5 Unexpected Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in USA Men

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Erection issues can cause a lasting impact on a relationship as well as individual confidence. A growing number of men complain of erectile dysfunction impeding their sexual life. Recent studies revealed close to 70% of men above the age of 70 are suffering from the perils of erectile dysfunction. 

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of the penis to attain an erection. Erection issues can be a result of physical, emotional, and psychological factors and must be evaluated by a medical professional.

Why does erectile dysfunction occur?

Contrary to popular belief, erectile dysfunction is not dependent on age. A sizable male population under the age of 40 constantly struggles with attaining an erection. Drugs like Levitra 40mg have become a lot more popular in the last decade. 

Erectile dysfunction occurs as a result of poor flow of blood to the penile region. Restricted blood flow does not result in an effective erection, causing pain in rare circumstances. Blood flow gets hampered due to several reasons mentioned below.

Physical factors

A troubled relationship often results in erectile dysfunction due to stressed sexual intimacy. Similarly, injury in the pelvic region or extreme exercising can also induce erectile issues. A lot of doctors recommend tablets of Cialis 60mg to get rid of such issues. Cialis contains Tadalafil, efficient enough for giving a long-lasting erection. 

Psychological factors 

Stress and mental disorder top the chart for being the most popular cause of early erectile dysfunction in men. Excessive stress causes a significant decline in testosterone levels as well.

Social factors 

People with excessive smoking habits experience early erection issues. Alcohol and drugs are other contributors to the same. 

You can purchase erectile dysfunction drugs with a doctor’s prescription. A lot of drugs may lead to mild allergy, depending upon certain case-related complications. For instance, tablets of Viagra 150mg often result in mild headache or stomach pain. Make sure to seek professional guidance in an emergency situation. 

Five unexpected causes of ED in men 

As men tend to age, the testosterone level in the body also declines. Such a situation is often considered to be the trigger for erectile dysfunction. However, if not managed on time, certain behavioral and hygiene practices can be held equally responsible. One must diagnose themselves properly before switching to drugs like Fildena 100mg. One must take Fildena an hour prior to sexual intercourse for a long-lasting erection. 

  • Cycling 

Too much cycling has been touted as a popular reason for erectile dysfunction. An individual spending long hours on the saddle in the same position for hours often experiences compression of the perineal zone and blood vessels. As the blood vessels contract, it becomes difficult to facilitate smooth blood flow to the penis. The expansion can be facilitated by consuming tablets of Viagra 150mg. Make sure to ask your doctor for the right dosage. 

  • Depression

Mental health is equally important for enjoying healthy sex life with your partner. Stress and depression play with the ability of your mind to make the right decisions. Often, depression can also lead to early ejaculation or a fragile erection leading to pain while penetration. Male partners also complain of feeling a lack of sexual urge, leading to a serious halt in healthy sexual life. 

If you are facing trouble at work, try discussing it with a close associate. In case it is your relationship, communicating with the partner is the right approach. Make sure, to be honest about your feelings regarding the issue.

  • Diabetes

Diabetes often plays with a man’s ability to attain a full-fledged erection. Men with type 2 diabetes often struggle with sexual urges and erection. Effective control to blood sugar level is a prerequisite to enjoy healthy sex life. Other by-products of diabetes, such as high blood pressure and weight fluctuation, can also result in erectile dysfunction. Obese people are at a high risk of suffering from ED if not managed on time. You can resolve one-time erection issues through ED tablets of Cialis. You can take Cialis 60mg tablets with a doctor’s prescription to attain an erection in less than an hour. 

Cialis often leads to mild side effects if consumed without a doctor’s prescription. Pregnant ladies and men with heart disease must stay clear of any ED drug consumed without a doctor’s prescription. 

  • Smoking

If you are a heavy smoker, the risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction becomes even higher. A number of studies have proven the side effects of cigarettes on male sexual health. Further, getting quick results from ED drugs like Levitra 40mg tablets also becomes more complex. The results of ED results can vary in people with smoking addiction. 

If you are currently trying to quit smoking, make sure to seek medical help. Being aware of your situation will help the doctor get the best drug for the erection. You can consume tablets of Viagra 150mg an hour before engaging in sexual intercourse. The erection lasts for more than 20 hours, giving one a good time to enjoy intimacy with a partner. 

  • A sedentary lifestyle 

Living a sedentary lifestyle is not only harmful to your physical health but also impacts your sexual wellbeing. Being adequately involved in physical exercises is crucial to get rid of any obesity risks. Further, exercises increase the heart rate and can induce further blood flow while engaging in sexual acts. 

A balanced diet is equally important to maintain a healthy body. Consuming drugs like marijuana or excessive alcohol can be detrimental to your sexual health. One can start with light exercises and a balanced meal plan to prepare for healthy sex life. Further, shedding extra pounds can bring back the richness again. 

A lot of ED drugs are available in the market. Fildena has become a popular one. However, instead of buying Fildena 100mg straightaway, make sure to seek proper medical support. 


You can treat erectile dysfunction easily by seeking the right treatment. A lot of times, erection problems can result from a lack of trust in the relationship. Communicating with the partner can help a long way. Similarly, providing the right information to a doctor and seeking the right drugs can be a life-changing decision.


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