5 Ways Nextech EMR & Athenahealth Helps Your Practice Grow In 2021

Nextech EMR & athenahealth

With over 20 years of expertise, Nextech is one of the leading healthcare IT system providers, providing fully integrated EMR and practice management modules. Nextech EMR currently solely focuses on four medical specialties: ophthalmology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, and dermatology. They currently provide healthcare IT services to over 7,000 medical practices and 50,000 physicians and medical personnel worldwide.

Practitioners no longer have to spend hours creating handwritten charts, notes, and prescriptions. With Nextech EMR software, you can now complete all of these duties quickly and effortlessly. Nextech EMR provides pre-built templates to assist you in streamlining your charting process. Similarly, you may prescribe medicines via e-prescription from any location. This also benefits your patients because they won’t have to come to your office every time they need a refill. As a result, patients and practitioners will use less effort.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through 5 ways Nextech EMR software helps your practice grow in the long run. But first, here’s a brief of what Nextech is all about.

Nextech EMR – Introduction

Nextech EMR is an integrated healthcare platform that delivers a fully connected EMR with Practice Management software and provides a personalized experience to match the demands and specific preferences of practitioners. You will be able to completely modify this solution to meet your specific requirements. Aside from matching its workflows with how you operate your practice, it seeks to improve existing processes rather than add to them.

Nextech EMR software is not only totally configurable, but it is also mobile. Using whatever device you want, you may view patient information, check billing status, schedule follow-up visits, and much more.

The sophisticated features of Nextech EMR make it a full-featured healthcare EMR system that allows you to fulfill the needs of your practice. Furthermore, the program provides configurable templates and forms that are tailored to your medical specialization. Furthermore, your patients have access to a patient portal via which they may contact you at any time.

Below is a full list of the services they provide to healthcare providers:

  • Nextech EMR: EHR/EMR
  • Practice Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Medical Billing
  • Patient Engagement
  • Telemedicine

Nextech EMR has a number of key features, including

  • Dictation
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Device Integration
  • Lab Results Receipts
  • Lab Orders Processing
  • Customizable Templates
  • Outpatient Management
  • Patient Flow Management
  • Shared Clinical Knowledge Library

5 Ways Nextech EMR Helps Your Practice

After hours of research of Nextech EMR reviews, we’ve come up with 5 ways Nextech EMR helps your practice. These include:

Enhanced Claim Management

Denied claims create the biggest financial hardship for many medical institutions. Nextech EMR recognizes practitioners’ concerns and provides efficient and automated claim handling technologies. The technology assists a facility at every stage of the claim management process, from claim submission through follow-up and ultimate payment. The e-eligibility tool automatically validates claims to distinguish between clean and fraudulent claims. Efforts are being undertaken to convert rejected claims into clean ones so that facilities can be paid their fair share.

Primary, secondary, and workers’ compensation claims are submitted by the medical software. The technology also allows for automatic posting, changes, and refunds. This saves patients important time, allowing them to focus completely on delivering treatment.

Better Patient Engagement

An engaging patient portal improves patient engagement. Patients may view their entire medical data and update their personal information and demographics from the convenience of their own homes using this method. Patients may make appointments, get virtual consultations, and connect directly with their doctors via an easy-to-use smartphone application.

The technology, as well as the patient portal, complies with HIPAA regulations. All data uploaded and communications exchanged are encrypted, ensuring that no data is compromised as a result of security breaches.

Improved financial analysis

Operating a medical center entails more than just delivering treatment. Both practitioners and other EMR systems frequently overlook the financial aspects of maintaining a practice. The Nextech EMR system displays a facility’s financial health so that users may immediately determine whether any adjustments are needed.

Furthermore, the program enables clients to select key performance indicators, and performance may then be measured against these specific areas. Dashboards display progress in an appealing and easy manner. The user-friendly program recognizes industry patterns and proposes modifications that, when implemented, can improve a facility’s performance and ROI.

Simplified Charting

Doctors and nurses are constantly taking notes. Nextech EMR provides specialty-specific diagnostic and treatment templates to make this process easier. Users will be able to capture notes more quickly and spend more time giving care to patients as a result of this.

This medical software is cloud-based. This implies that the system may be accessed from any place or device; all that is necessary is an active internet connection. Users would not be limited to large computer screens. They may run the system and update patient information by using mobile devices and tablets to access the EMR.

Streamline scheduling

The scheduling tool in Nextech EMR is one of our favorite tools. This tool allows users to conveniently plan appointments and reschedule them using the drag and drop approach. When you schedule an appointment, the first accessible appointment finder is a search box that quickly gives a time slot. As a result, both practitioners and patients save time.

Nextech EMR Pricing

Nextech EMR pricing is not accessible on their website or in the public domain. If you are interested in their services, you must contact them via their website to obtain price information.

Conclusion about Nextech

If you are a solo practitioner or run a medical practice, you should be very worried about getting a good ROI from the EMR system you select. We think that Nextech EMR is a viable medical software that has demonstrated the ability to improve performance and ROI for institutions that employ it.

Athenahealth EMR

The athenahealth EMR software is well-known among medical practitioners. The software is a full-featured package that will help you improve your efficiency and care quality. Many healthcare organizations now use athenahealth EHR. The software is prevalent due to its versatility.

athenahealth is among the most user-friendly and cost-effective EMR software alternatives for healthcare organizations. athenahealth is appropriate for all types of practices, particularly those with limited resources and money. This is because athenahealth EMR cost is affordable and budget-friendly.

Essential Features of athenahealth EMR Software

athenahealth is famous for bringing medical practice into the 21st century at an accessible price. The EMR software interacts with Practice Management Software, a Patient Portal, and a Medical Billing service to improve your efficiency. Here’s what the athenahealth EMR software has to offer.

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An EMR software is typically problematic when it comes to downloading patient data. But you can simply transmit patient data across several healthcare systems with athenahealth EMR Software.

You can also use athenahealth EMR software to connect to several additional services that can help you improve your clinical and administrative procedures. For example, medical billing software and educational software, e.g., Epocrates, are two related components that can help you increase your efficiency.

Easy to use Dashboard

athenahealth has a dashboard that allows you to see important information at a glance, such as scheduled appointments, analytical data, and any pending dues. It’s also simpler to move around the dashboard without having to click repeatedly.

Overall, the dashboard is user-friendly to the extent that non-technical persons can quickly grasp and browse through the features. Furthermore, the athenahealth EMR offers helpful hints along the way to guarantee that you get the most out of the medical system. You can also configure the dashboard to meet your practice’s needs and preferences.

Cloud-based Deployment

Another advantage that users highlight in athenahealth reviews is that the program is cloud-based and available from any device, saving them money on expensive hardware. Furthermore, the system does not require installing software on a new device, and you can access it simply by providing the login ID and password of a user.

Because you can access the system from anywhere, it’s excellent for providing remote care to the elderly, people who reside in rural areas, or people who are ill due to Covid-19.

Electronic Prescription

You can use the athenahealth e-Prescription function to write prescriptions that your patients can collect at any pharmacy that is convenient for them. Apart from that, the Epocrates tool in this feature searches for any potentially harmful drug interactions.

Overall, the e-prescription feature in the athenahealth EMR is worthwhile to both you and your patients. You may also use the athenahealth EMR demo to explore this functionality.

Patient Portal

Many athenahealth users value their access to the patient portal. Patients can use the interface to make appointments at their convenience. The number of no-shows and latecomers decreases as a result. Patients can also communicate directly with you, disclosing any pharmaceutical adverse effects, therapy progress, and any concerns they have in a truly secure setting.

In addition, patients can also use the platform to pay for consultations with credit and debit cards. This function saves time on the day of the appointment and improves the invoicing process. Overall, the patient portal is beneficial to both you and your patients.


Even though telemedicine is a valuable and required component of your healthcare business, many EMR software packages do not offer it. Telehealth services enable you to administer care to your patients over the internet, typically via a HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing technology.

Telehealth technology came to the rescue during the global pandemic, Covid-19. This service is advantageous since it allows you to consult patients electronically, which helps to prevent disease spread. Furthermore, because of different considerations such as age, distance, or workload, this feature of the athenahealth EMR system is helpful for those who are unable to attend the clinic physically.

athenahealth Customer Support

Customer service for athenahealth is accessible both online and over the phone. However, some consumers report about customer service workers not always knowing the answer immediately, but they still wait in line with you until the situation is completely fixed.

Furthermore, the organization values user suggestions and prioritizes integrating them if they are consistent with its goals.

athenahealth EMR Pricing

athenahealth software includes a lot of features that make it worth the money when compared to other firms. A monthly subscription for athenahealth EMR costs $140 per provider and increases as the number of providers increases.

Another benefit is that with athenahealth, there are no hidden costs. Overall, athenahealth is a cost-effective solution for your healthcare practice, with several advantages.

athenahealth EMR Demo

The first and most critical step before making a purchase is to schedule an athenahealth EMR demo. A demonstration of athenahealth EMR Software could be a fantastic method to learn more about it.

You can test the software in a real-world setting with the demo. It can aid you in determining whether the EMR Software you’re about to implement in your medical practice is appropriate for your needs and will help you improve your workflow.

Should You Invest in athenahealth EMR Software?

If you’re asking whether we think athenahealth EMR is a good investment, we can’t tell because the decision ultimately is yours. However, before purchasing the program, we recommend that you schedule an athenahealth EMR demo to see if it is the appropriate fit for you. It’s one thing to learn about tools and what they can do; it’s quite another to put them to use! Moreover, we recommend you to read athenahealth EMR reviews online to dig deeper into the software’s pros and cons.


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