6 Clever Ways to Use Flower Vases at Home That Enrich Your Space

big flower vase

A flower vase is a decorative element, which spruces the space in no time, you just need to keep it in a perfect place. Traditionally, flower vases are used for keeping natural flowers, so that the fragrance in the air feels fresh in your surroundings. Restaurants to coffee shops – use flower vases to add decoration to attract customers. In recent days, people use beautiful flower vases at home not only to keep flowers but way more than that. A basic function of a flower vase is to keep flowers, whether natural or artificial, it depends on what kind of decoration you want. Natural flowers need time and effort, but artificial decoration flowers need to dust once in a while.

Let us explore some ways, how to use flower vase decoration in a unique way that upgrades your space.

Store Your Stationary That Adds Desktop Display!

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A flower vase can be used to store stationery, for your kids, or if you work from home, then you must need classy storage so that your desktop table looks great. A modern flower vase in ceramic, wood, marble, terracotta, and crystal adds a tint of aesthetic to the space.

This can be done at your office too, it requires something shiny and decent to keep. A marble flower pot will work the same, use it to keep your pens and other tiny items, that can be misplaced, when not kept in an arrangement.

Keep Your Kitchen Utensils In Vases!

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Artificial flowers in vases can also be used in your kitchen, to keep your cutlery. It will enhance the kitchen presentation, by arranging in a fashion that looks organized and clean at the same time. There are designs of flower vase online that give you a wide-open mouth to keep kitchen appliances too, now you have a beautiful holder to keep them.

They don’t break easily, as the quality you will find is great to use.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then must be having lemongrass tea in the morning. You can grow lemongrass in your kitchen windowpane so that you don’t need to buy them from the market. Such plants can be grown in a flower pot, which looks amazing too.

Your Bathroom Shelves Should Be Classy Enough!

flower vase for living room

The essential items of your toiletries can be kept in a vase that is made up of marble, glass, and other classy materials. It will give you a 5-star experience at your home. When you return home from work, you never get to see messier bathrooms, as everything is organized in a nice fashion that looks so great.

In case, you have a separate basin outside the washrooms, the shelves can be upgraded with tall flower vases to keep your skincare products. Doing a tit-bit of it before going to sleep, doesn’t need to find it, just find it in front of your eyes.

Your Kid’s Toys Now Have A Separate Corner!

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Toddlers and kids, use to play throughout the day, the rooms always remain unorganized, due to multiple kinds of toys and indoor games to play, with but no place to store them. But with a flower vase, that has a wide mouth, can be used to keep the toys in it. It will be so easy that your kids can find their toys the next day on their own, later you need to collect them in it.

In this way, your kid’s shoe collection can also be stored in it. A far easier way to find tiny shoes, than in a shoe rack.

Keep It As A Candy Holder At Your Dining Table!

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You love amla candies at the end of your dinner, keep them in an animal-shaped flower vase. It will add aesthetics while providing you with a separate space to keep them. In this way, you can keep your medicines too, (for diabetic patients), it is good to have a karela tablet, which will be remembered when one is kept in front of them while eating.

Assign A Detox Corner with Natural Plants!

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You love to be near natural plants once a day, getting no time. Create a separate corner to keep natural plants in flower vases, that will look great, along with having a place to sit and having natural air, once a day.

The multiple uses of a flower vase can now have more customers. Otherwise people usually never buy them, due to just adding flowers and plants in them. Later they can be used in the above-mentioned uses. So, invest in a piece that will serve you for a longer time.


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