9 Ways Real Estate Drone Photography Can Promote Your Listing


With the increasing trend of drones being used everywhere, why should the real estate industry stay behind? Indeed, there is no better representation of a place than from a bird’s eye view, and drones certainly do it justice.

Aerial photography provides an excellent way to highlight the main points of interest, geographical representations, and projections of the neighborhood to give you a better representation of the property you want to invest in.

To widen your horizons in real estate drone photography and how it can benefit you, keep reading!

How Can Drone Photography Promote Your Listing?

Faster Sales 

Hiring a drone photography professional can be extremely fruitful in elevating your sales ratio. It has been observed that houses or properties with aerial representations were sold at a 68% quicker than those with regular pictures.

Distinctive Projections

A view of the property with regular photos generally misses out on the distinct angles, which could be of more interest to a buyer. With aerial photography, you can provide a better idea of the place and its vicinity. It allows you to capture the different angles, landscapes, and more, making your properties far more attractive. 

Comprehensive View

Aerial drone photography is a great way to showcase the build quality of the house, which you usually cannot see through regular photos. The house’s tiled roof, solar panels, greenery, etc., can be better shown with drone photography. All these benefits help you justify a higher price. 

Unique Features

Unique features such as a swimming pool, tennis court, terrace garden, and landscaping can be better shown with an aerial view of the property. Such representations catch buyers’ attention and reveal a lot more about what’s on offer.

Neighborhood Perspective

Aerial drone photography makes it easy for the buyer to understand the area where they are planning to buy a home. Aerial photos can give them a better idea about the facilities nearby, such as a clubhouse, hospital, school, market, park, etc. All these amenities can matter a lot and save the buyer time as they won’t have to physically scout the area. 

Places of Interest

If the property you want to sell is located near some sought-after attraction or somewhere near a water body or mountains, then aerial photography can be of real advantage. With this, you can improve your listing by showcasing the places of interest in proximity to the property.

Virtual Walkthrough

With a 3D virtual walkthrough, you can provide a virtual representation of the property to the buyers and give them a real-time view of the property’s physical location. Once again, it also helps show the aspects of a home that a physical walk inside the house won’t.

Virtual Tour

Highlight the interior and exterior of the home with a 4K video for an immersive home tour experience. If you are planning to sell a million-dollar house, this tour can be extremely advantageous. Plus, if the property is established in any coveted area codes, you can show around the luxurious listings in great detail.

Overall Marketing

No matter what else your competitors do, with aerial drone photography, you are always a step ahead when it comes to marketing or branding. It takes your listing from ordinary to extraordinary by catching a buyers’ attention and highlighting the most desirable aspects of a house. 


With real estate drone photography, you can take your real estate business a step ahead of the competition. It provides you with a platform where you can showcase a house’s key features and details that normal images can never offer. 





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