8 Most Common Reasons for Water Leaks

8 Most Common Reasons for Water Leaks

8 Most Common Reasons for Water Leaks

The plumbing system is the most important component of a property. It is unexpected if you think that your plumbing system will function without any leakage and issue. However, water leaks are the most common that every homeowner has to encounter often. This post compiles common reasons that lead to water leaks along with small dealing tips as additional bonuses. Read on to know.

  1. Poor Installation or Construction Techniques

Improper installation of the crucial plumbing system including plumbing fixtures and water heaters can result in loose and leaky connections. Similarly, if the soil isn’t compacted properly on the property prior to the construction of your home it can cause soil foundation and settling movement.

As a result, it can lead the pipes to get cracked and cause leakages. But if it’s left untreated over time, the issue can become much worse than ever.

Tip: You must hire a licensed emergency plumber in London to deal with the issue properly. They will also install every sort of plumbing appliances and systems within your property in a righteous manner.

  1. Frozen Pipes

During cold winter months, it is quite normal that pipes get frozen if proper thawing isn’t done in a regular manner. It can also result in the bursting of pipes promoting serious water destruction and severe flooding in your property.

Tip: Insulate the pipes before the arrival of winter to prevent it from getting frozen. However, if the pipes are already frozen use several small and efficient heating devices such as a blow dryer to make them normal again. You can also seek a plumber’s assistance to restore the functional ability of the entire piping system.

  1. Root Intrusion

Both external and internal pipe ways comprise the entire piping system of your home. The internal pipes which are buried under soil make them susceptible to get invaded by tree roots. Trees, especially with fibrous (hairy) roots, can easily make their way into the pipes causing it to collapse and separation from its joints. Over time it will result in potential underground sewage leakage.

Tip: Avoid planting trees over the soil of plumbing lines and even if you have done it regular inspection is what you need often. Hire your plumber according to your convenient time for tree root intrusion. You must call London based emergency plumbers without any delay for emergency sewer repair service before it leads to serious destruction.

  1. Leaky Appliances or Fixtures

The hose of the cracked dishwasher, damaged toilet, and leaky toilet base allows the water to get dripped and soaked into the floor. Progressively, leaks will emerge which cannot be noticed by you until there is any significant damage.

Tip: Rocking can help you to identify the leak by checking the wobble surrounding its base. Hoses of washing machine, ice maker and dishwasher must be checked from time-to-time to locate any symptoms of wear and tear. It will be also better for you to install durable steel braided hoses instead of standard rubber hoses.

  1. Corrosion of Aging Pipes

If your home is quite old along with its plumbing system, then the probability of causing water leakage is quite high. Definitely, you are going to experience it soon as the pipes are worn and torn over a long time. Steel and copper pipes are more likely to get corroded due to rust which will let the water sprinkle out from here and there.

Tip: Pipes’ condition must be checked for indications of damage including rust at a regular manner. It will let you account for the issue before resulting in potential water damage.

  1. Excessive Water Pressure

If excessive water forces down the way of the piping system, it exerts much pressure which results in the straining of the joints of the pipes. As a result, it will get weak, encounter crack and cause water leakage over time.

Tip: You must measure the water pressure and if it is above 60psi, then call your plumber for installing a separate PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve).

  1. Damaged Pipe Joints or Seals

Most of the plumbing system equips with curved corners and joints. After using several years, these get loosened and seals are much likely to become destroyed. As a result, it is pretty much normal that water will be escaping from those gaps leading to potential leaks.

Tip: The plumbing system must be treated kindly and gently. Try to avoid the running of boiled water down your pipes. Even you must stop abrupt turning on and off the taps for alleviating the wear and tear of the piping system as it is actually not effective at all.

  1. Untreated Clogs

Slow drains are obviously a matter of inconvenience but gradually pipe obstruction will lead to its deterioration. If the clog comprises of corrosive substances or if you try to clean it by using chemical cleaners, the effect is equal. It is harmful to your drains resulting in potential destruction and water leakages.

I hope, you are well aware of the causes of water leaks. The additional tips will help you to minimize the destruction within the time span of calling your plumber and their arrival. 4D Heating and Plumbing is a reliable company offering 24 hours of emergency services throughout the city of London to deal with any kind of complex plumbing issue.



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