5 Ideas to Promote Your Business for Free and Without a Budget

Starting a business is one thing. Making it known is another. This step may seem difficult, especially for very small structures that do not have a specific and significant budget dedicated to marketing and communication. However, there are inexpensive ways, and even that does not require a budget, to promote your company. Our 5 ideas to promote your business for free and without a budget.

1 – Take advantage of the Internet

Today, the visibility of a business on the web is necessary and useful. Difficult to ignore. Many tools are available to help promote your company at a lower cost.

The creation of a website is one of the first communication levers available to business leaders. While it is more advisable to call on a professional to create a high-performance site, it is, however, possible to use online software to create a company’s website for free and improve its visibility on the web as we did on kissanime

Professional social networks such as a Facebook page, Linkedin or Twitter, among others, are also good ways to communicate about your business without spending money. Google also makes referencing tools available to entrepreneurs, such as Google My Business.

2 – Get closer to the local press

Few business leaders think of the local press to promote their business. In addition to the advertising inserts, but which are paid for, it is quite possible to get an article written, or a show on local radio, if you present your activity to journalists from an original angle. or by taking advantage of local news related to your business, for example. These media have the advantage of targeting a geographically targeted audience, and therefore potential future customers.

3 – Visit professional organizations

Nothing like maintaining a professional network to promote your business and increase its visibility. Consider participating in meetings and appointments offered by organizations such as chambers of commerce or trades, professional unions or entrepreneurs’ clubs in your region. You can meet other business leaders there to discuss and interact with them. A good way, which does not require a penny, to talk about your business and perhaps make professional contacts afterwards.

4 – Register on professional directories

Directories are still good ways to make your business visible and known. We think first of all of the Yellow Pages, essential so that the general public can first locate your business. In particular, you can display the address of your website there to bring future customers to visit it. For a limited amount of money for the first levels, you can then subscribe to “packs” offered by this company to increase the visibility of your company on the web. There are also specific business directories where you can list your business to promote it. Use local directories if you want to reach an audience in a particular geographic area.

5 – think about the word of mouth

It is important to keep in mind that customers are the ones who speak best about a product or service. Word of mouth is very important and its impact is strong in terms of visibility. It provides one of the best communication tools at a lower cost.


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