7 Creating Techniques To Improve Your Essay Writing


Do you want to write essay better? Make a note of these seven diverse creative writing suggestions to make sure your upcoming assignment stands out from the competition.

  1. Freewriting, First

It’s usually a good idea to sit down and brainstorm any early ideas when you’re first starting to write. Whether it’s essays or fiction. Freewriting, in particular, is a well-liked creative writing technique that many authors utilise to assist them to start thinking and brainstorming their ideas.

Similar to brainstorming, freewriting was the idea of Peter Elbow in 1973 and encourages writers to write continuously. Writers can record any ideas that come to mind, regardless of how absurd or unimportant they may be (you may decide this later). And to do so without caring about grammar or spelling.

Following that, freewriting is thought to help with:

  • Increase the flow of ideas to make it less likely that you’ll miss one that’s really good.
  • Fluency is better when writing for longer periods.

This can be done for essays by writing the question in the center of the paper and then mind-mapping any ideas or thoughts that occur to you. Anything you can think of that is pertinent to your essay can be a good addition to this mind-map. From the kinds of questions you might need to address, you may have read earlier texts that could serve as supporting documentation.

This portion should just take a short amount of time because it is simply a preliminary brainstorm. Therefore, set a timer for ten minutes, play your favourite music, and allow the thoughts to come to you.

Using this creative essay writing strategy can truly assist you in generating some first thoughts regarding the subject matter of your essay. and put you in the right frame of mind to start your research and planning.

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  1. Constantly Keep Your Reader In Mind

It is crucial to keep your reader in mind at all times when writing. You must be very aware of the audience for your essay to be written in a style that will keep their interest throughout.

To make their writing as interesting as possible, creative writers spend a lot of time revising it. To make the story more interesting, they often add a lot of small details and extra bits of information.

Although word constraints and the genre you are writing in often place restrictions on essays, You should still allow plenty of time for editing so you can create the most interesting essay possible.

If your teacher assigned the essay, they presumably have at least another 15 or 20 essays to read and mark before they get to yours. It’s a good idea to try and be innovative in your writing, possibly by attempting a new structure. or including points from lesser-known but still significant thinkers and writers who may pique the reader’s attention. Of course, it’s still necessary for you to mention the obvious.

To keep your writing engaging and new, combine a variety of various sentence forms and starts. As you edit your work, keep in mind that a good flow is essential to making your essay simple to read. There is a fine line to walk between using interesting sentence starters and making your essay hard to read.

  1. Make An Outline Or Storyboard

Once you have your initial ideas on your essay topic, you should start organising them into a strategy for how to approach your project. Nothing is worse than plopping down in front of your computer and asking yourself, “So, where do I go from here?”

Creative writers generally draught an outline before starting to write so they can see where their story is heading. and what they want to express with it. It should be the same for essays.

with a quick story detailing the plot diagram (or, in this case, the “plot” of your essay). Or with a lengthier illustration of the story, separated into “frames,” storyboards are a great creative writing approach to help authors develop narratives (or in your case, into paragraphs).

Even if it doesn’t have to be long, you should still write a basic outline that includes the introduction/thesis and the key points you want to cover. And a conclusion that pulls everything together and provides a summary of what the thesis was.

Don’t forget to provide any supporting documentation you may need. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you approach developing your essay outline as long as it is clear and makes sense to you.

  1. Be Alive Within Your Writing

Any successful author will tell you that the key to their success is spending every waking moment immersed in their work. Okay, not literally, but by being fully aware of every little aspect of their tale.

They might be crafting a short story, for instance, about a knight who is attempting to rescue a princess from a tower. However, because they are so familiar with their characters, The writer would be able to answer questions like what they had for breakfast or what time they went to bed the night before.

This should apply equally to writing essays. Make sure you know and understand every part of your essay, and if there’s room, go into more detail in the text.

These particulars could range from fascinating information about any authors or works of literature you are critically analysing to unusual information about theories to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject. Remember, the more you can persuade the reader that you are an authority on your subject, the simpler it will be for them to give you a high rating!

  1. Don’t End On A Vague Note

The fundamental question is whether or not to be ambiguous. When it comes to using ambiguity as a successful creative writing strategy, creative writers frequently have conflicting emotions.

However, audiences are frequently upset by ambiguity since they want to know the complete closure of a tale. In some cases, keeping the ending open might help the reader form their own perspective on the subject. But when writing your essay, this is unquestionably a mistake you don’t want to make!

For the examiner or marker to comprehend what you have learned throughout the process and what your final response to the essay question is, make sure you always adequately conclude your essay. In contrast to creative writing, your teacher needs to know that you have understood and reached a conclusion about your work because that is what will result in a grade for you.

However, you must also make sure that this conclusion is understandable and simple to locate. Your teacher, who has a lot of essays to grade, will be looking for a succinct and unambiguous conclusion; if you are vague or “fluffy,” they will become irritated, just like most readers.

  1. A Peer Review

Another good creative essay writing approach to use is peer review to make sure your final product is as good as it can be.

As part of the editing process, many creative authors will ask their friends, editors, and even focus groups to read and comment on their work. Peer reviews can provide a wealth of useful information, such as:

  • identify any errors or missing information.
  • Examining the text for grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • Help to omit tangential information and “waffling”

Why not ask a friend or member of your family to read over and sense-check your essay once you’ve finished and edited it? To avoid giving them any inspiration for their ideas, it is worthwhile to get someone outside of the class to read them. They’ll assist you in locating any illogical passages that could be used better or have poor grammar or spelling.

Peer reviews can be intimidating because you worked so hard to create your writing, and hearing someone else criticise it can be unsettling. But keep in mind that any feedback is meant to help you write better and, ideally, get higher grades. Your essay will only gain from it.

  1. Make Notes On Your Thoughts

Every excellent writer keeps a notebook close at hand, ready to scribble down any ideas they may have or discover. This is an excellent strategy to use when writing essays as well. It will be a surprise to you how many ideas will come to you at random, perhaps when you’re out shopping or commuting to class. These ideas might even be your best ones yet!

This is not just going to take place while writing a single essay. Keep any ideas that weren’t chosen for the final draught of one piece of work in a safe place in case you ever need them for another in the future.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to what you may have previously believed, academic essay writing and creative writing have a lot in common. Both want to keep the reader’s attention and get a message, theory, or point of view across.

In this regard, employing creative writing approaches during the design and writing of your essay might assist you in producing a more insightful piece. and a more enthralling, and ultimately superior piece of work than you may have done previously.

Each suggestion on this list has got approval and has a good track record of success by some of the most famous authors in the world. Utilize them in your subsequent tasks to make your writing stand out from the crowd.

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