8 Fashion and Beauty Tips to Stay Trendy This Summer

Summer will be with us before you know it and many women will be looking to stay on-trend while remaining cool, looking well dressed, and showing off the latest beauty trends. If you need help to carry out on-trend looks in clothing and beauty we can provide them for you.

Fashion Trends for Summertime


Shorts will be very trendy this summer. The best way to wear shorts is to be appropriate for the occasion. The same shorts you might wear to the beach would not be the pair to wear for a lunch at a nice restaurant in town. Shorts can take the wearer from day to night depending on the pair you choose and the accessories you add.

Dress Lightly

Summer can be hot and sticky in many locations. Be sure to wear things that are light and loose. If your clothes stick to your skin you will be guaranteed to be uncomfortable when the temperature rises. Look for things like kaftans, loose light wide-legged pants, and flowy dresses that do not stick to your skin.

Keep away from synthetic fabrics. Any material that can stick to your skin should be put away for cooler temperatures. If a fabric like cotton can be found it will be breathable and more naturally better for you to wear in the summertime.

Consider Sleeveless Tops

Try to wear more shirts and tops that have no sleeves. Things like sleeveless golf shirts may not be something to which you have given lots of thought but you will be cooler with no extraneous material on your shirts. Women’s sleeveless golf tops come in a large variety of colors and patterns and they are easily worn out anywhere. Golf shirts are not just for those playing golf anymore.

Wear Bright Colors

A great look for summer features outfits that are light and bright. You might usually stay away from colors like light pink, light blue, light green, and white in the colder months. Summertime is just the right season to let your inner fashionista come out and play. Remember though that light colors show sweat stains (as well as other stains) more easily than darker colors.

Makeup and Beauty Trends

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Sunscreen

One of the most important and healthy trends that flow from one summer to the next and for all the other seasons as well is to wear sunscreen every day. Sun rays, especially in the summertime, cause wrinkles and dry or greasy skin. Applying sunscreen helps to reduce signs of aging and because no one wants to look their age you need to use it every day. To get the best protection, sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before leaving the house.

Waterproof Makeup

It is best to use waterproof makeup products in the summer. With the humidity, it’s very common for warm makeup to look smudgy, run down your face (never a good look), and can even feel thick. To avoid these traumas, use waterproof makeup, lipstick, and other products. It will help your summer look to heed this advice.

Hair Care for the Summer Months

Protect Your Scalp from UV Rays

When the weather is warm your hair can behave as if it has a mind of its own. Hair can get frizzy, wavy, damp, and limp-looking. Intense sun rays are very damaging to your hair. Where you are can make the situation worse but at the beach, in the mountains, in the city, or the country your hair can give you grief no matter where you are. 

Ultraviolet rays can cause damage to your scalp and your hair. Using the right shampoo and other hair care products can be a big help. Your hairdresser may be able to provide suggestions about shampoos and things like hair masks. 

You must protect your hair from fizziness and the burnt look and feel that often occurs in the summer. Damage can be so bad that some women even experience hair loss!

Closing Thought

No matter what you wear, how you use makeup, or groom your hair, summer can be challenging when you want to keep on-trend and be seen in the best trends of the season. Taking these tips into consideration can help you stay cool, collected, and gorgeous all summer long.


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