8 Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

Cupids don’t work anymore. That’s when we step in. We try to save the day through easy tips that will delight your love this valentine’s week. Get handy on these tips way before valentines week approaches and be all geared up and ready to enjoy the day.

Send Roses 

Even though it may sound cliche, roses can still delight your valentine’s day for sure. The charm of the roses never fails, it always brings that smile to the faces. Even if you forget to buy him/her a gift, a bouquet of roses will always bring a smile. No words uttered, but the hearts still connect through the language of love. Rumour has it that in ancient times, giving yellow carnations meant they were disappointed by you, giving purple hyacinth meant you were seeking forgiveness, and last but certainly the most adored bunch of red roses, all set to put hearts racing. With time there are many floral alternatives to choose from, but red roses without a doubt are the favorite among all.

A Day not Just For Lovers 

Valentine’s day is not just restricted to showing your love for your lover. It is a day to show affection irrespective of who you show it to. The affection can be for your parents, your friends, your family. There are numerous ways to show love, through good food, spending time together, and creating many fond memories. You could also do a special Valentine’s day arrangement for your parents and let them relive their golden days of love again, holding hands, raising toasts, and enjoying.

Remind of your First-Day 

The first date is one of the best dates, at least the most memorable one. While the memories of the first date remain fresh in your heart and mind it is time to recreate the memories again. What you can do to make this day extra special is by planning as your very first date. Bring back the old charm, the old vigor, the same feeling that sets the hearts racing. Such days reminiscing of your best time should be recreated, we have no doubt about it. Recreating your first date can bring up the charm in your love life again. He/she might be wooed by your charms, you never know what the special date might have for you.
Try to recreate the moments as much as you can, wear the same clothes or same kind of clothes, go to the same venue, dance to the same tune you danced to on your first date, eat the same food, walk hand in hand on the same lanes.

Romantic Date 

Setting up a romantic date has been synonymous with Valentine’s day. While the times have changed, the experiences of love remain the same. As valentine’s day approaches, try to woo your love in different ways, set up a romantic movie date at home on a projector, if the way to your lover’s heart goes through the stomach then breakfast in the bed would work the best. You can also cozy up in your favorite place and in your favorite dress ( on the sofa in your pajamas) and go on with a movie marathon and a huge bowl of popcorn to munch on.

Sweet Treats 

Chocolates seem to work magically for people in love, while the chocolates melt in her mouth it melts her heart too. You can give toffee, candy and chocolates that have messages on them, you can add message cards along with chocolates. While chocolates are now easily available many toffee brands in India, come up with unique gifting solutions, they can save your day and your love life anytime. With the innovation in gifting, chocolates can now be planned and sent ahead of time with a heartfelt message as an expression of love. These ways will surely sweeten his/her day up in many ways. You will surely be able to convey your message right by sliding a toffee while you steal a moment with your special someone or bow down and gift him/ her a bouquet made of chocolate.

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Dress up Your Best 

No matter what you dress up in, we know you will look fabulous and slay it for sure. Wear your favorite dress, adding a little bling and dazzle to the dress will work best. You can also wear oversized coats and sweaters to make yourself more cuddly and lovable than before. Well, you save the day and save the love in a warm hug. You can also pair up your dresses with a blingy pair of accessories and set the mood right. Doing the right makeup for the right occasion can also add to the charm. Do not forget to carry a breath freshener with you or in case you forgot then buy mint candy that works as a natural mouth freshener.

Go on a Dream Date

Valentine’s week starts soon so do the worries of the lovers who want to create a dreamy date for their partners. We understand how tough it is to plan romantic dates, it takes some major efforts to do so, and so we secretly share ideas with you, to make it the best. If you want to spend your time with your partner, planning a getaway to the mountains would surely spark the magic in your hearts again. If your partner loves driving you can also plan a long drive, the drive would certainly set some major milestones for your love. You can also book a dreamy venue, free from the noise and disturbance of the city, and set the mood right for a great evening, with a special candlelight dinner, her favorite dessert, and some love songs playing in the background.

Handmade Gifts 

Giving handmade gifts might seem a bit outdated, out of fashion when you see others. When you want to make your special someone feel extra-special, the one thing you can definitely do to express yourself, you can do it with a handmade card. If you are well at art and craft you can also add your own charm to the gift. Your handmade gifts will surely stand apart in a huge heap of other gifts. Your efforts for your lover to create that gift will create a lasting memory wrapped in love. 


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