7 Make or Break Tips for Location Scouting in Nordics

location scouting

Are you planning to organize a shoot in the Nordics? Then make sure you read this article to make your shooting a huge success. The Nordic region is one of the most beautiful and distinct regions in the whole world. Many people talk about Nordics, but only half of them know which region comes in Nordics.

The Nordic region consists of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland. The world knows this location because of the legendary stories of Vikings. These locations have a different feel and provide a unique emotion to the shoots, which is limited to this location. In this article, you will learn about 7 important things to keep in mind before reaching out to a location scouting agency in Nordics. Let’s first clear the basics of location scouting.

What Is Location Scouting?

Location scouting is the process of finding locations to shoot commercials, corporate video creation, television shows or films. A location manager is the one who looks for indoor or outdoor locations to use as the backdrop for scripted scenes. Location scouting is a crucial step in the pre-production process.

Types of location scouts

Professional scouts with extensive experience and a library of pre-scouted places provide the best location scouting services. You only have to describe the details and concept of the shoot to the scout, and they will handle the rest of the work. Below are the two types of scouts.

  • Location scout
    They supply you with images of all the different location from which you can choose the most suitable one and proceed for a site visit.
  • Tech scout
    After you’ve narrowed down your options for filming sites, you’ll need a tech scout to qualify the area, which entails looking for small features that can help you shoot in that environment, such as lighting and power sources.

How do location scouts work?

  • Initially, a director or production designer will provide location scouts with their task. Directors will first come forward with a notion of what they desire, after which they will notify the location scout.
  • The location scout understands and searches for locations knowing what is feasible given their resources.
  • They have a keen eye for a cinematic setting and capture it for all to see. Moreover, they must also locate property owners to negotiate pricing and a time frame.

Research online
When you have a destination in mind, the first thing to do is go to Google and search for the location you’ll be visiting. You’ll not only see some of the best images, but you’ll also get stories, locations, and sometimes even maps of the photo location. It is a good place to begin finding a good location for your shoot.

Assess the feasibility of moving cast, crew, and equipment to the location by determining how distant it is from the area of lodging.

Script breakdown
After reading the script carefully, choose the well-suited locations to shoot. Consider the time it would take to move from one location to another if you have planned to shoot in two locations on the same day.

The site manager, also known as a scout, will visit various locations to acquire a sense of the space, take notes, and photograph it. In addition, locations are frequently inspected by the director, director of photography, and production designer to ensure they are the settings they imagine.

When on a location scout, good parking for the crew, clients, and the cast is an important factor that indirectly affects your shooting. In crowded areas, parking is the main issue many production companies face. This indirectly impacts the overall quality of the video shoot.

Shooting on public or private properties requires permission from the land or property owner. For example, if you like a plot of land, you can contact the property owner and gain a shooting permit. However, it’s critical to plan ahead of time to set up your equipment and get permission from the appropriate authorities. Even if your camera location changes by a few feet, you may need to seek licences from different law enforcement groups.

Logistics are crucial. They act as guidelines for your shoot. Before commencing any activity, create logistics with the help of directors and plan every step for your shoot so that anytime you feel lost and overwhelmed, you can check out the logistics and know what next to do.

Ambient Noise
When evaluating potential venues, location scouts also consider ambient noise. Is the place quiet? Unwelcome noise can occur from outside sources, such as leaf blowers or lawnmowers, as well as from conversations down the hall, cellphones, opening and closing doors, and even generators. Although it is not always possible to completely control or eliminate the noise, being aware of it and the extent to which it may interfere with audio is critical for determining the suitability of the space.

When shooting outside, there’s always the possibility that bad weather will interfere with your shoot schedule. The goal may be bright, clear blue skies but not direct sunlight. Rain, wind, snow, extreme cold or heat, or uneven cloud cover can all have an unwanted impact on a shoot. Thus, location scouts keep weather forecasts and patterns in mind when making recommendations.

Clear the area
Once you’ve chosen a place, ask the property owner for permission and have them sign a location release document.

A line item for locations will appear in a production service. Determine if any of the places have fees and how much each will cost if more than one is in play. If a place costs more than you anticipated, try to work out a deal with the property owner.

Examine both natural and artificial lighting to include in your scout notes. Is there any background noise that could interfere with the sound recording while filming, such as a nearby road, creek, or air conditioner? Take note of the area’s general climate.

Bottom line

These factors are crucial and play a major role in the overall success of the shoot. Ensure that the location scouting agency you are looking for abides by or follows the above rules. These general rules apply to all location scouting agencies in Nordics that ensure quality work and work with them only after you are satisfied with their working style and transparency.


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