8 Benefits of using Salesforce Portal in Education

Salesforce Customer Portal

Salesforce Customer Portal is the solution that connects everyone and everything. It is the reason why it’s a must-have in education, where it’s essential for teachers, parents, students, staff to be on the same page.

Also, users are connected to apps. And thus providing the information and answers while on the go is the other reason to have a portal. You can’t keep calling parents and inform them about their child’s performance every time. A portal where they can check it anytime would be good, right?

And as a head, even you need a solution from where you can manage everyone and everything. From staff, students, parents, alumni to trips, budget, events, and more. Hence, Salesforce portal for education.

Did I tell you that around 150,000 customers trust the Salesforce client portal to help drive results for services, sales, and marketing?

I won’t say, “so should you.” But after going through the benefits, you would say, “I should go for it.”

1. Holistic Approach

Imagine having a single, unified solution for every interaction with a prospect, stakeholder, alumni, students, affiliates, and more. Salesforce client portal uses social, mobile, and cloud technologies to connect everything in one place. It provides data in one place, making it easy for institutions to take quick and smart decisions.

Parents can check their child’s report from a mobile phone. They can raise questions or doubts in real-time, which teachers can then access. Admin can view all the activities of the staff and students. They would know the teachers’ schedule and can even update it. How many students are present? What’s the status of the tasks? Everything would be present right on the screen. 

2. Effortless Communication

Teachers can’t call every parent or parent to attend every teacher meeting or call. Both the parties need to be on the same page but in a way that’s feasible for both. That’s when the Salesforce portal comes into the picture.

It eliminates the chances of miscommunication and instead makes it convenient for all. Students can check the homework and assigned tasks from their login area. Parents would be informed about their child’s attendance, marks, and other activities. Depending on the features, it can even send reminders and push notifications in case of meetings or events, connecting every touchpoint.

Salesforce places students at the center to achieve breakthrough results. 

3. Simplified Recruitment

The most important aspect of an institution is to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. And for that, you need to modernize your recruitment and admissions.

Salesforce customer portal provides relevant outreach to students at every step. It empowers them to self serve 24*7 with chatbots, a knowledge base to get the answer. This, in turn, frees your staff to focus on other priority tasks.

With a management module, you can view and update every prospect’s file, communicate with a financial aid department, take applications or inform a prospect of what’s missing in their application. Document management, dynamic feedback further empower a collaborative approach. 

4. Customized Student Experience

The competition is so high in the education industry that institutions need to come up with ways to retain customers. Or else, all the recruitment efforts, including time and efforts to onboard a student, would be in vain. Hence, Salesforce provides a customized experience. Understanding that every student prefers different channels to access the content, it adapts to different technologies and crafts a 1:1 student experience.

It delivers personalized content across all the channels while maximizing engagement by communicating with students on their preferred platform – email, mobile, social, or chat.

Next, it streamlines students’ services by removing the barriers in communication and support. If a student is not satisfied with the teacher’s answer, they can get the answers from the student community. Through community, everyone can find answers to their questions and learn something new.

Moreover, students can access the tools and support to develop skills and prepare for the job.

5. All-in One Management 

Insitutitions are not limited to teachers, parents, students, and staff. It also includes alumnus, donors, and external partners. And school management also means raising funds for events and donations, managing loans, affiliations, and more.

Salesforce considers this all and provides an all-in-one management solution, i.e., portal. It offers different login areas for alumni, donors, and other stakeholders. Everyone can handle their activities in their space.

In addition, it allows organizing fund raising activities aka campaigns and managing the donations accordingly.

Loan management module where internal and external partners can get their loans approved. If in case, you have tie-up with a bank, the banks can have a separate portal to receive loan applications directly from the students/parents.

Role-based access so that everyone can access their role-specific data. For instance, teachers can view data related to their schedule and students. Parents can only manage their own child’s data. This ensures data security and eliminates miscommunication or other frauds. 

6. Creative Marketing

To deal with the challenges of high-tech edu markets, marketers have to develop more than traditional tactics.

They need a connected experience to deliver digital engagement. Hence, they prefer Salesforce for better results.

Salesforce client portal for education empowers marketers to manage consistency in messaging to students. It provides admin to manage all the user access and visibility to view every teacher, student, and staff’s performance.

Alumni teams can use it to launch campaigns or meet donors and other volunteers across the channel they prefer. They can deliver relevant content and provide opportunities based on interest. The smart dashboard with robust analytics helps you optimize performance and measure ROI.

If possible, you can reduce membership acquisition costs by 50%, just like the University of Michigan Alumni Association did by using Education Cloud. 

7. Automation

No one likes handling tedious tasks like maintaining fee records, attendance, or whatever. Everyone wants processes to be automated. For instance, a system automatically updates the students’ fee records in the database without a need to enter manually. A login area where students can enter their attendance instead of a teacher calling out everyone’s name to check.

Salesforce provides a solution that automates everything from marketing to management. It ensures that education institutions get the best of their investment. 

 8. Optimized Advancement

Parents, students, or staff don’t look for something extra. They want a system that enables them to manage their tasks and activities in a streamlined and straightforward way.

And the Salesforce client portal is simply what they and you need. A solution with a 360-degree view of every prospect, communication features to personalize engagement, streamlined operations, role-based access, community building, rich knowledge base, improved reporting, and smart dashboards.


Running an education institute is like running a government office. Different departments need to work together for smooth functioning, which can be a challenge if the communication is not intact. Meanwhile, students and parents expect a seamless experience regardless of the department or the staff. From joining to graduating, they want every step and activity to be well-organized and automatically managed.

To deliver that experience, you need a portal that connects every department and ensures smooth functioning. The reason why many prefer the Salesforce customer portal is that it breaks the traditional silos. It makes it easy to get answers. Not to forget the communities, self-service, and management features.

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