7 Benefits of Using Commercial Finance That Every Business Owner Must Know

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7 Benefits of Using Commercial Finance That Every Business Owner Must Know

Starting a business is a dream for many, but only a few have the perseverance to turn that dream into reality. Starting a business might seem exciting but running a business is a different task altogether. A business owner faces many obstacles while running a successful business. Lack of funds is one of such obstacles.

Running low on funds can give nightmares to any business owner. But what if someone can easily remove this obstacle? The solution to this mammoth of a problem is commercial finance. Getting a business loan from commercial finance lenders can be a great way to support your business and reach new heights of success. Here are seven benefits of using commercial finance that every business owner, entrepreneur or CFO must know. 

  • A Saviour For Fledgeling Businesses & Startups

No matter how disrupting your business idea is, early age businesses or startups may find it challenging to raise funds from a commercial bank. Commercial banks most often reject early-age startups and enterprises because of the lack of assets and track records. Hence commercial finance lenders can be a saviour in disguise for fledgeling businesses to raise funds.

  • A Wide Range of Financial Solutions

Unlike commercial banks, commercial finance firms have a variety of finance solutions for business owners. Finance firms customise the loans according to the business needs, and they are also supportive to help the business owners choose the right type of finance that’s best suited for their business needs. Here are some of the types of financial solutions available by commercial finance lenders:

  • Bridging loans
  • Invoice financing
  • Asset refinance
  • Crowdfunding
  • Property funds
  • Investment funds
  • Sale-and-lease-back


  • More Forgiving to Businesses with Unfavourable Financial History

Nothing should hold back a business from success, including an adverse financial history. Unlike a commercial bank that would not even spare a moment to reject the finance application, commercial finance providers are more forgiving to a businesses past financial mishaps and mistakes. They are more likely o understand what went wrong and give you a second chance by pushing you towards success.

  • Faster Access to Funds

Commercial finance providers are more likely to provide funds faster than commercial banks. They are more focused on expediting the finance application by removing anything that unnecessarily slowdowns the transaction. 

  • Lower Interest Rates

The competition in the marketplace results in lower interest rates of commercial loans for businesses. Although each company is different, business finance firms have lower interest rates than commercial banks. The interest rate plays a significant role while paying back the business loan.

  • Simpler Application Process

Commercial finance firms are more customer-centric than banks. They believe in offering a hassle-free experience to their customers. Hence financial firms have a more straightforward application process than commercial banks.

  • Convenient Repayment

Commercial finance lenders are more focused on giving an untroubled experience to business owners. The loan repayment policies are created by keeping in mind the needs of SMEs. They are more flexible so that the business owners find it easier to repay the loans without much stress.

The decision of getting commercial finance for your business solely depends on the business owner. Hence it’s best to understand the functionality of your business and how the funds would help achieve the business goals. Understanding your business will help you to make the decision of producing finance faster and simpler. 


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