7 Wardrobe Staples that are Worth Splurging or Saving On

Landing on this page can only mean one thing. You must be guilty of spending too much on your favourite fashion staples without having second thoughts whether you can use them even in the long run or maybe not. 

Let’s be honest here. We love stepping into the store to buy some cool stuff from off-the-rack sections because we often believe it’s love at first sight and those pieces seem to be made only for us even when prices seem a bit high. 

While it’s not a bad thing to hoard a few items in classic colours, my suggestion: do not get caught in the trap of overspending on closet items you’ll only wear once or twice.

A curated closet of your dream wardrobe shouldn’t put your finances in the red, which is why we’re giving you a list of what’s worth the investment and what you can get by purchasing on the cheap. 

Jeans = Splurge!

You can actually splurge on everyday items such as jeans. It is right and just to invest a little in a few brands that can offer quality, work really well for your particular shape, and last for several years. Jeans are timeless pieces that you can use on both casual and modern business days. Plus, these pieces do not require washing every after year, which technically keeps them from being worn out and saggy even after several years of use.      

Gym Clothes = Save

Are you really going to pay too much of your hard-earned cash for clothes that will only soak up a sweat after doing some lifts at the gym? There is no excuse not to save for gym clothes, especially when you can be comfortable in your old college tees and worn-out shorts as a gym outfit. After all, it’s more about the workout than how you look at the gym.   

Brassieres = Splurge!

While it is worth saving on undergarments that actually run much faster than some of the clothes we wear every day, when it comes to brassieres, the rule is a bit different. Bras are the foundation of an outfit, which is why they can be a good place to make an investment, especially for large-busted women.

Jackets/Blazers = Splurge!

Jackets, sweaters, and blazers are some of the staple pieces where a good investment is readily visible. You can splurge on these items, especially when you live in cold places and wearing jackets is a necessity. Invest in jackets that impeccably fit your shape so you can throw on either casual or business ensembles that can stand the test of time.   

Trendy Pieces = Save

The mere fact that trendy items are fleeting gives plenty of sense to save rather than splurge on these pieces. Trends tend to last for a season before the next trendier things replace them. With lower-priced retailers aplenty, you can actually go for cheap trendy items instead of hoarding pricey ones that you can only wear for a season.  

Suit = Splurge!

Just like jackets and blazers, suits are another wardrobe pieces that make a good room for investment. A quality suit is a classic statement that promotes fashion and authority for a seasonless wear-to-work outfit or menswear in general.

Evening Clothes = Save

Unless you party every night, you don’t need to pour too much money on evening clothes, fancy shoes, and bedazzled bags that you don’t wear on a daily basis. If you’re looking for something to wear at a once-in-a-lifetime party, you got some pretty, lower-priced options such as vintage stores where you can scour preloved clutches and bags at lower prices. 



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