9 Industries that Would Benefit from Delivery Date Manager

delivery date scheduler

Mail services can get tricky most of the time. Late deliveries, lost parcels, damaged products, etc. shows lack of management and concern of surety. However, for your Magento store there are extensions available to help you overcome this issue.  Magento 2 Delivery Date Extension is one such example that help you streamline your operations. It helps in real-time tracking, hassle-free communication, and finding best routes to get your delivery on time.

Customers can choose their delivery dates and time according to their convenience. You can also add some specifications like ‘business days deliveries only’ or any time restrictions. Delivery notifications will help you to manage the transportation process. You can also access the delivery vehicle’s location to keep a complete check.

This way you can deliver parcels with 100% privacy and safety. You don’t need to be dependent on mail services for your parcel’s delivery status. There are many industries using this type of facility to manage their order deliveries. The best example would be Amazon with the largest ecommerce shares and trust of millions.

So, here are 10 industries that would benefit from Delivery Date Manager.

  1. E Commerce Industry

The e-commerce industry is one of the fastest growing industries with 12-24 million online stores today. This numbers aware competition. And in this competitive environment, providing fast delivery can help you shine brighter among all.

Look at companies like Amazon and Walmart. They offer personalized deliveries to enhance customer experience.

Did you know that the chances of shopping cart abandonment also decreases due to on-time delivery facilities? In 2020, when the demand of online deliveries was at peak, the abandonment rate was 94.4%. All this because of the improper delivery management.

Thankfully, with a delivery date scheduler, you can provide customers with better delivery options. They can choose their convenient date and time, add any instructive notes, etc. Admin, on the contrary, can mention the company’s delivery policies such as 5 days  delivery, same day deliveries till 5pm, or other holiday notice.

Through the delivery date manager, the delivery person can access all the details of the customer. Details from name to transaction amount can be accessible through the mobile phone itself. There are facilities like barcode scan payments too.

2. Pharmaceutical Industry

There is always an urgency clock ticking for delivering pharmaceutical supplements. Unavailability or delivery issues are the main reasons for it. Improper delivery management can also make the process complicated.

In such cases, pharmaceutical industries can benefit from Magento 2 delivery date scheduler. The features like call before delivery and real time tracking for fulfilling one day deliveries proves to be helpful.

With the help of real-time tracking, delivery person can view the customer’s address and vice versa. As an owner, you can track the delivery  in real-time. You would know whether the customer has received the supplements or not. Also, customers won’t have to call you to know about their delivery status. They can opt for a call before delivery. This will notify them when the delivery person is out and the estimated time of delivery. If they ain’t available, they can update the delivery person about it.

3. Groceries Delivery

Online grocery shopping trend is taking over physical grocery shopping rapidly. People prefer ordering online from anywhere, anytime and receiving home deliveries on the desired date and time. Online could make upto 6.4% of total grocery sales by this year (as of 2021).

What if you don’t have a delivery date manager?

Imagine: You have sent your delivery person to deliver groceries who finds out that the customer is not available to take the order on the mentioned address, then what? It takes a whole another process to reach the customer or at the end you need to cancel the order. This will result in waste of your delivery person’s time and the petrol both. And chances are that groceries might get decayed.

To avoid situations like this, delivery date extension allows customers to reschedule their deliveries. Customers can simply reschedule the delivery before the limit set by the admin. They can even add their choice of date and time, resulting in no loss for anyone.

Companies like Instacart use delivery solutions for grocery deliveries. They facilitate customers by providing rescheduling order facilities along with same day delivery.

Delivery lead time makes your service more trustable. You can track each order with real-time tracking. Customers can track their orders from and its status. In this way, you can give satisfied service ending with great reviews.

4. Customized Gifts

Customized gifts are the official headline of the gift stores. And when we say customized gifts, we mean customizing the whole process of gifting. From sending a personalized note with the gift to adding some funny instructions for the delivery person.

What if you could provide them the whole control over their order – from purchase to delivery?

Magento 2 Delivery Date Manger can prove helpful here.

With a notes feature, you can allow customers to add instructions or directions for the delivery person. You can let customers select the date and time, making the process transparent with estimated delivery details. This way you can engage more customers and promote sales too.

Delivery date extensions also allow you to maintain daily delivery records including all the details for the same. It provides features like live-tracking for safe and fast deliveries. You can set order time limits, configure working and non-working days, set intervals between order and delivery, etc., All these would give customers clear information about setting an order timings. They would feel like controlling the process, however, it’s the opposite. You can give them a specific amount of control.

Stores like Etsy are good for inspiration to run a customized gift store with seamless delivery.

5. Manufacturing Industry

For manufacturing industries, the on-time delivery of raw materials is essential. A delay in delivery can hamper the entire production process. Besides, you need to ensure that the final product is delivered on time. Hence, delivery date manager.

With a delivery scheduler, your customers, i.e., retailers/wholesalers can pre-order their delivery and track it in real-time. As admin, you can maintain delivery records with date and time. With a smart dashboard, you can view all the order details, customers, sales, etc. You can filter it the time you want the records of, and check all the delivery details anytime. This all helps you in managing delivery staff and vehicles according to the requirement.

You can also configure the order processing time and product costs. Restricting shipping partners by cart amount is also possible.

6. Food and Beverages Industry

Ordering from restaurants or food makers and getting it delivered by the doorstep has caught hype due to comfort and convenience for the customers. This has resulted in the growing need of a delivery management system and a team to follow it.

A delivery date extension helps customers track their orders live within the app itself. They can know the expected time of their delivery and plan accordingly. It’s best when the orders are for an evening party or unexpected guests. If the delivery is early or customers ain’t there to receive it, they can contact the delivery person and update about the same. You can know whether the delivery is made or not. The real-time tracking provides transparency and eliminates the chances of miscommunication.

If you have a service like 30 minutes order free, delivery scheduler becomes the must-have. In case of directions, the delivery person can contact the customers or customers can leave instructions while ordering.

You, on the other hand, can manage all the daily orders, view the sales and plan the next move accordingly.

To avoid customers ordering on the non-working day, you can configure it in the backend. This way, the extension would notify customers that delivery is not possible on the specific date. You can even set daily order limits.

7. Fashion Industry

Fashion industry is a lot more than clothes and accessories. It is about making and enhancing trends in a whole fancy way. Fashion industry has a great take over the internet and people enjoy new fashion trends. But trends often consume you and like that customers can have fashion mood swings too.

Seeing a floral dress with fancy lace on social media can make them go on a search hunt at 2am. The idea of wearing it to a friend’s birthday party the same week can also pop up. So, to meet up all the fashion cravings, companies like Amazon provided last mile deliveries.

You can do the same with a delivery date extension. For instance, you can allow customers to select delivery date and time, of course, after setting the interval between order and delivery. Next, customers can opt for options like ‘call me before delivery’ so that they are aware of the same. If they are not available, they can edit the delivery date and time. As store owners, you can view deliveries on a calendar. This way, you won’t miss out on orders and customers.

The best thing is that the extension would automatically deduct the non-working/holidays from the deliverable time, once configured.

8. Medical Testing Laboratories

When we talk about emergency deliveries, we need to look at the life-death situation for the patient. It is important to supply fast deliveries. For this you need a quick management strategy. Delivery date extension provides you with the records of deliveries done and yet to be done, so that you can arrange the prior delivery necessities, like ice bags or specimen bags for maintaining the quality of the lab supplements.

Medical testing laboratories have to deliver many test results and documents. There are some urgent parcels too. These parcels are confidential and private. So, it is important to keep a keen check on deliveries to maintain security. You can use the delivery date manager for tracking the deliveries. It will also update the delivery records automatically with time and details.

9. Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is a delivery carrier of ecommerce or on-demand industries. It helps in delivering fast or same day deliveries. There is a need for solid management to manage all the deliveries. And to unload you from that hectic style of management, we got a solution.

With the delivery date extension, you can track each vehicle to ensure safe and on time delivery. You can use route optimization for fast deliveries to have the best route for your destination. Live-tracking is the feature you will relax by. It gives delivery tracking access to customers too for bonding up trust with your services. From loading inventories to unloading orders, you can track the whole process through it.

If you are having 50+ parcels to deliver on a daily basis, then the delivery scheduler is what you were looking for. Companies like Amazon use this  to complete its daily bulk order deliveries.

Wrapping Up

Switching to Magento 2 Delivery Date Services can prove to be a stat puller for your company. It can raise the engagement and sales stats. With on-time deliveries can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can manage your deliveries more effectively with delivery lead time.


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