7 Best Technological Trends within Courier Industry

Technology has become a part of our daily lives, businesses, industries, and others. Technology has continued to be a reagent for modification in various industries, more preferably in the courier service industry. There is no exception to ignore the fact that technology has become an essential part of logistics and courier companies. Many companies are adopting new technological trends to advance the process of delivery to satisfy their customers.

Technology has made professional life much easier as everything becomes automated so that we do not have to put a lot of efforts into maintaining smaller things. The Courier service industry is also getting a thoughtful impact because of technology. The role of courier companies is so crucial in the delivery process through shipments that it becomes inevitable to adopt the latest technological trends.

Technological trends

Nowadays we are surrounded by many advanced technologies as well as emerging ones, which help businesses to get advantages from. But the question is what are those technology trends and how they can help courier service industry? Due to this reason, we provide you with the 7 best and most useful technological trends which logistics industry can adopt and the benefits they give to the businesses. So let’s have a look.

Here are some of the best trends in technology

  1. Software for courier management
  2. Droids for delivery
  3. GPS tracking and live location
  4. Internet of thing
  5. Drone deliveries
  6. Block chain
  7. Last mile delivery

Software for Courier Management

In the past, customers skipped important events because they waited for their delivery to arrive. But this concern teases no more because of the new technological developments in the courier industry. Implementation of courier management will be beneficial for you and your business in Singapore, as it includes many features such as real-time data, route monitoring, and optimization, and others.
Some of the courier management software are:

  1. Samsara
  2. On-time 360
  3. Ship Trace
  4. Bringoz
  5. Delivery Mark

These tools will help you to achieve your targets to increase efficiency in courier delivery service and increase the overall customer satisfaction, as they also get notified whenever the shipment is delayed.
Using CRM in carrier delivery will somehow increase the efficiency in your product delivery and may retain your customers, because they are being notified earlier. You can easily build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. The level of satisfaction with your customers can also be increased. So, this is one of the best technological trends applied in courier industry.

Delivery Droids

Another advanced technological trend in the courier industry is delivery droids. These are the smart vehicles that take the center of attention because of the efficient delivery process. These droids are cost-efficient and consist of artificial intelligence which helps them to deliver parcels effectively.
This is advanced technology which multinational courier companies around the world are using for the shipment purposes. This is effective, and the risk of delivering to wrong addresses can be reduced.
With the help of sensors and cameras, they can complete the delivery process without any human involvement. These droids are being controlled by a remote control center. It makes sure that the vehicle delivers the courier to the correct destination. This is the best technology ,and the demand for droids is increasing, as more companies within courier industries are adopting this advanced technology.

GPS Tracking and Live Location

GPS technology is not new, but it is highly important for the courier and logistics industry to implement this into their operations, so that they can track their shipments and assess if there is any time delay and irregularity, then the responsible people can take correct measures. This technology also give the access to customers to real time locations, where they can track parcels.
Global Positioning System will enable you to track your shipment wherever you are in real-time. It is not just effective for businesses across the globe; it provides an access to the customers, they both can have access to live tracking of the courier. It has become inevitable for logistics companies of different countries such as UAE, China, or Singapore  to adopt this technology. GPS tracking is now an integral part of the logistics and courier industry.
That is why it is one of the ultimate technological trends in the entire courier industry that makes the process of supply chain much easier.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Automation is a requirement for courier companies. They need this technology to monitor temperature-sensitive shipments, live tracking, delivery times, issues in delivery, greater visibility, insights, and so on. The existing RFID technology is not new to businesses and customers, but merging with IoT will provide greater information and make the entire process automated, where minimal human resource is needed.
The Internet of Things is an emerging technology, and its significance is increasing in the business world. It helps to increase staffs’ productivity, and reduce labor cost, and managing operational functions effectively. The resources can be utilized in a better way and the customer’s experience can be increased as well.
This is one of the top technological trends which is applied in the entire courier and logistics industry.

Drone Deliveries

In service industries such as in courier and logistics, the need for technological advancements is increased by the passage of time. To make the customer experience better, they need to adopt multiple technologies. So the delivery process becomes easier and effective.
Drone delivery is currently new, just a few international courier companies are providing drone deliveries. But the importance of this advanced technology is increasing. Drone deliveries has many benefits such as:

1. They are inexpensive
2. Effective process for Delivery
3. Reduce the carbon emission footprint
4. Reduce Delivery Cost
5. Eliminate the need to use heavy trucks and other vehicles
You have to adopt this advanced technology to meet customers’ demands and to make delivery process efficient.

Block chain

The major aim of utilizing block chain in courier services is to reduce the delivery time and its cost. Block chain provides courier services to perform crucial logistical activities systematically to deliver shipments from one place to their destinations.
This technology utilizes the reorganized network, allowing executives to manage each transaction, and build a transparent and efficient network. This network of block chain technology integrated many departments into one centralized network to check the procedures of product delivery.

Last mile delivery

Logistics comes under supply chain management; whereas, the last mile delivery comes under logistics.

So basically, what is the last mile delivery?

The last mile delivery is the last mile stage in delivering process. The term is meant to deliver the parcel into the customer hands safely and quickly. The last mile delivery is the distribution of goods from distribution centers into the hands of customers.

How this can be done?

This can be done through the third party delivery services such as Ubereats, Bykea delivery, or Careem delivery services. These delivery service providers plays an important role in the last mile delivery process. Companies or businesses make an agreement with such services for their customers’ convenience.

The riders of such services will bring your parcel to your door step. Most of the e-commerce businesses also availing such services from such as Leopard or TCS. There is so much competition in the logistics’ chain.

How the last mile delivery becomes traceable through the last mile delivery software 

There is software with the name of the last mile delivery software. This software is very helpful for the businesses through which they can track the courier until it reaches to the customers’ door step. On the other hand, with the help of this software, companies or businesses can maintain their stocks through the inventory management function of this software.

This software also help firms in assigning the routes to their riders, and they can also monitor where their rider stops and where they go.

Such software is very useful for the businesses in maintaining the integrity in their workflow. It also help firms to avoid an unethical activities to be done. These software is must needed as it monitor every activity of every businesses’ employees.


Concluded, the Courier industry is increasing, and the basic aspect for the success of the courier industry is their customers. Shorter delivery times and other factors will enhance their experience. Technology can play a significant part in achieving your targets in courier delivery. As many more technologies are emerging, you need to find the one which is best for you.
Not every technology is for every business, but you need to assess which is perfect and more useful for you. That is why we outlined some of the best technologies that are used in courier delivery industry. You have to adopt them and increase your performance.

The courier industry has greatly benefited through adopting and implementation of technology in their daily operations to deliver services more efficiently. In this article, we provided some of the best technological trends in the courier service industry, which can help in many ways.
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