5 Signs Your Plumbing Problem Requires Professional Help

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5 Signs Your Plumbing Problem Requires Professional Help

Many plumbing problems are manageable or repairable on your own. However, some issues may be out of your control. Ignoring them or delaying expert repair could put your home, and potentially your health, at risk. 

Why You Need A Professional Plumber 

You could get through certain home repairs quickly, but plumbing isn’t always among them. Unless you know the most up-to-date design guidelines and have plenty of training, you’re likely to be making educated guesses about the problem and solution. Not only might this complicate your life in the future, but it may also pose a safety hazard.  

When a plumbing problem arises, it’s recommended to immediately contact a professional plumber. You could also visit plumbing websites, like fergusonsplumbing.com.au and similar sources, to know more about the plumbing services that could help you. 

Signs You Should Contact A

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Plumber Immediately 

It’s tough to think straight when you’re in the midst of a plumbing problem. If you’re not aware of the right time when expert assistance is necessary, here are several warning signs it’s time to call a professional plumber. 


  • Pipes That Have Burst 

Pipes may rupture, particularly during the cold months. When water within the pipe freezes, it may cause your lines to burst. If not addressed promptly, this may result in severe water damage. 

While you may have difficulty determining which pipelines are damaged, expert plumbers can. They’re capable of determining if the line broke within the wall or under the structure of your home. This skill may expedite mitigation efforts and help you avoid expensive and disruptive flooding.  

On the other hand, if you spend efforts to look for the leak personally, the time consumed may exacerbate the problem. An experienced plumber may even prevent a leak from occurring entirely if they see a bloated pipe that’s receiving unusual pressure. 

  • Slow Or No Drainage 

Drain clogs are perhaps the most prevalent plumbing issue people encounter. Although many homeowners think blocked drains may be readily fixed at home, this isn’t always the case. If you can’t clear the drains using a plunger or any similar method, this indicates a severe issue that may need the help of a skilled plumber. 

Plumbers are equipped with sophisticated equipment that allows them to inspect the condition deep inside the pipes. Additionally, they utilize tiny cameras to look for things that could be contributing to the clog’s recurrence. 

  • No Water Coming Out 

There’s probably nothing more disappointing than turning on the faucet and seeing no water flowing out. No, you most likely didn’t overlook paying your bill. There may be a more significant plumbing problem on the horizon. 

There are many different explanations for why water isn’t being supplied to your home. There may be an undetected obstruction or perhaps a leak. It’d be easy to detect the problem if all your pipelines are visible. However, it’d be difficult if the majority of your piping is hidden between your walls or beneath the house. 

You’d not be able to determine where to search only based on a guess. On the other hand, a plumber can assist in determining the cause of the problem and work to swiftly resolve it. They have the tools to detect where the leaks are and how to address them properly. 

  • Running Toilet 

A running toilet is among the problems that go undetected for a time since it makes little noise. Nonetheless, this indicates there’s a more severe problem occurring in the system. If the toilet tank is continually being refilled, your water bill may increase as well. 

The toilet tank and bowl are connected by a seal. Once this seal is compromised in any manner, water leaks in, signaling the tank to replenish continually. This explains the running sound you hear. However, this issue can be easily resolved by a professional plumber, providing you with the necessary peace and sense of security.

  • Low Water Pressure 

If the problem is isolated to a single faucet, it may be a blocked aerator. You may resolve this issue by just clearing the silt from the aerator. This is a straightforward job that may be accomplished by scrubbing or soaking in vinegar. 

If cleaning doesn’t resolve the issue, a skilled plumber must get it inspected. In this scenario, there may be a more serious issue at the core of your pipework. Low water pressure is often the result of damaged or fractured pipes. These fractures may exist under the structure or within the walls of your home. 


Plumbing issues may range in severity from small and repairable to severe and expensive. It can be difficult to discern the difference at times. Occasionally, you may not even be aware there’s already an issue. Fortunately, there are professional plumbers who know. When confronted with a plumbing issue, it’s prudent to contact the experts.


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