6 Reasons Why Indoor Go-Karting Is the Best Karting


There’s no question about it; go-karting is a thrilling pastime. But should you drive the mini-cars indoors or outdoors? In the 1960s, Aussies first started riding homemade go-karts in old drive-in theatres. Mario Kart has become one of the biggest video game franchises about six decades later, while the best indoor go karting in sydney has been trending in recent years. Here are some of the top benefits of riding the small racing cars indoors instead of outdoor tracks.

 Year-Round Riding

Like other types of vehicle racing, it’s much more practical and safer when done in a controlled environment such as indoor tracks. It prevents the fun from getting hindered by the heat, rain, and in the case of the Australian Alps, snow.

The main issue related to weather conditions is that wet tracks provide less traction for go-kart wheels and cause accidents. For example, Sydney averages about 100 days of annual rain. In other words, there’s over 25% chance it could rain on any given day. Besides rain, there’s NSW’s chillier and darker weather from June to August.    

Better for Beginners

If your mates or kids are newbies to open-wheel car racing, then starting indoors is a practical option over outdoor racing. The smaller riding space makes it easier for them to learn how to accelerate, decelerate, and turn. A beginner driver can master the basics until they’re ready to take a spin on outdoor tracks.   

More Safety Features for Smaller Tracks  

Industry experts have assessed the overall injury risk of go-karting to be very low. It’s probably not surprising that indoor go-kart tracks are generally smaller than outdoor tracks.

An interesting perk is that the vehicles used are quadricycles equipped with more safety features to protect drivers who are racing in closer proximity. The tracks also contain safety features like protective barriers to promote safe driving. 

The Need for Speed Limits

Indoor go-karts often have speed limits, which are based on various factors. For example, adults who meet a height minimum may be allowed to drive at a faster maximum speed than young teens below that height. It is a safety feature of indoor tracks that allows teen drivers to enjoy the big track at a slower speed. 

Multiple Track Size

While indoor go-kart tracks tend to be smaller than outdoor circuits, you can still find locations with multiple tracks. It could include 400+ meter (1,312+ feet) main tracks and a mini track, for example. It provides more options for speed racers based on age, skill level, etc.   

Safe and Green Engines

If you drive on an indoor track, you can compare battery-powered electric vehicles (EVs) versus gas-powered ones. This eco-friendly option prevents gas fumes from causing health issues while riding indoors. 

Besides that, it also produces a lower carbon footprint, which is important for those looking for a green alternative to gas engines. You can enjoy zero-emission go-karting that can be faster than petrol karts.   

Age-specific Packages

Sometimes you can find packages for different age groups such as kids, teens, and adults. It can help to cater to the drivers’ go-kart model and race tracks. For example, a child’s birthday party can feature the mini track, while teen and adult groups can race around the big track.

If you’re considering a go-karting excursion, then the best indoor go-karting can provide many benefits. It includes those related to age-specific tracks, extra safety features, and electric cars. You can continue the half-century-old tradition of the thrilling racing sport.   



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