7 Time And Money-Saving Tips For Your Next Corporate Marketing Video Production

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7 Time And Money-Saving Tips For Your Next Corporate Marketing Video Production

Developing your ideas for your video production into a cohesive script is dependent on the product company’s understanding of the concept and how to actualize it. The process entails thorough planning for everything, from the video shoot and footage editing to creating an informative and exciting audiovisual that lets your target audience learn more about you (the business or brand).

It is best to take an active role in the process, helping the production company develop what you need. The following time and money-saving tips can help prepare, shoot, and footage editing to develop a masterpiece. They can help expedite the process to ensure the cut is completed within budget and on time.

1: Recognize Your Audience

While you can visualize what you want to create, it is best to understand your target audience’s interests to develop something they would like to watch. Therefore, the video should have a definitive message that outlines what your product, service, or technology is about. Moreover, consider generating leads for your company, increasing its website’s conversion rates. Concentrate more on reaching and connecting with the audience. Be sure of the message you want to share in your video. Taking these steps will ensure the production time works towards helping you achieve your objective.

2: Borrow Concepts From Other Videos

You can find numerous corporate videos, promotional clips, and adverts online that can be an invaluable resource when searching for ideas or inspirations for your corporate marketing video. Shortlist the few that you believe drive the point home, saving their links for use later. Also, share them with your production team to give them an idea of your train of thought. They could pick a few things that can help kickstart the process making sure it is devoid of misunderstands on what you want to achieve.

3: Determine Where To Post Or Run The Video

Do you have an idea of the target market space for your video? It is a vital question to ask yourself because where the footage is seen plays a significant role in reaching the target audience effectively. Keep in mind that a cut that targets a wide-ranging audience and is meant for YouTube viewership might not have the same impact on played on a website. In short, your video needs a unique look and feel based on where it will go live. It means what you want to broadcast on TV will need a different approach from what goes on your site.

Therefore, inform your filmmakers of where the video will live. It will help them handle the production process with this in mind, especially since it governs the theme, cameras, and delivery format. It all is about adequate planning, which helps retain cohesivity in quality and compatibility throughout the production process.

4: Clear Pending Engagements

A sit down with your employees around the discussion table can prove challenging, more so if they are busy with respective duties. Nevertheless, your chief personnel for the film must be present on the day of the shoot. Therefore, plan for this in advance with the staff members who have a role in the production, which you can consider before finalizing the script.

5: Pick A Location For The Shoot

If the shoot will include an office scene, it is best to pick the room you wish to use in advance and plan accordingly to avoid disruptions in the workplace. The room’s size will be crucial. Go for an office that can fit everything, from the production team, their gear, and your cast. A room with easy access and a wide window with a great view will be an excellent choice.

You could find yourselves spending hours trying to get it right, but the perfect take you want seems elusive because of interruptions from your workers executing their respective duties. Avoid the office room facing the busy street or next to the sales personnel who seem never to put the phones down.  A quiet, secluded area will be best for the shoot.

It also would be wise to have the building’s maintenance department on standby to help sort issues like a noise overhead light or air conditioner that might interfere with the production. Your filmmakers might know how to edit out the noises, but prevention is better than cure. Getting rid of the distractions before the filming crew starts can save everyone from lots of headaches.

6: Prep Your Brand’s Style-Guide

Providing the production team with your company’s brand details can help reduce the design time, thus speeding up the production process. The developed product should echo the brand’s style, deliver uniformity in the final cut. You should know the logos, fonts, and colors you want, informing the production team of the same before filming starts.

7: Know Who Has Editorial Approval

Get to know the team overseeing the production process, especially when trying to consolidate things and showcase what drives your company’s success. As such, pick out the principal individuals that you are confident can offer valuable input. Pay closer attention to the editorial team that will review and approve revisions. Get to know who in the production team hands out additional revisions or approves the product after completion. They are the people that must have ready access to the footage once it is done and ready to go live.

Hopefully, these seven tips will set you on the right course for your next corporate video production, ensuring the project is within the budget, completed on time, and of high quality.


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