101 Exam Objectives

For the most comprehensive list of the AZ-104 exam targets, = A standard error candidates make is to read the exam objectives superficially and arbitrarily. Your reading must always be by the exam objectives since most questions in the Exam AZ-104 Exam are based on the information that Microsoft has instructed the candidates to master. The AZ-104 exam objectives can assist you in identifying the most critical areas to which you must pay attention.

3. You can enroll in online Training.

Once you know the most critical aspects of the AZ-104 test, you can sign up to take online Training. If you’re looking to get the highly sought-after Microsoft certification is one of the most crucial steps one should take to be a part of a team of industry experts. You can also opt for self-paced study with the aid of online videos. In this instance, you won’t need to spend money.

Utilize Additional Resources

It is not a good idea to ignore the study guides and AZ-104 practice tests since they will provide you with the best possible preparation for taking the Microsoft Azure Administrator exam. By taking the practice tests for AZ-104, you will understand the exam format and how questions are posed and improve your ability to manage time.

  1. Online Study Discussion Forums and Groups

Connect with people who are also preparing to pass Exam Microsoft Azure AZ-104 exam. If you’re going from the beginning or between revisions and the Exam, you can contribute your knowledge to the group and benefit from their expertise on specific subjects. Most importantly, it will work better when you work with a certified Azure administrator since they will be able to guide you in a much more precise way.


If you’re confident that you’ve mastered all exam goals, ensure you’re prepared by reviewing what you’ve learned. Review your notes, complete as many practice tests for AZ-104 as possible, and participate in online forums. You’ll be well-prepared and confident to excel in your Microsoft AZ-104 exam!


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