5+ Strategies To Increase Website Traffic Fast {Updated 2021}

Increase Website Traffic Fast
Increase Website Traffic Fast

Are you want to start a blog in 2021 

And want to know how to increase website traffic fast in 2021?

Don’t worry in this article I will share some proven tested tips to increase website traffic fast everyone wants to get fast website traffic but don’t know about what exact strategies to follow

So here am sharing with you some real working tips that you can implement to your website to get instant website traffic without doing SEO.

I know in the starting journey of blogging every newbie’s facing this issue that they are not getting sufficient or good traffic on the website.

Because they don’t know about how they can promote their blog free and getting decent traffic in the initial stage.

So let’s get started

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How To Increase Website Traffic Fast in 2021.

Blogging is not a making rich scheme that beginner thinks in their mind that they are making a good income from a blog in few days or month.

But that’s not the truth

If you are a beginner in the blogging industry so it may take time to learn things in blogging and after hassle you will able to earn some decent money from a blog.

After learning and implementing then you will get some real experience from your result outcome. So first come learning and then earning.

To make a decent amount from your blog you need at least some traffic on your blog to make money from your blog by Google AdSense or affiliate marketing.

So here I will give you some tips to get instant website traffic to a brand new blog.

Do Focus on Guest Posting 

Guest posting is a powerful and most popular way to get instant traffic to the new blog you have to reach out to bloggers that related to your niche and contribute a guest post.

Some bloggers will surely allow you to contribute a guest post on their blog and you will get traffic from it. Guest post has several other benefits like:- 

  • Get Instant Website Traffic 
  • Brand Awareness
  • Building Strong Relationships with other bloggers.
  • Get High-Quality Backlinks
  • Increase Blog Authority (DA/PA)

Use Quora QNA Platform 

Quora is the most popular QNA platform on the internet where people ask answer and other people answer that question and by using quora you can increase website traffic fast 

You have to follow a topic related to your niche and quora will show many questions related to your niche and find a question that is related to your niche and answer that question a well proper way like writing an article.

Am using quora and getting good target traffic to my blog and you can also use quora platform to get good target traffic.

Do Blog Commenting 

Blog commenting is still worth doing but only if you do it in a good way so you should focus on it you have to keep in mind that you have to do blog commenting only on a good authority website that related to your niche only then it will be worth.

otherwise, it will not benefit your blog 

  • Before doing blog commenting you should use a gravatar image that will look genuine.
  • Give a genuine opinion about the article to approve it fast
  • Do not spam in the comment.
  • Do not insert many links in the comment.

Build Connection With Other Bloggers

If you are in blogging you should build a good connection with other bloggers and connect via social media that is a great way to connect with other bloggers and make some real connection with them.

And join their community like Facebook group and promote your content as they are well-known bloggers so they have a good fan following and by promoting your content on other blogger communities.

You will get instant website traffic to your blog and can make good relationships with other bloggers.

Install Good Theme For Your Blog

Yes using a good lightweight, the responsive mobile-friendly theme is a very important part of your blog. You should choose the right theme for your blog to take it next level.

Don’t go for any cheap, GPL, or nulled theme that type of theme can really harm or destroy your all blog. So use a good theme like GeneratePress it is the best theme for every type of blog and very lightweight time.

So always use a good premium theme for your blog that loads fast and responsive.

Learn SEO To Increase Website Traffic Fast

SEO is a process or way to optimize your content for the search engine to understand all about your content and according to the user query rank it on SERP that processing called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is a long-term process that will take time to give the result and it is the only great way to get some organic traffic to your blog and everyone want organic traffic. 

So you must also focus on SEO and learn some new techniques or strategies to get organic traffic fast. You have to focus ON PAGE and OFF Page SEO.

These are the two way to optimize your site for search engines and getting organic traffic

Quick ON Page SEO Tips

  • Optimize Your Meta Tag
  • Optimize Meta Description
  • Use Focus Keyword on Title, Headings URL Slug.
  • Optimize your Images.
  • Use Focus Keyword on Image Alt Tag.
  • Use Some Powerful Word Like “Fast, Proven, 2021 etc.” to grab user attention.
  • Optimize Title to Increase CTR 
  • DO Proper Internal Linking
  • Use Focus Keyword in First Paragraph

Quick OFF Page SEO Tips

  • Create High-Quality Backlinks
  • Do Blog Commenting
  • Do Guest Posting 
  • Forum Link Building 
  • Broken Link Building 
  • Profile Creation
  • HARO Link Building

Final Verdicts

So These are some proven tips that will surely help you to increase website traffic fast and get instant website traffic to a brand new blog I will implement these tips when I am a beginner at blogging and still using this technique to get good traffic to my blog.

Hope you like this article first you have to just focus on giving more and more value to your readers and build trust on your blog than you can start earning.


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