5 Features You Need in a Bulk Email Service


To create a successful email marketing strategy, you need to pay attention to important factors such as subject line, timing, and frequency of your email. If you don’t do this properly, spam filters can cause your emails to be ignored by potential clients. In this blog, you will know the best practices and strategies for using a bulk email sender effectively.

Why do you need a bulk email service?

The bulk email sender is one of the greatest utilities to send communications and generate leads for the business. Marketing and advertisement have evolved with new strategies to connect with potential clients. A mass email sender can reduce the cost of marketing and allows you to keep a track of your investment and connections.

There are dozens of mass email sender services and it becomes difficult to find a perfect match for your business. You just need the right business tools to ensure your brand reaches the right audience without bugging unwanted users. When you want to send bulk email then you will find that there are almost as many bulk email sender software available online as you can imagine. You get free ones, paid ones, and a lot of them. But the biggest problem that you are going to find is that these software all have almost the same features. So you will be the one to choose the right plan, the right strategy and a mindful investment before you choose the right one to use.

Most of the software to send bulk email has almost the same features. You need to select the right plan, the right strategy, and a mindful investment before you choose the Best Bulk Email Sender Software. Here are a few features that you will never want to miss. So without wasting anytime further have a look-

User-Friendly Console


A lot of time we have all the features we want but we can’t utilize them all because we can’t get handy with the tool. The best bulk mail software should have a user-friendly console and all the features listed in a systematic manner. You may end up spending a lot of time and effort on a complicated mass email sender. If you get hold of the process of creating a campaign and sending bulk emails with different filters and trackers, you can with the marketing strategy. You also get handy with easy SMS marketing and Chat Support to cater for your customers.

Advanced Level of Support

A lot of users face difficulties in exploring new products and their services. If you get an advanced level of support to walk you through the product and services, you can master the skills of advertisement. A lot of bulk email senders offer paid support while others offer great demo and tutorial videos to be handy with the tools. If you have subscribed for a paid premium plan, you should be entitled to 24/7/365 live support to unlock all the features and services.

Drag & Drop Email Creation Tool


Drag & Drop tool is easy to design creative emails. A lot of bulk email senders also offer pre-designed templates to cut down your hard work. You can select elements like shapes, images, buttons, quotes, social media links, text, header, footer, landing pages, sign-up forms, and other items for intuitive emails. You can easily add content, design your layout, and customize different viewing aspects. You can save the designed templates for future use and customize them again to save time.

Behaviour Tracking and Analysis


The best bulk email sender will come with an intelligent tracking system. It comes with a perfect reporting and analyzing tool to measure the success of your email campaigns. There is no point in investing your time and money if you can’t track the outcome of the campaigns. There are different key elements to measure success like Open Rate, Click to Open Ratio, Unique Clicks, Clickthrough Rate, Unsubscribe Rate, Bounce Rate, A/B Testing, Send Time Optimizers, and more.

A/B Testing & Real-Time Statistics


A/B Testing or Split Testing is an interesting feature of bulk email sender service that lets you understand how well will your campaign do. It is a comparison of two different templates to automatically choose the best that will be perfect for your business. It gives you powerful and precise testing to automate your business needs. The real-time statistics will give you deep insight into how your campaigns and email transactions are performing. It can be automated with an SMTP server and an API console to illustrate the entire journey of your email campaigns.

Bonus: Other Important Features

Email segmentation and personalization is again important feature to categorize your target audience by location, actions taken, purchase history, subscribers, engagement rate, etc. You should be able to download leads, reports, charts, analysis and other data after applying different filters. It should have an anti-span analyst to ensure that your emails and promotions are not landing into spam folders or marked as spam. It will find and list out elements that can be marked suspicious.

The Best Email Sender Software should allow you to schedule your campaigns and use an automation tool to select the order of emails. The best bulk email sender will always have a high delivery rate to reach right at the subscriber’s inbox. It should have a smart integration to connect with different platforms like Google, WordPress, Magento, etc. the CRM will have a lightning-fast speed to update on a real-time basis and keep your dashboard updated.

Summing Up

Bulk email senders can be the greatest tool to boost your business with enhanced marketing and automation strategies. You just need to focus on the core areas and features that you must require to send bulk emails. The best bulk email sender software can ensure that your marketing campaign delivers the best. This article on the most important features of the best bulk mail software has the major features that you should check before you pick your marketing tool. If you compare and choose wisely, you can automate your business marketing strategy with fewer efforts and time. Keep it innovative!



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