8 Creative Trade Booth Designs To Use In 2020

All exhibitors want to have perfect trade booth design so that they get more potential customers at their exhibition stand. The exhibitors who have the latest exhibition stand designs can easily engage their booth visitors for a long time. This way you can give a competitive edge to other exhibitors in the trade show.

Here, we are going to describe different trade booth themes that will make your exhibition stand unique and sparkling. All these themes can pitch to your potential customers and help to form a connection with new customers.


Read the below-mentioned themes to design exhibition stand as per rules of 2020 and use them to create a buzz in a trade show:

1. Connection With Nature

Just imagine if you walk around a trade show where all booths look similar and finally you came across a unique style trade booth. If this different style booth incorporates nature and then you will suddenly start feeling free and relaxed.

That means showing a connection with nature can attract your potential customers. Also, your products or services don’t need to be environmentally focused to use this nature tying visual appeal for your exhibition stand.

You can display live potted plants. If possible, then use other creative ideas for exhibition stands & make your exhibition stand to look trendiest.

2. Interactive Walls & Photo Booths

You can make your wall interactive by displaying large video screens. You can display your brand-specific videos or pictures on the video screen. Make sure your videos and pictures are mesmerizing.

Also, incorporate special photo booths so that your trade booth visitors can click their amazing picture and can upload on different social media websites. This way you can spread brand awareness while creating an immersive experience of trade booth visitors.

3. Build Different World

You can use your creativity and make your booth look different. Well, your trade booth doesn’t need to look like a booth. You should use your imagination and build a space where your potential customers feel like they are in an entirely different space. You can try to mimic Hollywood set design and build custom design exhibition stand. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Expand Leads With Audience-Engagement

It is not necessary that walls and backdrops of your trade booth in square shape. they can be designed in any different shape as you like. Based on the theme of your exhibition stand, you can try different shapes and let your trade booth stand out.

You can also take the help of a good graphic designer to build a focal point for your exhibition stand. You can display that design on your trade booth walls or side of furniture.

There is one more good idea to stand out among all other trade show exhibitors is to harmonize various contrasting elements.

5. Customized Booth Flooring

The custom flooring of the trade booth can attract your potential customers in different ways. It is a good idea for all the size of trade booths.

The customize flooring will help you to make your small booth appear larger. In large-size trade booths, the custom style flooring help in introducing cohesiveness.

The latest technology printers can print any pattern on any surface. That means you can get customized flooring the way you want it to be. You can print your company’s specific messages, hashtags, URLs of your website, etc.

6. Install Good Lighting Fixtures

The optimum lighting system has potent to uplift the ambiance of your trade booth. The lighting system is one of the important elements to build an appealing trade booth.

You can set a good mood, trigger curiosity among trade show attendees, highlight important things, visualize your products as well with good lighting fixtures.

If you want to be eco-friendly, then you should use LED lighting fixtures. To create a fun atmosphere in your booth, install the sound responsive lighting system. This will be a unique feature in your creative stand design that can attract your potential customers.

7. Printed Backdrops

With the growing technology, the modern style printer has been introduced that can print any design in less time. Therefore, printing services are now offered at affordable prices and you can print any design on any surface.

Thus, you should use a printed backdrop rather than a plain one to look unique and different from your competitors. The patterned backdrop will make your trade booth appear fresh and eye-catching as well.

8. Trigger Emotional Level

According to the research, purchases are usually emotionally driven. You should think about various ideas to connect with your potential customers on an emotional level. You should avoid using bright colors as they can make trigger aggressiveness.

There is one type of exhibition stand design that can easily connect with the trade booth audience and that is nostalgia. This can create a sense of peace and prosperity as well.


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