5 Things To Know Before Choosing The Best IVF Specialist

Dr Nandita P Palshetkar

Infertility has become one of the major issues in our country that every couple next door is facing. It is something that is very quickly spreading and it is not something happening usually, the main reason behind this is lifestyle changes. Staying in work continuously for hours, improper food and diet habits, drinking and smoking and many reasons have somewhere contributed to the growth of infertility. Due to the increase in cases, the demand for doctors is also increasing; on a special hold- if you are facing any of such issues then connect to the best Infertility Doctor in Mumbai– Dr. Nanadita Palshetkar. I am sure; you won’t be disappointed.

If you are trying somewhere else then there are a few things that you need to consider before finalizing a specialist; these points will surely help you choose the most opulent one; who will guide you in, out, and throughout your journey. Let’s know some of the points of consideration to choose the best IVF specialist in Charni Road Mumbai or anyone else. IVF is one of the most successful techniques that has helped countless couples to conceive and fulfilling the dream of having a baby.

  • Determine the location of the specialist:

Well, considering the location of the specialist is very important because it is not just a day process, you need to make several visits and God forbids it, if you have any emergency then where will you go? So the best option is to choose the specialist near your location. No matter how many sittings you are having, you can easily go and travel without any worries; because in pregnancy you can’t travel a lot.

  • Never ignore the skills and experience of a specialist

It will be a completely dumb move if you are selecting the doctor randomly on some suggestions. It is better to always ask for the skills and experience and understand how reliable the doctor is. Infertility is a situation where you will be taking several risks and will spend a good amount; so how can do that without knowing the intricate details? Be enough informative where you are going ahead?

You can ask for the education, and years of experience, search Google, understand the case histories, know the success rate, and then make a personal meeting to understand the nature because you will be connecting with him/her for many months and this journey is completely emotional where right guidance is important. That’s how you can choose the right specialist for you.

  • Ask for the total cost inclusive of tests, etc.

If you have finalized your specialist and made up your mind about IVF then it is important to get aware of the total cost. Know the complete cost of IVF treatment, because it is surely costly but it can be costlier sometimes. It is important to ask for all the expenses like tests, ultrasound, etc. involved or not; ask for a package for the whole duration. Because the said cost can be crossed with the inclusion of several extra tests; ask for everything.

  • Understand the specialist in and out

As mentioned above this journey is a completely emotional turmoil and you need a specialist who is just not your doctor but the one who guides and support you. To find out the best it is important to ask for feedback from other patients. There are numerous factors affecting this sensitive journey so having a doctor who talks politely, brings you solutions, becomes your friend eventually, and could be the right choice. So this can only be done best with feedback. You need to stay fit mentally and physically throughout this journey; so choose the best.

  • Know whether you will get all the facilities under one roof or not

Choosing a specialist is one thing but it is important to understand all the details about the clinic as well. This process of IVF includes so many progressions like Ultrasound, Embryo freezing, blood tests, drips, etc. When you are pregnant then you need to take so many precautions and rest, traveling unnecessary to different destinations for tests and more will only waste your time, energy, and money; so it is better that you focus on your health and choose the clinic that has all the facilities under one roof only.


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