5 Underappreciated Methods for Organic YouTube Promotion

5 Underappreciated Methods for Organic YouTube Promotion

1) Create playlists on YouTube based on your videos.

When it comes to sharing your video material on YouTube, playlists are crucial. Playlists, in my opinion, should be at the centre of your channel strategy. Why is this the case? Playlists, on the other hand, make it incredibly simple for users to watch several videos with no effort. Because you have viewers hooked on numerous videos in your playlist, the total amount of time they spend watching is greatly boosted.

Be very strategic while creating playlists for success. You don’t have to put all of your videos in one playlist. Videos should be grouped by topic so that visitors can watch them all at once. When making playlists, don’t be too self-centered. Make playlists with your own videos as well as other videos that are relevant to the topic.

You might wish to arrange your own videos in the beginning, middle, and end of your playlist. Playlists should have relevant descriptions so that visitors may find them when searching. The optimization strategies discussed in a previous post can also be applied here. Create and share playlists on your organic YouTube promotion. The playlists will readily reach your subscribers this way.

2) Collaborate with other YouTube creators

Collaborating with other video artists (especially those with comparable audiences to yours) is a tried and true way to expand your channel’s reach. You’ll probably find that video artists are willing to try out new content and provide their fans new things.

As a result, the objective is to identify and contact outlets that are appropriate for your target audience. What should I do next? One of the most widely used strategies is guest starring. Other methods of collaboration include shared hangouts, video upload exchanges, and connections (both in-video and in text descriptions).

One thing to remember: after the above cross-promotional activities, make sure to keep “feeding” your new subscribers with videos on a regular basis. Your new followers’ willingness to stick around will be determined by the stuff you provide.

3) Use Friendly Blogs to Promote Your Videos

Create a circle of bloggers that can assist boost video views by incorporating your videos into their posts, similar to how you reached out to fellow YouTubers. By the way, this one is quite difficult! Bloggers value the bond they’ve built with their audience, so any content that comes their way will be scrutinised.

To begin, locate the websites that host your films. What’s the best way to find them? Set up Google Alerts for your channel name, video titles, and particular keywords in video descriptions. Bloggers should be contacted with the videos that are most relevant to their favourite writing topics. Why don’t you encourage bloggers to listen to your playlists as well?

4) Include your videos in email newsletters

Even if there are claims that email is dead, email marketing does work. Keep in mind that your subscribers gave you their email addresses voluntarily! You’ve already made an impression on them. As a result, provide them with more information and updates.

Send an email to your email subscribers every time you upload a new video if you have one. Mention your videos in your regular mailings if you send them out on a regular basis. In most cases, including a description and an appealing image or thumbnail in the email is sufficient to generate clicks and, eventually, video views.

5) Employ traditional public relations promotion techniques

In this digital age, how do PR firms stay afloat? Simply put, good old-fashioned public relations works. A well-distributed press release including your video can result in a significant increase in traffic and views. Speaking in front of an audience or on the phone, then following up with a synopsis (that includes your video!) is all part of the PR game. This category also includes presentations made at other industry events.


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