A Complete Guide to Host several Websites with One Server

Host several Websites

Doing an online business is one of the modern ways to earn money. There are various types of online business one can do to maximize the profit. The right strategy and consistency could help you to boost your business. But doing online business is not only about targeting the right audience, optimizing your website, and social marketing. Instead, you need to use the right tools to cater to the needs and wants of your business efficiently.

One of the man issue the majority networking business face is hosting several websites with one server. You can take the best VPS hosting server, or dedicated server to host several websites without hurdles. But the main problem comes in if you are a beginner. The majority of the time, beginners find it difficult to host several websites with one server. Therefore, this complete guide helps you to host your websites effectively.

How to Host Several Websites with One Server?

When it comes to hosting several sites, one of the main confusion is always about choosing one from a VPS server or a dedicated server. Both the servers perform well, although managing dedicated servers requires technical knowledge and cost expensive. On the other hand, VPS or virtual private servers cost cheaper and work perfectly well.

Therefore, as a beginner, the best solution for hosting several websites is always the VPS servers. Let’s get to know how to host websites on the server.

1- Choosing The Server Type:

The first step to host several websites within one server is always about the type of server you want to choose. There are various types of servers, depending on the requirements you can choose one. If you are going with VPS, then you must need to obtain the one that caters to all the needs and wants of your business.

Most importantly, you need to focus on the features of the servers and compare it with the number of websites you want to host. This is the best way to know either the features need to be expanded or perfectly fulfills your needs.

2- Choose Right Hosting Company:

There are many hosting providers claiming for best services. To choose the one you need to compare the prices by the features they are providing. Know the reviews of the hosting provider, and check the policies as well. The top features you need to consider are as follows

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Uptime
  • Support
  • Value against money
  • Bandwidth
  • Disk space

3- Configure Virtual Host in Apache:

You can host several sites with Apache HTTP through configuring the server. For hosting several sites, you need to add a domain name or IP address in order to configure a virtual host in apache properly. At first, you need to login to the Apache HTTP server and then go to the apache configuration. You will find the configurations in the default installation at /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf.

Remember to back up of httpd.conf file and then create a VirtualHost container for the domain names. You will also need to change the values for server domains, server name, error logs, custom logs, and document root on the basis of the requirements. Then you need to restart the apache HTTP and test the URLs you have configured. This is how you can host several websites with one sever.


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