8 Advantages of writing long articles on your blog

We all get a first impression of everything we see for the first time: people, places, businesses, products, etc. And let’s talk about web pages or blogs in a Content Marketing strategy. Most of them have less than a minute to hook visitors and make a good impression. 

If you have less than 60 seconds to convince a new user that you are worth their clicks and actions, you’d better be brief, right? 

No, the truth is that it is not because if you want to stand out in a sea of ​​content and keep users on your page, long-form articles are the way to go.

Long-form articles refer to pieces of text that are longer than your regular posts. 

While the length of the standard post is around 1,100 words, long articles usually have a minimum of 2,000 words and even more than 2,500 words. Long pieces try to tell stories and attract readers.

8 Benefits of posting long articles on your blog

  1. They are visually attractive.

Much of the negativity surrounding long-form content is because it can be tedious and endless.  

But the full-length content isn’t just long. It’s also packed with visual stimulation, sub-headers, and simple navigation cues to keep it informative yet digestible. 

Mainly with the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg, it is very easy to insert these resources into the content.

Other things that can break into content include Tweet boxes or even a table of contents – these little touches create a huge cumulative difference in the reception of a long piece. 

By mixing visual content into thoughtful, high-quality articles, you make your text walls incredible and mentally engaging.

2. They allow you to combine words with images.

It is not enough for a long-form article to be simply 1,200 words or more. You also need ten to twelve images to stand out and keep it from being a solid wall of words. 

So, if you’ve committed to creating long articles, make sure you don’t just stop at word counts. Add some images to keep things readable and shareable. For more details visit Nirmalbharatyatra.org to start a blog.

3. They have better quality and richness of details.

Long articles allow you to create much better content. 

How many times you have seen a post that promises to be a “complete guide” only to discover that it is simply a topic? -Well, that’s pretty frustrating. 

Full-length content allows you to dive deeper into a topic, including research and interview comments. Also, it gives you the opportunity to be comprehensive, and that alone, you can generate higher quality content.

4. They convey more credibility.

Contrary to what many content advertisers believe, long-form content is a powerful tool that brands can use to increase credibility, earn consumer respect, and get more out of content marketing campaigns. 

In such a content-saturated online marketplace, website managers are burning their brains to find ways to stand out from the crowd. 

The best way to have a positive impact on your consumers is to demonstrate that your brand is a trusted source of relevant information. Credible brands win the trust of consumers!

5. They have a huge SEO impact.

Why should you write long articles? Do you like traffic from free search engines? Who doesn’t like free traffic? 

If you need your organic reach to grow, increase your word count, as Google likes long-term content.

Content length vs range

  • Larger sites with more domain authority tend to post longer content;
  • Longer content has more keyword optimization ;
  • Longer content earns more external links ;
  • Expert content creators tend to write more relevant material.

Simply adding 1000 word posts to your content strategy can help you go a long way.

6. Improve the distribution of content on social networks

One great thing about long-form content is that it contains several links to external articles posted on the Internet. 

The link helps the link building efforts of publishers who have published the articles in an interrelated manner. 

So to boost your linking efforts, share the lead article on social media. 

In addition, long content, enriched with detailed analysis or information, persuades people to share it. 

There is a better chance that people will share something on social media that they find useful or trustworthy. Also, almost all blog posts have social buttons, which again make it easy to link and share the post. 

This further amplifies the viral spread of the article, making content marketing easier.

7. They generate better reading value.

Another great advantage, perhaps the most important of all, is that long-form content creates incredible value for readers.

Think of a popular blog of those that publish long content on various interesting topics. Have you noticed that most of their articles go viral?

Well, they go viral because they are long content. For something, you got to read them, right?

Long content articles are so interesting that some even earn up to 2 million views on social media.

8. Increase the conversion rate

In the end, it comes down to one question: can long-form content increase my conversion rates? 

The answer is yes. Blog Content marketing that uses lengthy content can be scored with calls to action that can lead to leads and, ultimately, conversions.

Long-form content creates a lot of space to set up famous calls-to-action ( CTAs ) strategically placed in places where readers can click if they are interested in a product or service.

So can you already view long articles in a useful way instead of seeing them as tedious?


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