7 Amazing Things to do on your trip to Auckland, New Zealand

Amazing Things to do on Auckland

Auckland is a vibrant tapestry of majestic high-rise structures, interesting ancient museums, accessible galleries, and scenic splendors including sun-kissed beaches, sparkling islands, & animal reserves. Auckland offers a wonderful blend of tourist sites and things to do, including some mesmerizing sailing alternatives and some thrilling adventure sports.

There are almost 50 volcanoes, dozens of islands, and endless beaches inside the municipal boundaries. With nearly 1.6 million residents, it’s also the city with the largest population in the nation. Auckland is a destination worth seeing because of the geography and the mixing of people there. There are many things to see and do in Auckland outside of the city center, so you may spend a day or two exploring the main sites.

Consider renting a car and visiting some of the hotspots frequented by residents. 

Seven of the most amazing things to do on your trip to Auckland 

Hike to a waterfall

Auckland is one of the many places in New Zealand that are famous for its natural wonders. Go hiking in the Hunua Ranges, approximately an hour southeast of the city center, if you prefer being outside. There are two waterfall hikes: the Hunua Falls loop and the longer Cossey/Massey loop, which ascends via a reservoir and returns by a stream, both of which are great spots for a swim.

Both pathways meander through native vegetation dotted with ferns, patches of dappled sunshine, and massive, old trees. Lunch may be enjoyed on a picnic blanket by the river or a waterfall. To help stop the spread of the kauri dieback illness, don’t forget to thoroughly clean your footwear before you begin to enter the forest. 

Eat the most delicious ice cream

There is plenty of ice cream available all around New Zealand, even in Auckland. But if you want the greatest and most creative ice cream, you must go to Giapo. You may have all kinds of elaborate sculptures, from a giant squid to a model of the Harbor Bridge on top of your cone. The ice cream masterpieces are more like works of art than edible food.  

There will probably be a queue, but I assure you that it will be worth it. Each order is individually created, and organic New Zealand milk is used to make the house-made ice cream. Giapo consistently ranks at the top of lists of the greatest ice cream stores in New Zealand, so it’s not just me who thinks they’re fantastic.

With these delicacies and the comforts you’ll have on your Delta airlines business class ticket, the trip will surely be something to remember.

Go atop the Sky Tower

The Sky Skyscraper is a well-known tower in Auckland’s skyline, just as the CN Tower in Toronto and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The Sky Tower, a component of the Skycity entertainment complex that is used for both communications and tourism, towers an amazing 328 meters over the heart of Auckland. It is now the highest structure in the Southern Hemisphere, which is a fun fact.

Visit the primary panoramic deck and the Sky Deck observation platform. Tickets for both of these attractions cost $29 NZD for adults. You’ll see a wide variety of adjacent islands along with an amazing view of Auckland’s ports and city.

At the Sky Tower, you may also enjoy several other activities. Go to the only rotating restaurant in New Zealand, Orbit, for supper. You must also take the Sky Walk, which involves circumnavigating a platform outside that is 192 meters above ground level. Also, for the very daring, you may perform the SkyJump and jump off the Sky Tower.

Hike a volcano

About 600 years ago, Auckland’s youngest volcano emerged from the sea, and now, much of the city can see its black cone. Rangitoto Island, which is now inactive, is a picturesque reserve within a 25-minute boat journey from the city, making it a convenient choice for a day trip.

One of the most famous activities on the island is hiking to the peak, which only takes an hour and winds through native vegetation before giving stunning vistas of the Hauraki Gulf. There are many more pathways on the island if you’d like a longer journey, including one that leads to adjacent Motutapu Island but is only accessible at low tide. Just keep in mind to put on solid shoes, utilize sunscreen, and bring supplies with you.

Experience the waterfront

The lovely neighborhood of Devonport on Auckland’s North Shore is about 15 minutes by ferry. Visitors may view the city from the sea on the ferry. They will truly get a sense of how many boats are in the harbor. There’s a reason Auckland is known as “the city of sails.”

As soon as you get to Devonport, go through the Navy Museum and onto North Head, also known as Maungauika, one of Auckland’s several volcanoes that protrudes into the bay. Beautiful sights of the town and Rangitoto Island may be had from this location. Additionally, North Head is home to a WWII-era military defensive system and a network of ancient tunnels. Explore the historic hamlet on the way back to Devonport, and choose one of the many wonderful local eateries for lunch.

You can also indulge in one of the most amazing things to do in Auckland, and that is sailing yachts. For this, Waitemata Harbor  is renowned. On this sailing excursion accessible in Auckland’s Waitemata Harbor , visitors may take the helm to assist with course-setting or raise the mainsail using the grinders. 

Visit Ponsonby Road to shop and have a drink

If you like shopping, spend an afternoon ambling down Ponsonby Road in the city-edge district of Ponsonby. The Boulevard has a ton of businesses, cafés, and restaurants. It also has local designers as well as some chain retailers. Make sure to stick around for cocktails after the stores close on Ponsonby Road. It truly comes alive in the evenings. A primarily local clientele rapidly fills the taverns, making for fantastic people watching. There are numerous excellent restaurants where you may have supper too. 

Enjoy the sunset at Muriwai Beach

The West Coast of Auckland is about 40 minutes’ drive from the city center. It is home to some of the city’s most outstanding beaches. It is famous for its untamed scenery, harsh surf, and glistening black sand. Favorite beaches include Muriwai, which has a long, black beach that reaches into the horizon. The late afternoon is a cooler time to visit the black sand.

Make sure to get there just before sunset to view the gannet colony. Also, get a glimpse of the seals, maybe even a shark, swimming in the waves. Once the sun has set, go to the beach and stroll along the ocean. The waves and the deep sand reflect the setting sun, creating a captivating and surreal impression. Just be careful since the currents are really strong and lifeguards typically depart in the late afternoon.

We hope that you have chosen your top activities in and around Auckland. Visit the locations described in the article as you go along. Booking flights to Auckland will be a walk on the grass, but unfortunate events when you make you cancel flights, it’s hard. The Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy makes it the easiest for you to cancel your plans. But we do hope you don’t cancel them.


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