7 Reasons to Switch to Sustainable Menstrual Products

With everyone switching to greener alternatives, menstrual products are also making a green switch. Many new brands are emerging in the market with a variety of sustainable menstrual products. Some of the products include cloth pads, period underwear, organic cotton tampons, menstrual cups, etc. These products, other than being safer for you, are also sustainable for the environment as they are made from natural materials like cotton, bamboo and banana fibre. They can be reused a number of times and if washed and dried correctly, they can be used for upto a few years. Below are some of the reasons why it’s time for you make the switch:

1.Environmentally friendly

Although disposable menstrual products are made from cotton, they are covered with a layer of plastic. Hence, the waste that is generated is unable to decompose. It then ends up in landfills or is washed away on beaches and into the ocean. On the other hand, sustainable menstrual products are produced from natural fibers with no plastic. When disposed of, they will decompose and not cause harm to the environment. Regular menstrual products also contain perfumes and other ingredients. When not disposed properly it could seep into the soil and water bodies and contaminate them. Another reason why products like menstrual cups can be used is because it can be reused for many years. Sanitary pads on the other hand are single use products.

2.Easy to Clean

Most females have never thought of using reusable menstrual products because of the hustle associated with using them but, ladies, it is not that bad. As much as dealing with sanitariums is thought to be the grossest part of menstruation, it simply requires a lot of hygienic maintenance.

Using reusable menstrual products can be a solution because it is quite easy and manageable if you know what you are doing. Pads, cups and panties are easy to clean after use all you have to do is wash thoroughly with clean cold water because hot water sets in stains. You can soak them first if there is a stain or rinse immediately after removal if you are in the proximity of your bathroom. You can also choose to shower with them and wash while taking a bath.

3.Saves money

Using sustainable products could help you save a lot of money in the long run as you wouldn’t need to keep purchasing disposable products. Invest in quality reusable products like menstrual cups and cloth pads that you can use for years ahead. In addition to saving money, you know that you are doing your bit for the environment. Women in rural and poverty stricken areas will also greatly benefit from using cloth pads and menstrual cups. Many don’t have regular access to menstrual products or can’t afford to keep buying them.

4.Reduces risk of infections and skin rashes

Regular sanitary pads contain additional fragrances and dioxins that cause irritation and rashes. Some women might also be sensitive to bleaching agents used in the production of sanitary products. Sustainable menstrual products like the period underwear and reusable cloth pads are produced from natural fibres like cotton and other cloth materials. They are soft and more breathable and can be reused over a number of times. Menstrual products are not sterile either. You do not know the conditions your products have been in until they reach your home. Reusable products on the other hand are being washed and dried correctly by you thus ensuring utmost safety.

5. Change in Periods

Many women claim that use of reusable menstrual products leads to decrease in the pain felt with menstrual cramps. It is however not medically proven that reusable menstrual products are the cause of this. Others register a change in the severity or heaviness of their periods and also a change in the duration their periods take. Again, this is not proven as enough research has not been done on the matter but it is an option worth considering especially due to its overall environmental benefits

6.Variety of products

There are a variety of sustainable menstrual products to choose from like menstrual cups, reusable cloth pads, period underwear etc. Choose the one that best suits your daily activities and the one you’re most comfortable using. Each of these products have different absorbency levels and are designed to meet your comfort levels on days of spotting as well as heavy flow. Hence depending upon the daily activities that you engage in, you can choose the one that suits you best.

7.Increased comfort and convenience

Cotton is a very comfortable and breathable material that allows airflow to your intimate areas. Since some women are very sensitive to the materials used in regular pads, cotton cloth pads are a great alternative. Menstrual cups are very convenient too as they can be used for upto 12 hours, they don’t leak and the contents can be discarded very easily. They are also designed keeping comfort in mind so after a little use you will get accustomed to it.

India has very few sanitary waste management practices in place. For instance the city of Panjim in Goa, has taken an initiative to collect sanitary waste and hand it over to the common biomedical treatment facility for incineration. This has its own issues, as the facility does not have enough capacity. In Kerala, households are educated to give sanitary waste separately, but again disposal is a challenge. Small scale sanitary incinerators are used in schools and colleges, but how harmful its emissions could be needs to be assessed.

The country has been catching on to sustainable menstrual hygiene and has slowly been incorporating new methods as well as adapting to newer products. In doing so, women too are moving out of their comfort zones and experimenting with various sustainable menstrual products. Brands like Avni provide you with sustainable menstrual products that are of high quality and long lasting.



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