7 Reasons To Register For The ITIL 4 Certification Training Bootcamp

ITIL 4 Certification

ITIL, formerly known as the IT Infrastructure Library, is the industry standard for managing, aligning, and supporting IT service management. It also adheres to the specific requirements of different companies. By following the principle of continuous service improvement, ITIL Service Lifecycle streamlines the entire customer journey.

ITIL is a boon for IT professionals who want to improve their skills and advance in their careers as an ITIL Foundation opens doors to lucrative jobs. As businesses have started to realize the benefits and importance of ITIL management, there is an increasing demand for ITIL certified professionals who can handle IT service management. In almost every industry, including e-commerce, education, and healthcare, among others, ITIL certification enables applicants to deliver products that meet customer requirements and regulatory compliance.

The ITIL certification program has a series of qualifications for different aspects of the ITIL framework. This multi-level module provides individuals with knowledge of the different nuances of the framework. These are essential for leading and managing a business IT service at every stage of its lifecycle.

As recently as 2019, ITIL moved from ITIL v3 to ITIL v4, allowing ITIL practitioners to continue their learning journey. People who are ITIL v3 Foundation certified can take ITIL 4 to keep their skills up to date.

The ITIL 4 certification helps companies navigate the fourth industrial revolution or modern technology by handling complex IT service management challenges. Seamless integration, versatility and organized IT systems are the three fundamental principles of ITIL 4 certification.

The course is an introductory level program best suited for those starting their careers in the IT Service Management niche. The ITIL 4 certification is intended for IT professionals developing infrastructure-based IT services. They include network services or those responsible for creating, supporting, and operating application-based IT services such as messaging.

What is ITIL 4?

ITIL 4 gives you the fundamental knowledge of the ITIL framework and how you can use it to streamline the management of an organization’s IT departments. Additionally, if you are working in a company that has moved to ITIL 4, this course will help you understand the activities of the service value chain and how they interconnect.

ITIL4 Foundation course plan

If you have basic computer skills in the administrative, managerial or technical niche, you are perfectly suited to acquire this title. The ITIL 4 certification can boost your career in 2021 by increasing your salary in various IT positions.

PayScale reveals that ITIL 4 certified people can earn up to $ 96,000 per year as an average salary. Here’s how ITIL 4 certification can increase salary in different IT roles.

Eligibility for ITIL 4 certification

The ITIL 4 certification course is best suited for IT professionals such as executives, IT architects, IT audit managers, IT planners and consultants, operations managers, trainers, teams development, quality analysts and service delivery professionals. In short, seasoned IT professionals and novices who have recently started their IT careers can take the certification and bootcamp.

There is no prerequisite to follow the ITIL 4 certification bootcamp.

What is an ITIL 4 Certification Bootcamp?

An ITIL 4 certification bootcamp is a computer training program that provides hands-on training to individuals regarding the current ITIL framework in an efficient and cost-effective manner. From expert instructors and practice tests, to holistic course material and hands-on training, you can get it all in an ITIL 4 certification bootcamp.

ITIL 4 bootcamps are intense training sessions that prepare students for the practical landscape of IT Service Management. An ITIL 4 bootcamp is consists of various modules such as audio-video lectures, practice tests or mock tests, and mock exams to assess the level of understanding and preparation of individuals before attempting the ITIL 4 certification exam itself.

What makes attending an ITIL 4 certification bootcamp crucial for job seekers?

From the start of ITIL 4 certification, this class has focused on automation, collaboration, holistic work and transparency. This certification allows individuals to survive and thrive in the dynamic technological landscape.

In 2021, participating in the ITIL 4 certification program can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of:

End-to-end IT / digital operating model for the development, delivery and continuous improvement of technology products

  1. Various ITIL processes that an organization can implement

III. Basic roles, responsibilities and activities related to ITIL processes

  1. Benefits of implementing ITIL processes within a company
  2. Parameters Affecting the Efficiency of Each ITIL Process
  3. Relationship of each ITIL process with other ITIL activities

7 benefits of attending an ITIL 4 certification bootcamp

Attending the ITIL certification bootcamp is necessary for people who want to understand the concept of ITIL frameworks. Obtaining the certificate improves the quality of IT service management. ITIL Certified Professionals can earn up to 40% more than their uncertified peers.

The course prepares you to pass the ITIL 4 certification exam. This bootcamp provides a solid understanding of the ITIL 4 framework, basic concepts and terminologies of the ITIL service lifecycle. You will learn how ITIL evolved into modern terminologies and business processes such as DevOps, Lean, Agile, etc. in a service management framework.

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So, let’s dive into the seven crucial reasons why ITIL 4 certification is mandatory to propel your career in IT service management in 2021.

1. Live online training by experts

One of the most attractive attributes of the ITIL certification program is the live online training provided by industry experts. The flexible virtual classroom format is the ideal solution for people who want to satisfy their educational motivations in the face of hectic daily life.

The live online training is delivered by ITIL professionals, who have designed the curriculum around the market driven curriculum. It also equips you with the knowledge of the latest essential tools and technologies to make employers notice you.

You can take advantage of the immersive online learning experience from the location of your choice to acquire advanced fundamental ITIL 4 skills.

In addition to opening doors to many job opportunities, expert online live training boosts your portfolio and gives you an edge over other professionals.

2. ITIL 4 Foundation Simulation test documents

There is nothing that can beat the ITIL 4 bootcamp mock test papers in preparing individuals to face the actual certification exam. These time-based test papers feature questions that will assess how well you solve problems and cope with challenges in this area.

You acquire the practical knowledge of handling real-life situations using the simulation test papers. They will also improve your confidence in any ITIL interview.

Instead of memorizing the theoretical aspects of ITIL 4, the simulation test documents give you hands-on experience on the concepts of the framework. Mock Test Papers improve your overall understanding of ITIL 4 principles by offering detailed explanations. These tests reduce your exam anxiety and give you an idea of ​​potential question patterns so you can prepare accordingly.

3. Access to PMI PDUs

The ITIL 4 certification program allows you to earn 25 PMI PDUs (Professional Development Units). PMI PDUs are training hours earned as part of an ITIL 4 certification bootcamp and recognized by ISACA or the Project Management Institute.

These one-hour blocks of information include the time you invest in learning, volunteering, or teaching others. By collecting and monitoring these PMI PDUs for three years, you can keep your ITIL 4 certification intact.

4. End of chapter quiz and industry case studies

The bootcamp of this certification ITIL 4 offers end-of-chapter quizzes and industry-specific case study examples that you can refer to to improve your understanding of the topic.

Successfully solving the quizzes after completing each chapter builds your confidence. This way, you can pay attention to your performance in live online lessons and understand each chapter thoroughly. If you can’t solve the end-of-chapter quizzes, you can raise your doubts in the question-and-answer sessions so that experts can help you.

Exploring industry case studies lets you know what works in the practical realm and what doesn’t. You can draw inspiration from these case studies and they will serve as educational examples when you encounter similar situations in the field of IT service management.

You can discuss your learning after reading industry case studies with your instructors and ask questions or express your opinions to gain a deep understanding of the concepts. End-of-chapter quizzes and industry case studies equip you with strong problem-solving skills. In the post-pandemic world, recruiters will prefer to hire candidates with this crucial skill.

5. Assistance to learners 24/7

Imagine how irritating it is if you have a question but there is no one to answer it. However, this is not the case with an ITIL 4 certification bootcamp. You will have 24/7 learner support, so anytime you have a doubt you can resolve it immediately.

Getting your questions answered promptly keeps your interest in the program. You can progress quickly because there will be no doubt, and you will not be left behind.

The ITIL Subject Matter Expert will address your concerns and resolve questions on this topic. 24/7 expert assistance allows you to prepare for your ITIL 4 certification exam without fear or stress, increasing your chances of successfully passing the exam.

6. Access to audio-video conferences for one year

The ITIL 4 certification bootcamp gives you free access to audio-video conferences for one year, which is a godsend. The most significant aspect of this facility is that you can listen to the lectures as and when you want.

With one-year free access to audio-video lectures, you can sit and listen to them in your spare time or when you are most productive in order to fully understand the concepts. In addition, you can listen to the sections several times to understand them better.

7. PeopleCert ITIL 4 exam voucher

This is the best part of the ITIL 4 certification bootcamp. You get a PeopleCert ITIL 4 exam voucher which allows you to take the proctored exam online wherever you are. This means you can stay home and take the exam anytime, any day.

Requirements for taking an ITIL 4 online certification exam include a working computer with a supported browser, a working webcam, microphone, and speakers.

By using the PeopleCert ITIL 4 exam voucher, you can access the official ITIL 4 Foundation exam on your desktop or laptop. To obtain the ITIL 4 diploma, students must pass a 40-question, one-hour multiple-choice exam. The pass mark is 65%, which means you must give correct answers for at least 26 out of 40 questions.


Logitrain is a PeopleCert ATO and a leading provider of ITIL 4 Foundation certification training to equip IT professionals with fundamental concepts of modern IT services. The design of the training is to prepare individuals to pass the ITIL 4 Foundation exam in one attempt.


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