7 Writing Tips to Gain Confidence As A Content Writer

Writing may seem like just anything that anyone can do, but it takes more than words to write a single piece of good-quality content that’s worth reading. It takes more than only knowing subject-verb agreement and grammar rules to become an excellent content writer. 

The right characteristics are needed for one to become a good content writer. On top of that, the right mindset must also be possessed. Combining these, confidence is a very important ingredient in the recipe of becoming and being a skillful content writer. When you write confidently, you will find joy from the writing process and especially from the writing outcome. You will feel fulfilled and delighted to know that your heart and mind are right as you write. 

Many aspiring writers are having a hard time beginning their pursuit because they lack confidence that they can write well. At the same time, even seasoned writers sometimes experience a bug in their system, wherein their confidence in their long-time career shivers and crumbles. It happens at times, for many different reasons, which are more often than not personal. 

Regardless of whether you are a newbie or an experienced writer, you need these reminders for you to keep your composure and faith in yourself as you do your job or work on your passion. Here are 7 writing tips to gain confidence as a content writer. Tap your fellow writer and share these helpful tips as well.     

1 – Read and research.

reading a book

The first thing that every content writer must do is to read and research about what they are going to write. Doing so informs and enlightens you regarding the subject you have and also regarding the topics related to it. You even get to explore more things than what you expect to find out. Research allows you to generate ideas. Credibility of content is attained if it is backed by proper research. 

If you do read and research before you write or anytime you want to feed yourself with prepared knowledge for writing, you are gearing yourself up, so you can write well later on. Research done accurately and sufficiently  is reliable. If you do it, you will gain confidence as a content writer. Through it, you know what to write and how to write it. You know what you are doing, and you are not merely guessing or putting flowery words altogether. 

Confidence exists in writing when you are equipped with attested factual information.   

2 – Practice writing a lot.

content writer practice

Sometimes, when you have not written for a long period of time, you find it hard to write again or to find the drive to pick up the pen again. During these hiccups, your confidence as  a content writer might sink. There could arise a feeling of frustration in you because you are having a difficult time coming back to your writer’s heart. 

Do not stop. Do not give up. Practice writing a lot. Write whatever. Ideas that come into your head, words that are both familiar and familiar to you, re-learn and learn them. Write on a piece of paper, or type on your virtual notes. Anytime you feel like an idea is worth-taking note of, jot it down. If you practice writing, you will get used to it and will improve your skills as well. 

Once you get comfortable with writing, you will soon gain enough confidence too.    

3 – Discover your forte.

content writer forte

Content writers that create general content or dive into all niches still have their favorite subjects to write about. It’s the same thing for you. What’s that specialty of yours? Discover your forte.

It could be travel and leisure that you love to talk about. Maybe lifestyle and food, fashion and beauty, business and finance, technology and the Internet, animals and plants, family and relationships. Whatever it is, figure it out! It’s something you are good at, or you can say better at than other topics. You can choose your forte as your main focus as a content writer. Write a lot under it. It’s where you can be and where you are most confident, so find it out and be proud of yourself! 

4 – Make it simple but striking.

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Some aspiring writers think that you always need flamboyant words to create brilliant content. No. What you need is informativeness, clarity and a sprinkle of interestingness and entertainment. 

As you write, make it simple but striking. Simple is not complicated, so readers can completely understand and also relate to it. Too extravagant words can sometimes make you doubt yourself, thinking if it’s really you who wrote those or thinking if readers can understand you. If you are easily affected by that mindset, try to keep your content as simple as possible while being splendid at the same time. You don’t need to set hurdles for yourself. Be yourself, and be confident about it.  

5 – Write about your experiences.


Nothing is easier to write than stories you yourself know by heart and soul. Write about your experiences. You are not guessing, not assuming, but story-telling. For sure, you will have confidence because you are not relying on anybody else’s research and experience.  

6 – Be inspired. 


Inspiration does a lot to a content writer who is having a hard time to move forward and write. When inspiration is lost, it’s hard to get the feeling of wanting to write. When inspiration is found nowhere, it’s like an endless series of stepping in and out of the moment to write. 

Be inspired. Find inspiration from things, people, places and situations that give you joy and comfort. Take a look at those moments where you are at your happiest, most motivated and most zealous. Be reminded of who you are and what you can do when you are inspired and euphoric to write. 

7 – Let other people read your work.

content writers

When you have been working on a single piece for hours or days already, it’s so easy to get tired of reading and seeing your work. It’s so easy to get bored or to find no more excitement about reading your content when you already know how you write. 

But letting other people read your work can help you gain ardor and confidence. They are reading your content for the first time. It’s so fresh to them. Even when they are content writers like you, your content is something new to them because writers have varying writing styles and tones. 

For sure, you will gain confidence from the appreciation and feedback of people who will read your piece. At the same time, hearing constructive criticisms allow you to be confident that you are doing good now, and you just have to get better next time.



Perseverance and dedication are just among the most important tools of a content writer, yet without confidence, it still is very difficult to even hold a pen and a paper to write or to press the keys of a computer keyboard to type. Confidence allows you to trust yourself and your abilities. It tells you that you will be able to start, continue and finish that content which seems so hard to complete. It makes you satisfied with every output, and not just that because confidence makes you proud of yourself too. 

Whenever you do not feel confident about your skills as a content writer or as an aspirant at least, keep in mind and follow the tips written above. They are truly beneficial techniques that can aid you in attaining, regaining or boosting your self-esteem and tenacity. For sure, you will see and experience a remarkable improvement in your confidence as you do that. Be confident with your content.   



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Orion Creative, a digital agency and design studio in Sydney, building greater possibilities for brands and businesses of all sorts. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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