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It’s been a year since we had to transfer our work and lives online – from offices to houses and from coffee shops to video conferencing meetings. Fortunately, or unfortunately, as the things are standing now, it seems like we aren’t going back to how things were anytime soon.

What’s evident is that even after a year of working remotely some of us are still struggling to find the right technology that will make our work easier. How does your working day look like now? How many tabs are open on your computer right now – emails, chats, video, web conferencing? A complete mess, right?

Luckily for us, as working remotely is slowly becoming a new normal, so is video conferencing. A go-to solution for everyday needs from meetings, seminars to socializing, video conferencing integrates everything you need.

What is video conferencing really?

Video conferencing software enables flawless face-to-face communication for users in different locations. You can hold company meetings, job training sessions, seminars and so much more without having to be in a single location together. You can easily be in the meeting without leaving your home.

Video conferencing encompasses a wide range of technologies that you may need in different situations. Apart from video and audio, you can share data as well. You can hold one-to-one meetings, one-to-many or many-to-many. Uses for video conferencing are many, not just business-related.

If you’re interested in discovering all the benefits of video conferencing, you’re in the right place. Here are 7 benefits of video conferencing for your business team.

1.      Improved and optimized attendance

As a business owner, you know how difficult is to organize a meeting that every member of your team will be able to attend in person. Busy schedules, dates, and time, in many cases, even the location affects the attendance of staff and team members in meetings.

With video conferencing, you will no longer have these kinds of problems. Video conferences are flexible and in that way improve and optimize attendance in meetings. You no longer have to worry about delaying meetings, or not having enough attendees.

With video conferencing technology, you have the opportunity to record the meetings or seminars and the non-attendees will be able to watch it later. This is how video conferencing boosts attendance.

2.      Reduced and saved travel time and money

This almost goes without saying, but since it’s the greatest benefit, it should be mentioned. Video conferencing, not only reduces travel time but also saves money.

Travel apart from being time-consuming is also expensive, and many times seminars, meetings, and even training sessions require traveling.

While traveling and in-person attendance is sometimes necessary, in many cases, video conferences will do the same job but for less money and no time wasted.

3.      Improved productivity and efficiency

As a result of video conferencing, we have a boost in productivity and efficiency. How you may wonder?

Well, sending emails and responding to them takes some time. When you need a quick reply or answer to your question, or when you need to make a quick decision, instead of waiting for an email, make a video call.

Many platforms offer great video conferencing services, they are easy to use and include all the possible tools you could need, and above all, they are reasonably priced.

If you want to hold a productive meeting or need an answer to your problem immediately, all you need to do is find a video conference platform that offers all you need. It’s been said that video calls have improved business productivity by an amazing 94%.

4.      Increased remote team collaboration

If you were worried about how working remotely will affect the teamwork and project-based work style, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Working remotely with appropriate video conferencing tools has increased team communication and collaboration, and team members and employees claim that they feel more involved and connected when using video conferencing systems.

This is partially thanks to the face-to-face meetings where you can see the face of your colleagues, partners, customers instead of exchanging tons of emails without being able to read their body language.

In addition to that, the beginnings and endings of meetings are agreed upon before the start of the call which gives the strict amount of time during which you need to be focused. When you have a strictly defined time, you don’t have the opportunity to do anything but be productive during the call.

5.      Helps employee retention

As already mentioned, working remotely with the help of video conferencing has increased productivity. What’s even more interesting is that employees are less likely to leave the company that offers remote work.

People like flexibility, and having control over their own working days and hours, and that is exactly what video conferencing offers. People who work remotely work longer hours than in an office, and also they take less time off.

Video conferencing has also improved team collaboration and it has made team members feel more involved while working on a project together. The client collaboration has seen its rise with video conferencing as well.

It’s safe to say that with the right kind of video conferencing systems you can rest assured that you won’t lose your employees. Quite the contrary, your employees will love working remotely.

6.      Competitive advantage

Just think about it, increased productivity and efficiency, saving money and time, better team collaboration, employee retention – all of these give you a competitive advantage.

Since video conferencing allows better meetings, more efficiency, and productivity in every aspect, and above all better and improved communication among employees, a company can only create a competitive advantage for itself.

Choose a good video communication system and you will be able to save both companies and employees money by offering a competitive return on investment. You can easily be the best in your field with only the appropriate communication system.

7.      Supports going green

Video conferencing is eco-friendly. What do we mean by that? Well, just think about it. With video conferencing there is no need for travel and less travel means less pollution in many ways.

Almost all types of transport release significant amounts of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide and monoxide and other pollutants in the air which contribute to smog and thus climate changes.

In addition to that, in-person meetings, seminars, and other conferences require paper, plastic bottles, and glasses, and other non-recyclable materials which create a lot of waste. A lot of food waste happens during in-person meetings as well. Leftover food is thrown away rather than given to food banks.

With video communication systems, you not only have the economic benefits but environmental ones as well. Less travel means less pollution, landfills, and simply less waste. With video conferencing being eco-friendly and going green has never been easier and more effective.


And there you have it, all the benefits of video conferencing in one place. If you had any doubts about how video conferencing systems may affect your business and your business team, we hope we managed to clear them.

This past year has seen a sharp increase in the use of video conferencing systems. This won’t change in the years to come as video calls have become a part of corporate and everyday life.

The question is what can we expect from video conferencing in the future? The technology will only keep growing with the demand for it. And only time will tell how video communication will further change the way we live and work.

So, don’t waste any more time, find a good video conferencing platform and reap all the benefits.




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