8 Reasons to Schedule Instagram Posts + Stories in 2022

8 Reasons to Schedule Instagram Posts + Stories in 2022

From freeing time during your working day to increasing traffic to your site and increasing your productivity by planning Instagram Stories and posts is an effective method to increase your engagement and increase your followers.

With Later’s simple to make scheduling tools, you buymalaysianfollowers can plan an entire week’s worth of Instagram content in just minutes!

If this isn’t enough, here are eight additional reasons to schedule Instagram posts should go on in your 2022 must- be done list:

Why Schedule Instagram Posts #1: Create a Cohesive Aesthetic

Your Instagram style is among the best ways to attract more followers and expand your Instagram account.

While the no-edit edit is still popular but it’s still essential to develop a consistent Instagram style to the look of your Instagram profile.

Many users are using Instagram to find their preferred companies. So, the importance of your Instagram profile is the same as your site’s homepage.

It’s important to remember that your Instagram profile is one of the primary things that a user is presented with when they arrive on the profile of a new user It’s vital to impress them.

Influencers on Instagram Jasmine Star suggests aiming for 9-12 distinct categories of content for your profile. She suggests you mix them up when planning the layout of your.

Why? because when we begin to consider our Instagram posts in grid-format, 9-12 categories are the number that will represent every post on your feed as a brand new follower browses your profile.

So when a visitor lands on your profile and knows exactly what they can expect to see on your feed, they’re much more likely to hit that “follow” button.

Your aesthetic is now extended onto the content you post on Instagram Stories, Reels, and IGTV videos as well. everything you upload to your account should be unified and in line with your style.

See how jewelry brand Chupi has integrated the grid of their Instagram Stories and Instagram Stories aesthetic to their IGTV videos to perfection:

Then in 2022 it’s time to think beyond the grid!

Naturally, you need to keep thinking about how your posts appear next to one another (side-by-side and beneath or above) however, go further and begin to incorporate Instagram Stories and videos in your aesthetics strategy!

The key to creating an appealing aesthetic is to organize your content ahead of time!

The best method of planning your feed and ensure all is in order is making use of a planner that uses visuals such as Later.

Later’s interactive Instagram planner will show you precisely how your Instagram feed could appear like. it’s an absolute game changer. The visual planner lets you effortlessly alter or switch out pictures to find the ideal equilibrium on you Instagram feed.

Additionally, with the scheduling feature of Instagram Stories (more about this in the next blog post!) you can create storyboards for your posts and receive a photo of the stories content you’ve posted in conjunction with your feed’s content throughout the day!

The ability to schedule your posts in advance doesn’t only aid in maintaining an aesthetic that is consistent and consistency, it also assists you keep posting regularly and is crucial when trying to gain more followers.

In addition, new visitors to your account are more likely to turn into followers if they are aware of what to anticipate from your feed and also from your Instagram Stories.

Why Schedule Instagram Posts #2: Win Back Time for Other Business Projects

If you’re still posting manually to Instagram it’s possible that you’re spending longer than you’d prefer on your phone.

If you’re a small company owner, this might be taking advantage of your time-saving work hourstime that can be put towards other tasks such as working towards your 2022 goals, or creating an online community!

If you are able to schedule your posts to be automatically published to Instagram by using a program like Later and you’ll have the chance to get back time.

For just 20 minutes every week, you can plan, schedule, and schedule your content for auto-publishing — meaning you don’t have to plan a specific time each day to update your grid!

Take note that if you prefer to “post at the moment,” you can set your posts to go live via notification Later. This means that we’ll be in touch with you when it’s time to publish to your feed. You can then add the final details to your post using the application.

Here’s a short video about how to set up Instagram scheduling using Later:

Why Do You Need to Schedule Instagram Posts #3? your time off from your phone

As we’ve said before, by planning your Instagram content, you could save precious time during your work schedule.

However, we wish you to get rid of your mobile and notifications occasionally. Social media managers We’re looking at you!

If you plan your Instagram posts and schedule it, you’ll be able to give yourself time to relax! It’s true, even on weekend!

Through Later Working behind-the-scenes to produce your content irrespective of what time of the day or time zone that you’re in, you’ll be able to turn off your computer during the day and spend some time to unwind from the noise of social media.

We take this seriously here at Later Just check out our seven mental Health Strategies for Managers of Social Media’ blog!

If you’re interested in getting started to use Auto Publish with Later, follow this step-by step guide.

Why Schedule Instagram Posts #4: Post More Often to Improve Engagement

It’s hard to deny the importance of being consistent on Instagram.

If you stick to a regular post schedule, it’s communicating to your audience what they can be expecting from your. This creates an unchanging experience for your customers.

Regularly posting can improve the Instagram engagement. If your followers are expecting to see you post often, they’re more likely respond and interact with your posts.

You’ll be at the conscious and, due to the algorithm, on top of their feeds, too!

But, maintaining an even posting schedule isn’t always easy to accomplish. Sometimes life happens and the post was supposed to be out on Tuesday — it’s being pushed farther into week.

But if you organize and plan your Instagram posts ahead of time you can create a routine for posting and publish content even on days that you’re extremely busy.

Why Schedule Instagram Posts #5: Post at the Times Your Audience is Most Engaged

With Instagram engagement and reach consistently decreasing, optimizing your post times is more vital than ever.

Since each account is viewed by a different target audience, with diverse time zones finding the most effective moment to share content for your account on Instagram on behalf of your business isn’t an simple process…until this point.

After’s Best Time to Post feature allows you to figure the best time to schedule your Instagram posts to ensure maximum engagement.

If you’re part of one of Tomorrow’s plans for business, the best dates will be highlighted in your content calendar for the week which makes it simple for you to plan your Instagram posts the time when your audience is most interested.

If you make your post at the time your audience is the most active on Instagram it is more likely to get interest in the post.

This will result into Instagram elevating your post in the feeds of users and, possibly, a place in Instagram’s Instagram Explore page. This can bring even more attention for your content!

It’s a cycle that results in more visibility, which in turn leads to greater engagement, which ultimately will result in greater visibility. However, it all begins posting on Instagram!

Why Schedule Instagram Posts #6: Craft Longer, More Engaging Captions

Instagram was once focused on visuals but now, captions with long-form text are taking the lead.

Influencers were among the first to adopt the trend . Elise Darma, @shinewithnatasha, and @thebirdspapaya share long captions for their posts in order to provide more insight into their lives as well as to impart their expertise.

With Instagram’s keyword search feature, longer captions may actually help your posts get seen by more users.

Many brands are taking advantage of the trend , too particularly in terms of raising awareness of the causes they represent.

Consider, for instance, the eco-friendly clothing brand and environmentalists, Patagonia. In their campaign to draw attention to the problems with fishing, Patagonia released an IGTV and film series that focuses on the environmental challenges that the planet faces:

According to research on influencers conducted by Fohr the length of captions has increased by more than a third since 2016and captions who have longer captions received the highest engagement!

If you’re not writing long-form captions for your posts, now is the right time!

But, writing captions can be difficultIt’s not easy to create an entire caption at the spur of the moment and you must be in “writing mood” to make it perfect and put your thoughts on paper.

The caption editing feature on the Instagram application isn’t very user-friendly, and it’s a challenge to edit and review your caption in such a tiny space on your smartphone! Also, let’s face the facts that creating Instagram captions can be difficult.

Instead of having to think of an appropriate caption whenever you have to write a post, you can cut down on time and create superior captions using the ability to schedule Instagram posts for no cost and writing all of your captions in one go.

The ability to schedule your posts with an easy Instagram scheduler program like Later lets you write your captions from ease of your computer desktop and then just wait until you’re in the most creative place to write.

If you’ve been annoyed by the way Instagram eliminates lines from your caption after you publish then you’ll be pleased to learn that this won’t occur with Later!

Why Schedule Instagram Posts #7: Drive More Traffic to Your Website

The primary purpose for Instagram advertising is to bring customers to their website which is where they can find out more about their products, purchase or interact with other posts on the internet.

It’s easy to overlook in the hustle of creating fantastic Instagram content and perfecting your design your style, the aim is to steer more people away from Instagram to your website or product pages.

That’s when the planning and scheduling of your content plays a role to plan your grid posts as well as Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories.

If you plan your website ahead, you’ll be able to see from afar of the way you’re driving people to your site and, most importantly, the frequency the process is taking place.

It could be as easy as adding a swipe-up on Instagram Stories posts. Instagram Stories posts, or with a call-to-action that encourages users to visit the link on your bio. However you decide to direct the user to your site It all begins with creating your content.

One of the most efficient ways to bring traffic to your site is to strategically include your bio-link.

Since it’s the most prominent space in your bio section It’s accessible and easily clickable which makes it among the top traffic-generating factors to the Instagram profile.

The best part is that it is possible to make the hyperlink in your bio even more effective to promote your business!

Through Linkin. bio by Later it is possible to turn your entire Instagram feed to a landing page that you can click which is updated every new post that you post.

You can label posts on your Instagram posts with any URL you’d like (think products pages, article posts, or blog articles!) for your feed to become an optimized, clickable landing page.

And the best part is, it’s completely free trial-free, no trial or credit card required!

Additionally, if you schedule your Instagram posts using Later and add a Linkin. bio hyperlink, you’ll gain the ability to access Linkin. bioanalytics! You’ll be able to see exactly the amount of traffic you’re getting through Instagram and which posts are converting most.

If you use Linkin. bio’s a free edition of Linkin. bio there’s an unbranded banner on the end of your page. If you’d like to remove the banner, simply switch the plan to one of the Later plans for the business.

If you upgrade you’ll also have access to Pro features, such as a Shopify integration, or numerous links on your blog posts.

Are you ready to increase revenue and traffic through Instagram by using Linkin. bio with Later? The first step is to schedule your posts using Later and it’s absolutely free!

Why Schedule Instagram Posts #8: Plan Campaign Launches to Perfection

If you’re planning a product launch or special promotion for 2022, it’s important to ensure that you have every announcement planned with precision.

Additionally, there’s teaser material that you can post prior to the big event to create excitement on Instagram and keep your followers interested and engaged.

It’s important to remember that campaigns don’t stop with the launch date There’s plenty of aftercare for campaigns to ensure the conversation continues on Instagram and it’s possible to remind your followers about the new services or products you offer.

All this planning is based on a well deliberate content plan! It’s a good thing you can make plans and schedules for every aspect of your campaign’s content (yep you can even Instagram Stories!) in advance using Later!

From planning your feed’s announcement feed posts to scheduling the Instagram Stories reveals, you can manage it all via Later’s dashboard.

Are you skeptical? Here’s a short video on how to plan the content of your Instagram Stories with Later!

Here are a few reasons why making plans for the Click Here content of your Instagram content and posts ahead of time can be a good idea for your company in 2022.

In simple terms, It can allow you to reduce the time you spend posting and spend more time building your community and business. Plus, with Later it makes scheduling a breeze!



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