A Guide on the Process of MOT Birmingham

MOT Birmingham!
MOT Birmingham!

Have you ever thought about the reason for the existence of rules in our lives? What is the need for rules, and why do we have to stick with them? Well, the simple answer to this is that the rules are for our well-being. The rules make our life easy in some way. Whether it’s the rule to stay silent in the library or to enter inside the bus in a queue. If we talk about the traffic rules, we can easily understand the reason behind their formulation. The traffic rule applies to both, the driver and the one walking on the road. Talking about the rules made for driving in The United Kingdom, MOT Birmingham is one of them.

The government formed this rule that directs all drivers to follow rules and regulations regarding the proper maintenance of their vehicles. The idea of MOT is supported by the Ministry of transport. The MOT is to make sure your vehicle is safe to run on the roads. It happens for the sake of the driver as well as the components inside the vehicle. It is not a really big and hectic process to complete this test. Just like a driving license, you’ll be provided with an ‘MOT certificate’ if your vehicle passes the test.

The difference between getting a DL and an MOT certificate is that you have to give a driving test to get a DL issued whereas, for an MOT  Birmingham certificate, it’s going to be your vehicle at your place. Your vehicle gets eligible for the test once it turns 3 years old. They focus on the brakes, lights, seatbelts, wipers, windscreen, fuel system, and some more parts of your vehicle. You can complete this test at any garage or the MOT centres authorized by the government.

Your MOT certificate expires after a period of one year. So that means, you will have to renew it after the completion of every year. There are a lot of centres of MOT-like places that consist of. Let’s now understand the process that your vehicle may have to go through while opting for this test.

Process For MOT:

It is not obvious but there’s nothing wrong with preparing beforehand. About the time that it may consume while completing the test, it’s not set. However, if we just talk about an idea of the timing, it may take approx. 50 to 60 minutes. You can opt for MOT  before the expiration of the first certificate. It is a wise idea because, even if your vehicle fails for the second time, you can still legally drive your vehicle if it does not show any major faults. It kind of gives you extra time to get your vehicle in the right shape. The list of documents that you may need while taking the test is –

  1. Previous MOT certificate
  2. Current tax disk
  3. Notice of refusal
  4. The bus fare home
  5. Driving license
  6. Proof of address
  7. Service history

You can ask the garage experts to proceed with the test if all of these certificates get verified. There are approximately 21,000 MOT centres approved by the government of The United Kingdom to facilitate the easy availability of the test service. After all, it is just to ensure your safety and make the roads safer.

What You Must Do if Your Car Fails the MOT?

In this case, you have to repair each issue before using your car again. Once you fix everything, you need to apply for a new MOT Birmingham. However, they will only assess the flaws discovered during the initial examination.

What Happens if You Pass the MOT?

You will get an MOT certificate, which means, your car is roadworthy, and you can drive your car.

If your MOT Test Birmingham is due, worry not. Call our helpline number and schedule your appointment today. We’ll ensure a hassle-free procedure for you.


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