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This is sent to a certified seed lab, which validates a variety of other factors such as weed presence, germination, and so on. so farmers are going to know what they’re getting. Regulators are going to know that the farmers know what they’re getting. It’s just going to make hemp cream easier for everybody and we can get more acreage. In, which will be good for the industry overall. That’s right, and it saves. I mean, we have these regulatory programs we put time and money into and they have this frustration.

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So, you know, it’s also going to show that all that workup that we did right for everybody in every state over the last, you know, number of years, so um, it just helps the whole system, and the one other thing about certified seed is that you know that it’s separate from an Oscar but within the state or the regulatory program that you get certified within your state, you know, there’s the testing, so we know now that you know the cannabinoids in well-bred seed

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Every aspect has um standards for both um and feminine seeds, as well as Manisha and Dioecius.

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Okay, so there are separate standards for each of those categories. If you go to this website and click on hemp. You’ll see all the varieties that are certified there.  So we initially worked with asta, the American Seed Trade Association. Which is a big supporter of certified seed. I’ve been the chairperson of their hemp committee for the last three or four years.

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So the next largest certified seed seller in the United States is international hemp. We love our Canadian brethren and their mastery of producing certified seeds. But because we’re proposing a different regulatory regime. We wanted to stick hemp cream for pain relief to the United States. So that was the main point, and then we all reached out to all of our processor friends, so Whitefield global midwest hamp, at King’s Agric, where you are in Pennsylvania, um, the national hemp growers.

So Mike Lego and all of those guys, yeah, so there’s a group and it’s growing every day; we get, you know, letters and initiatives, but primarily as far as legislative language is concerned, it’s myself and Asta, you know, getting that ready.

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continue to meet with the senators that we’re meeting with um and you know refining language keeping the language comfortable for both sides um that’s what’s next continue to build you know the stakeholders.

You know every every representative loves to see that they’re representing as many voices as they can um so continuing to do that and edu continuing to educate. The industry i would say has been our you know a challenge. Why certified seed is better and so you know just keeping the education going like. We’ve been doing for the last eight years yeah so are you looking for like stand-alone legislation.

or is this to get uh into the the next farm bill within the farm bill. Standalone legislation you know solely dedicated to hemp is incredibly difficult. I mean they don’t have time you want to respect your representatives time as well. Right you’re you’re asking a lot for that so you know within the farm bill. It was fine um a few i guess it was a couple of months ago.


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